How Can You See A Go Fund Me Doner Who Is Anonymous?

  • If you want to make your contribution anonymous, your name will not be shown with it anywhere on the fundraising website.
  • It is impossible to make a completely anonymous gift due to safety concerns; both the person organizing the event and the person receiving the funds will always be able to see your identity.
  • When you make a gift using a credit card, it is necessary for you to provide the full name as it appears on the card.

Who can see my donation on GoFundMe if it is anonymous?

  • Even if your gift is hidden from the general public, the GoFundMe organizer and the person who will benefit from it will always be able to see your name and remark, if you chose to leave one.
  • This is done in the interest of full disclosure.
  • Please be aware that even if you want for your contribution to remain anonymous, you are still obliged to enter the name that appears on the credit card that you are using.

What does “anonymity” mean on GoFundMe?

The phrase ″hide name (and remark) from everyone else except the organizer″ more appropriately describes what it does. (1) A donor is not able to maintain their anonymity when making a contribution. If you are signed into your GoFundMe account, you will be able to view the impact of the donations you have made. If you log out of your account, your photo will no longer be shown.

How do I Make my GoFundMe fundraiser private?

After you have finished your fundraising campaign, please be sure to follow these steps to make your GoFundMe page private: Log in to your account on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe; Go to ″Your fundraisers″ in the menu that has three lines at the top of the page to find the page that contains ″Your fundraisers.″ From there, select the event that you want to modify.

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How do I edit a donation I made on GoFundMe?

Simply click on the link provided to access your GoFundMe account. Choose the three lines that are located in the upper right corner of the page. Choose ″Donations you’ve made″ from the list of available options in the drop down menu. Click the ″Manage″ button that is located underneath the name of the fundraising event to which you have contributed in order to make changes.

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