How Do You Say Hotdog In Czech?

Dog or sausage in some other languages American Hot dog (pronounced /ht d/ in English) Arabic: نَقَانِق Brazilian Portuguese: cachorro-quente. In Chinese: ″hot dog″ in its Croatian form. Czech: párek v rohlíku.

″hot dog″ in its original language, Czech

  1. volume_up. párek v rohlíku.
  2. vuřt v housce.

Are there swear words in the Czech language?

And notwithstanding, cuss words are ALWAYS the first words we learn in any language, therefore it’s imperative that you learn at least some of them if you’re going to be traveling to Czech Republic.It is difficult to include every cuss word that may be used in Czech here; however, you can find a rather comprehensive list (with examples) under the section titled ″Dirty Czech″ (Dirty Everyday Slang), which can be found at the bottom of this page.

How do you Say Hello in Czech?

Useful Czech phrases (Užitečné české fráze) English čeština (Czech) Welcome Vítej (inf) Vítejte (frm) Vítáme tĕ (sg/ Hello (General greeting) Ahoj (inf) Čau (inf) Čus (inf) Nazdar I Hello (on phone) Haló How have you been? Jak se máte? (frm) Jak se máš? (inf) Vše 32 more rows

What are the abbreviations in Czech?

A selection of practical phrases to be used in Czech, a Western Slavic language that is mostly spoken in the Czech Republic.Definitions of Common Abbreviations m refers to statements made by men, f refers to statements made by women, >m refers to statements made to men, and >f refers to statements made to women.It is possible to employ the formal forms for the formal singular and plural, as well as for the informal plural.

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What do Czechs say when someone steps in dog poop?

Someone could yell ″Sakra!″ (which literally translates to ″Damn!″) if they experience anything unpleasant, such as stepping in dog poop (very likely, since Czech people are still not very good at cleaning up after their canines). Kurva!

How do you say dog in Czech Republic?

Let’s go on to the next step and learn how to say ″dog″ in Czech. pes.

English Czech
dog pes

What does Bella mean in Czech?

Bla is a female given name that originates in Czech and means ″white″ or ″clear.″

How do you say cat in Czechoslovakian?

Koka is the word that’s used to refer to a cat in Czech.

How do you say sit in Czechoslovakian?

To begin listening to the audio, click the ″play″ button.

Come! Ke mně!
Sit! Sedni!
Down! Lehni!
Stay! Zůstaň!
Wait! Čekej!

How do you say Béla?


  1. IPA:
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: Bé‧la.
  4. Rhymes: -lɒ

What names means death?

  1. Death-Related Names for Boys and Girls The name Azrail comes from the Hebrew phrase for ″angel of death.″
  2. The Hebrew word bela can be translated as ″devouring″ or ″destruction.″
  3. The name Jela comes from the Swahili phrase meaning ″father suffered at delivery.″
  4. The term ″god of death″ in Indian is referred to as ″Kritanta.″
  5. Death is referred to by its African name, Lefu.
  6. Vendetta – Italian word for ‘blood feud.’

What is the male version of Bella?

You would use the term bello when referring to or characterizing male human beings in general, as well as singularly masculine words.When addressing a guy, for instance, or when referring to a book, a flower, or a table; (these are all masculine nouns in Italian).On the other hand, you would utilize bella when referring to or describing female human beings as well as feminine single nouns.

How do you call a cat in Russian?

Koshka can signify either a male or female cat, however it is more commonly used to refer to male cats. The male cat’s name is Kot. Kotyata is kittens, and kotyonok is kitten.

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How do you say hi in Czechoslovakian?

Ahoj (ah-hoy) = Hi. or Bye. This term, like Aloha, can be used both when meeting someone and when parting ways with them. You’ll frequently hear people in the Czech Republic shouting ″hello″ as they wave you off. Another informal equivalent is the word ″au.″

What does Fass mean to a dog?

Fass (bite, attack)

How do you say down in Czechoslovakian?

‘down’ in Czech

  1. volume_up. snížit.
  2. shodit.
  3. srazit.
  4. sestřelit.

How do you say dog in Poland?

Which breeds of dogs originate in Poland? Poland takes great pride in its five native dog breeds, four of which are recognized by the FCI. These breeds include the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, the Polish Hound, the Polish Tatra Sheepdog, and the Polish Greyhound and Polish Hunting dog.

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