How To Get Hotdog Skin In Narwhale.Io?

When you go to the website, look to the bottom right of the screen and find where it reads ″CUSTOM.″ Click there. When you select ‘CUSTOM,’ you will be presented with a selection of skin and color options for your narwhale.

Why is narwhale Io so popular?

Even though it was developed quite some time ago, in the year 2016, is still rather popular among players. Even though there are a number of remakes of this game available now with much better visuals, a lot of people still spend their time playing This is due to the fact that it was the very first game of its kind and genuinely deserves to continue to exist.

How do you level up in narwhal Hunt?

You will receive at least one level of experience and an upgrade for every enemy that you eliminate. If you kill a sufficient number of narwhals, you will move up the leaderboard and eventually become the King. If you die, regardless of how many levels you currently have, you will start again at level one.

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