How Much Does The Burger King Chicken Sandwich Cost?

Burger King Menu & Prices 2022

Food Price
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $4.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Meal $7.49
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Meal $9.19
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich $5.69

Burger King now offers eight different chicken sandwiches under the Ch’King brand, with pricing ranging anywhere from one dollar to five dollars and sixty-nine cents.Depending on the chicken sandwich you choose from Burger King’s menu, you’ll consume anywhere from 386 to 1,498 calories.Chicken sandwiches from Burger King can be purchased alone or as part of a meal, and either option can be ordered online for pickup or delivery.

What sandwiches are 2 for $5 at Burger King?

You may choose from a variety of sandwiches, and each will only cost you $5. This offer consists of three sandwiches: an Original Chicken Sandwich, an Alaskan Fish Sandwich, and a WHOPPER® Sandwich.

Does Burger King have a chicken sandwich?

On a potato bun, our Crispy Sandwich is assembled with a chicken filet composed entirely of white flesh, which is then breaded, seasoned, and stacked with fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, and creamy mayonnaise. The entire sandwich is then toasted to perfection.

How much is the King sandwich at Burger King?

N), Burger King’s new sandwich will be offered in three distinct iterations: the standard, the spicy, and the deluxe.But in contrast to every other large fast-food burger business in the United States, Burger King’s fillets are breaded by hand in the restaurants itself.According to Ellie Doty, Chief Marketing Officer, who spoke with Reuters, the suggested pricing will range from $3.99 to $4.99 depending on the area.

Does Burger King still have two sandwiches for $5?

The popular 2 for $5 Mix and Match value deal that Burger King has been running will no longer be available. In its stead, a new BOGO + $1 promotion will be available at selected locations.

What kind of specials does Burger King have right now?

Current Offers at Burger King:

Burger King® Menu Item Description Price
Double Whopper 1 Double Whopper $3
Single Stacker King Meal 1 Single Stacker King, 1 Small French Fries, 1 Small Soft Drink $5
Whopper Meal 1 Whopper Sandwich, 1 Small French Fries, 1 Small Soft Drink $5
Large Fries An order of Large French Fries $1

What sandwiches are 2 for $6 at Burger King?

  1. Mix & match meals for only $6 each when you order from Burger King. Mix & Match is a special promotion that the well-known burger company is doing for a limited time: You may have two dishes from the menu of your choice for for $6
  2. Whopper Sandwich
  3. Impossible Whopper Sandwich
  4. Impossible Whopper
  5. Original Chicken Sandwich
  6. Big Fish Sandwich
  7. Chicken Fries (9-piece)
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What’s the new chicken sandwich at Burger King?

The traditional Burger King Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich consists of a toasted potato bread filled with a crispy white flesh chicken breast that is covered with ″savory sauce,″ lettuce, and tomatoes that are packed with juice.The only difference between the BK Spicy Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the regular Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich is that the chicken fillet on the BK Spicy Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich is coated with a triple pepper spicy glaze.

What type of chicken sandwiches does Burger King have?

In the many international regions that it operates in, Burger King promotes the Original Chicken Sandwich under a variety of different names across the world. Some of these titles include the Long Chicken, BK Chicken, and Chicken Royale.

What happened to Burger King chicken sandwich?

The fast food restaurant said on Wednesday that it will be discontinuing its traditional crispy chicken sandwich in favor of a new hand-breaded variant. This innovative food item is available in two flavors: original and spicy. It is crafted with a delicious trademark sauce, and it is served on a potato bun with pickles.

How much is Wendy’s new chicken sandwich?

The brand new sandwich may be purchased at a price of $5.99. During that visit to the business headquarters, Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor stated that the Made to Crave menu is being treated in a way that is purposely different than how standard limited-time specials are often approached.

What is on a Burger King spicy chicken sandwich?

