What Does A Doner Center Technitian Make Per Hour?

It is estimated that the hourly wage for a Grifols Donor Center Technician in the United States is roughly $14.04, which is equal to the national average.

How much does a data center technician make at Microsoft?

The average hourly wage for a Microsoft Data Center Technician is $26. The hourly pay for Data Center Technicians at Microsoft might range anywhere from $21 to $41 dollars. This estimate comes from 44 Microsoft Data Center Technician salary report(s) submitted by workers or approximated based on statistical techniques. The salaries at Microsoft are among the highest paid in the industry.

What is the difference between a data center technician and technician support?

  • Both Data Center Technicians and Technician Support Tiers are responsible for completing day-to-day activities, but while the two jobs share some talents, such as Customer Service, Linux, and Hardware, they are also distinct in a number of other areas of expertise.
  • On a CV for a Data Center Technician, you could see the terms ″Assesses,″ ″Medical Records,″ ″Clia,″ and ″Osha″ listed.
  • These are some of the talents that are required for each position.

Which industries hire the most data center technicians?

  • These three firms have recruited a sizeable number of people with experience working in data centers from these educational establishments.
  • The technology and finance industries are the ones that have the most need for data center technicians to fill responsibilities in their organizations.
  • However, the average yearly compensation for a Data Center Technician in the Finance business is $55,168, making it the industry with the highest salary.

How much does an entry-level field service technician make?

According to the findings of 573 employers, an entry-level Field Service Technician with less than one year of experience may anticipate earning an average total compensation of $15.65 per hour (this figure takes into account gratuities, bonuses, and overtime pay).

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