How Many Sandwiches Does Subway Sell A Day?

These Facts About Subway Will Blow Your Mind Subway serves almost 8 million sandwiches every day. That’s enough to feed everyone in the cities of Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With over 41,000 total locations, Subway has averaged the opening of more than two restaurants every day since 1965.

  • Subway serves almost 8 million sandwiches every day. That’s enough to feed everyone in the cities of Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With over 41,000 total locations, Subway has averaged the opening of more than two restaurants every day since 1965.

Is Subway a dying franchise?

Being a franchisee of America’s largest fast-food chain is not only tough but also financially unsound, according to Subway operators we’ve spoken to over the course of a few weeks. Data from research firm Technomic shows that Subway’s domestic sales dropped to $8.3 billion in 2020, down from $10.2 billion in 2019.

What is the best selling Subway sandwich?

The 10 Best Subway Sandwiches, Ranked

  • Turkey Breast.
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt.
  • Spicy Italian.
  • Sweet Onion Teriyaki.
  • Meatball Marinara.
  • Steak and Cheese.
  • Veggie Delight.
  • Tuna.

How many cookies does Subway sell a day?

The source also shares that Subway sells over 1.6 million cookies a day!

Is Subway in financial trouble?

Subway has struggled to find its footing for years, even before founder Fred DeLuca’s death in 2015. Subway’s parent company, Doctor’s Associates, reported 2020 revenue of $689.1 million, down 28% from 2019′s net sales of $958.9 million, according to franchisee disclosure documents.

How much does a Subway owner make a year?

The average Subway franchise generates around $400,000 in revenue, with profit averaging around $41,000 per year.

Why is Subway sandwich so bad?

Subway’s food is not as healthy as it seems But you need to be careful what you order, and what you’re adding on to that order. Although many sandwiches are low in things like sugar, they often have bloated fat and sodium levels. And the restaurant does its best to hide this, as one former employee explained.

Does Subway have a secret menu?

If you’re a little tired from your usual order at Subway and want to order something different, it turns out that like many fast-food chains, Subway is also included in having a list of yummy secret menu items. In addition to the secret menu, Subway also has some secret specials requests you can make to your sandwich.

What should you not order at Subway?

Things You Should Never Order At Subway

  • Chicken and bacon ranch melt.
  • Classic tuna.
  • Double meat sandwiches.
  • Chicken Teriyaki & Chipotle Chicken.
  • Vegetarian options.
  • The cold cut combo.
  • Steak, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.
  • The feast.

Why is Subway so expensive?

Subway Uses A Lot Of Fresh Ingredients Fresh produce is more expensive because it has to be prepared (washed, chopped) and has a very short shelf-life, and the price must incorporate potential waste. Also, the produce has to be high quality to look and taste good, hence the higher price.

What Sandwiches are $5 at Subway?

Under $5 Menu

  • Crispy Chicken Sidekick.
  • Spicy Chicken Sidekick.
  • Egg & Bacon Sidekick.
  • Chipotle Chicken Sidekick.
  • Honey Mustard Ham Sidekick.
  • Italian Aioli Sidekick.
  • Savoury Turkey Ranch Sidekick.
  • Cold Cut Combo.

Does Subway still have $5 footlongs?

Because of the financial toll on Subway franchisees, the $5 footlongs were removed in 2012, and footlong subs were once again sold at a $6 price point. However, after seeing a net decline in Subway locations for the first time in its franchising history, Subway brought back the $5 footlong deal in 2017.

Are Subway sales up?

The brand has experienced positive same store sales in Q2 of 2021, versus Q2 of 2019, and the Eat Fresh Refresh launch accelerated this momentum, with August sales the strongest Subway has experienced since 2013. Overall U.S. restaurants sales in August are up more than 4%, compared to the same period in 2019.

How many subways have closed?