Introducing the Juicy, Tender, and Crispy Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which is made with 100 percent white meat chicken that has been breaded and seasoned with bold flavors and just the right amount of heat; it is topped with fresh lettuce, a ripe tomato, and creamy mayonnaise, and it is all served on a potato bun.

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Does Burger King still have the 2 for 6?

Beginning on Monday, June 27, 2022, Burger King will discontinue the existing 2 for $5 Mix n’ Match bargain and replace it with a new 2 for $6 Mix n’ Match deal. This change will take effect immediately. The Chicken Fries will no longer be available as part of the offer, and in their stead will be the brand-new Impossible King Sandwich. This change is part of the update.

Does Burger King have a special?

2 for $4 or 2 for $5 Breakfast Deals You can have Burger King’s Breakfast Mix ‘n Match items for two for the price of four dollars, or you may double the amount of meat for an additional one dollar. You can choose any two of the following items to the tune of $4. Croissan’wich stuffed with Sausage, Eggs, and Cheese. Croissan’wich stuffed with bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Does Burger King have buy one get one free?

You may either indulge in both for yourself or split them with a companion.Add value fries and a value soft drink to your meal for just one dollar each and you will have a meal that is genuinely economical.When you purchase one of the featured menu items, you can obtain a second item (of equal or lesser value) at a participating location for just $1 for a short time.

This offer is valid while supplies last.

What is Burger King’s $5 special?

Burger King has resumed offering their $5 Your Way Meal. After some time had passed, it appeared as though the value meals were losing their worth, thus these returns are very much appreciated. You will receive a Double Whopper Jr., a small order of fries, a four-piece order of chicken nuggets, as well as a small drink for the price of five dollars.

What is the $5 deal at Burger King?

Burger King has resumed offering their $5 Your Way Meal. After some time had passed, it appeared as though the value meals were losing their worth, thus these returns are very much appreciated. You will receive a Double Whopper Jr., a small order of fries, a four-piece order of chicken nuggets, as well as a small drink for the price of five dollars.

Does Burger King have a special on Whoppers?

It’s Wednesday!

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Does Burger King still have two Whoppers for $6?

On the current 2 for $6 menu, the Single Quarter Pound King has taken the position of the Single Bacon King. Other items that are currently included on this menu are as follows: Single Quarter Pound King Sandwich. Whopper Sandwich. Big Fish.

Does Burger King still have the 2 for 10?

At this time, Burger King is running a promotion in which customers may get two different meal combos for only ten dollars.You have your choice of two featured entrees, including the Whopper®, the ImpossibleTM Whopper, the Big Fish, the Single Sourdough King, the Original Chicken Sandwich, or 9 pieces of Chicken Fries, in addition to two small orders of fries and two beverages, all for this cheap price!

What is the price list for Burger King?

Prices for items on the Burger King menu range anywhere from 55 to 833.On the menu, the item with the lowest price is the Crispy Veg, while the one with the highest price is the.2 orders of Crispy Chicken Supreme, 2 orders of Grill, 2 orders of Fries M, 4 orders of Spicy Sticks, and 4 orders of Pepsi.

In general, the pricing range of the Burger King menu that is available at the location ranges between the following:

How much does Burger King cost?

This is the most important item that Burger King has to provide.The burger is a meal that can be purchased for about $7.79 and has 660 calories, 29 grams of protein, and 690 milligrams of salt in it.Consider ordering a Whopper with Cheese if you would like to increase the amount of protein in your diet.

This burger has an additional five grams of protein and only 80 additional calories than the original.

How many carbs are in a Burger King Chicken Sandwich?

Original chicken sandwich, served naked and devoid of a bread (240 calories, 13g fat, 9g carbs, 21g protein) Original Chicken Sandwich, no bread (460 calories, 37g fat, 10g carbs, 22g protein) Chicken Nuggets, 4 PIECE (170 calories, 11 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, and 8 grams of protein).10g net Crispy Chicken Jr., without the sauce and the bread (170 calories, 11g fat, 11g carbs, 7g protein)

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