About L’Espresso Bar Mercurio

L’Espresso Bar Mercurio is a classic Italian European coffee house and restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto. We have function rooms available to hold receptions, launch parties and special occasions.

But coffee is our passion…and here is the secret to our amazing coffee…

While there has been much profile about organic coffee & fair trade, the lesser known story is about the positive environmental impacts from the responsible roasting practices of coffee production which traditionally has had very negative implications. Our roaster is committed to delivering the best quality coffee and being a leader and demonstrating an environmentally responsible way to roast coffee.

The state-of-the-art technology allows our roaster to reduce our carbon footprint. Highly sensitive process controllers ensure that no excess of energy is wasted, and that the recirculating system eliminates the need for after-burners commonly used in typical roasting systems. The result is as much as 77% reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption compared to a typical roaster.


Our Regular brewed coffee

Medium Roast

Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Colombian

South European Style

Light to Medium


Dark Roast

Guatemalan, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian

Continental Style – Dark


L’espresso Coffee Bean “Misto”: Creamy texture and mild acidity. Nutty notes with a dark chocolate finish. 

  • A blend of 6 beans
  • Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Guatemala
  • Welcome to the best coffee in Toronto.
  • What compliments a coffee better than a homemade pastry. Dine in or Express Packages to go from our Bakery Department.
  • Gluten free options available