How Many Calories In A Hotdog On Whole Wheat Bun With Sauerkraut?

The number of calories in one dish of sauerkraut and hot dogs The pork and turkey Oscar Mayer wieners each have 146 calories (1 serving) 79 calories per bun used for a hamburger or hot dog (1 oz) 6 calories are included in sauerkraut (0.13 cup, undrained)

How many calories are in a hot dog bun?

  • The following is the total number of calories that are included in a single hot dog bun that weighs 47 grams, as reported by the USDA: There are 20 grams of carbohydrates, which is one percent of the daily required target.
  • There is one gram of dietary fiber, which accounts for three percent of the daily recommended value.
  • In addition, the hot dog bun contains trace levels of the minerals iron and total fatty lipids, as well as vitamin C.

Do hot dogs with buns have more sodium?

  • Your hot dog may have an additional 180 to 200 milligrams of salt as a result of the bun.
  • According to information provided by the USDA, consuming either white or whole wheat buns will not significantly alter the amount of calories that are consumed.
  • This is due to the fact that each bun will add around 100 more calories to your hot dog.
  • Consuming buns made from whole wheat will, however, result in an increase in fiber intake.

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