What Is The Meaning Behind Chocolate Starfish Hotdog Flavored Water?

The term ″hot dog flavored water″ was an in-joke among the members of the band.The term ″chocolate starfish″ is a reference to the color of the human asshole and the fact that Fred Durst was constantly referred to as an asshole.What exactly does it mean to be the Chocolate Starfish?Noun.chocolate starfish, often written as chocolate starfishes, are an edible treat (Britain, vulgar, slang) That’s the anus.

When Wes Borland noticed bottles of Crystal Geyser flavored water at a truck stop when the band was on tour, he made a joke about having meat or hot dog tastes in the water, which led to the creation of the inside joke known as ″Hot Dog Flavored Water.″ This joke was originated by Borland. In three of the tracks on the album, Durst makes a reference to the title of the record.

What is the meaning of Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water?

Concerning the song ″Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water″ 1 contributor.1.The frantic number 64,504 The album that has sold more than 8 million copies and is Limp Bizkit’s greatest seller.The term ″chocolate starfish″ is a reference to the color of the human asshole and the fact that Fred Durst was consistently referred to as an asshole.The term ″hot dog flavored water″ was an in-joke among members of the group.

What does chocolate starfish refer to?

Chocolate starfish, often written as chocolate starfishes, are a type of candy (Britain, vulgar, slang) That’s the anus.

What is the meaning of Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish?

Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit disclosed to Guitar World Presents Nu-metal that his bandmate Fred Durst referred to himself as ″Chocolate Starfish,″ as stated in the aforementioned book. Why? Because this is a slang word for the anus, many others referred to Durts as a ″sshole.″

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Who produced chocolate starfish?

Chocolate Starfish, the band’s self-titled first album, was released in April of 1994 and debuted at position No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The album earned a platinum certification. It was produced for EMI Music Australia by Pseudo Echo lead man Brian Canham, who also produced the album.

What is hot dog water called?

Marcie Fleach, often known by her nickname ″Hot Dog Water,″ is a friend of Velma Dinkley as well as a past adversary of hers. Because she smells like recycled water that has been used to cook hot dogs, her nasty moniker stems from that association.

What is Limp Bizkit net worth?

Fred Durst Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
Profession: Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Film director, Businessperson, Guitarist, Rapper, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

What does a starfish represent?

Getting into the Zone and Enjoying the Energy Symbolism of the Starfish Both the star and the starfish are considered to be representations of heavenly bodies. They are a representation of the limitless love of the almighty. The starfish embodies many positive qualities in addition to love, including direction, alertness, inspiration, intelligence, and intuition.

Is hot dog a Nine Inch Nails diss track?

Songfacts®: The words of this song make reference to a number of previous songs. References to the Nine Inch Nails tracks ″The Perfect Drug″ and ″Closer″ give the impression that it is a dig directed at Trent Reznor. The bridge of ″you can’t pull me down″ was taken from a song by Suicidal Tendencies with the same name.

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Are Ben Stiller and Fred Durst friends?

” Stiller even appeared on a spoken-word outro on Limp Bizkit’s most recent record, titled ″Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water.″ The outro was primarily Stiller sort of talking about why he likes Limp Bizkit in a joking and sarcastic manner. The frontman of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst, is rumored to be Stiller’s good friend.

When was Limp Bizkit popular?

Limp Bizkit, a band that was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, and just performed at Lollapalooza, was one of the most popular musical groups in the world in the late ’90s. The band has recently released a new song titled ″Dad Vibes.″

Can chocolate chip starfish live in freshwater?

It is simple to provide food for the Chocolate Chip Starfish. In the wild, they feed on the very minute benthic invertebrates known as meiofauna, which may be found in both marine and freshwater habitats.

What do you feed a chocolate chip starfish?

Diet. Scavengers by nature, chocolate chip starfish make the most of every available opportunity. This indicates that whenever they get the opportunity, they will consume anything they want, regardless of the consequences. This sea star’s food is comprised of corals, mussels and clams, sponges, debris, and decaying plant or animal waste, as stated by the Atlantic City Aquarium.

Is there a band called Chocolate Starfish?

CHOCOLATE STARFISH | BAND | AUSTRALIA. Chocolate Starfish exploded into the Australian music scene in the early 1990s and rapidly established themselves as a powerful force with their rendition of Carly Simon’s ″You’re So Vain,″ their original song ″Mountain,″ and their evergreen favorite ″Four Letter Word.″

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