How Much To Buy A Hotdog On A Stick?

Prices for Hot Dogs on Sticks on the Menu

Item Price Change
Beef Hot Dog on a Stick A Nathans beef hot dog on a stick is dipped in party batter and cooked hot and delicious. $3.20 – –
Turkey Hot Dog on Stick $2.99 – –
Veggie Hot Dog on a Stick Dipped in party batter and cooked hot and delicious. $3.18 – –
Cheese on a Stick $2.99 – –

Where is the first hot dog on a stick?

People on the beach were served lemonade and corn dogs on sticks when the first Hot Dog on a Stick business debuted in 1946 at the original Muscle Beach location close to the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California.

How much should I raise the price of a hot dog?

If my hot dog costs $2.00, and I figure that adding chili and cheese will increase my overall food costs by.34 cents, then I could raise my prices to $2.50 or even $3.00; however, if I am being realistic, I probably could keep them the same and actually have more sales despite having a slightly lower profit margin.

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