Man Who Slapped Burger King Employee?

Austin Addison was identified in a video as the man who slapped a Burger King employee and here is all the information we have on him. Bobby from Burger King continued to smack a staff of the restaurant who was attempting to calm him down, just like many other people named Karen who are unable to get their way when it comes to the food they eat.

Did a man slap a Burger King employee across the face?

In the last act of an outburst that was recorded on camera in Pennsylvania, the guy can be seen slapping an employee of Burger King in the face.The video of the incident has now gone viral.In a video that was shared on Monday, the guy can be seen raving against a female worker while standing within inches away from the employee’s face.He does not wear a mask as he makes the accusation that she ″can’t count save for robbery and taking goods.″

Who was the man who slapped an employee in the face?

According to the footage, the guy was provoked into striking the worker in the face after being informed by the worker, who was acting shocked, that he was being recorded on camera.After that, he started heading in the direction of the exit.TMZ was informed by officials that the individual, who was subsequently identified as Austin Addison, 21, had been apprehended by law enforcement and was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief.

What’s the deal with the BK employee in the video?

The video begins with an irate customer yelling about a Burger King employee who ″can’t count except for robbery and stealing stuff.″ Here’s the deal: the video starts while the consumer is ranting about the employee. The next threat made by the man is that he would find a way to send the worker to prison for the rest of her life.

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