Over the last three years, a net 14 percent of US Subway restaurants have closed, resulting in a 26 percent decline in royalty payments, according to public filings. Last year, Subway reported 1,601 net US store closings, bringing the total number of US locations to 22,201.

Who is CEO of Subway?

Subway CEO John Chidsey talks with CNN’s Julia Chatterley about the restaurant chain’s biggest menu refresh in 56 years.

How many customers does Subway have per day? – SidmartinBio

These Subway Facts Will Completely Blow Your Mind Every day, Subway serves over 8 million sandwiches. Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles have more than enough food to feed everyone in their respective metropolises. Since 1965, Subway has opened an average of more than two restaurants each day, resulting in a total of over 41,000 outlets worldwide.

How busy does Subway get?

What is considered busy at the majority of subway stations? During my years of employment, I’ve seen that most establishments in my neighborhood seldom require the services of more than two persons during the typical lunch and dinner hours of 11-2 and 5-8, respectively. Most establishments consider a 30-40 unit hour to be a reasonable amount of activity for two individuals.

Is Subway bigger than McDonald’s?

According to the corporation, Subway has surpassed McDonald’s to become the world’s largest restaurant chain, surpassing the latter. Subway had 33,749 locations throughout the world at the end of last year, whereas McDonald’s had 32,737 locations at the time. Franchises account for more than 75% of the company’s establishments.

What is Subway’s market share?

Subway’s market share in the Fast Food market in 2018 was 2.8 percent of the total. Subway has the greatest market share in terms of the number of locations it has across the world. Subway has more than 42,000 locations in more than 100 countries worldwide. Its market share in the United States is only 1.2 percent of the entire market.

What is the most popular sub at Subway?

Turkey and tuna are the most popular Subway sandwiches in the United States, according to the company. That is not the situation in the rest of the globe, where unique and market-specific components combine to produce more than 37 million different sandwich combinations in more than 100 countries.

How long do you toast a Subway sandwich?

The amount of time it takes for Subway to toast the sandwiches. The greatest amount of time necessary is between 20 and 25 seconds. Subway toasts the sandwich with the use of convection heat. When the sandwich is wrapped in the hot air, it seems like a storm is brewing.

What fast-food is healthiest?

10 Fast-Food Restaurants That Provide Nutritionally Sound Meals

  1. Chipotle. A restaurant chain that specializes in meals such as tacos and burritos is Chipotle Mexican Grill
  2. Chick-fil-A is a fast-food restaurant business that focuses on chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in chicken sandwiches
  3. Wendy’s
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Ruby Tuesday
  6. The Cheesecake Factory
  7. KFC
  8. Subway
  9. And other similar restaurants are available.

Where does McDonald’s rank in the fast-food industry?

The Top 50 Fast-Food Restaurants in the United States

rank company 2018 total units
1 McDonald’s 13,914
2 Starbucks* 14,825
3 Subway* 24,798
4 Taco Bell 6,588

How many Subway restaurants are there in the world?

Subway has a greater number of locations than McDonald’s. Subway is the largest fast-food corporation in the world. It has almost 44,000 restaurants in 110 countries, which is more than double the number of McDonald’s restaurants. Subway has a workforce of more than 410,000 individuals. For construction workers, there was a shop on the second floor.

How many Sandwiches does subway serve a day?

There are more than 38 million potential sandwich combinations that may be created when the full Subway menu is taken into consideration. Every day, Subway serves over 8 million sandwiches. Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles have more than enough food to feed everyone in their respective metropolises.

How many people work at subway in New York City?

Subway has a workforce of more than 410,000 individuals. For construction workers, there was a shop on the second floor. In order to accommodate construction employees during the restoration of 1 World Trade Center, Subway constructed a mobile sandwich store.

Why is subway the number one fast food chain?

Serving sanitary fast food items while providing good customer service and expanding its network of locations is what has propelled Subway to the top of the fast food chain rankings throughout the world.

For the purpose of making its goods more appealing to a certain group of customers, Subway employs a combination of demographic and geographic segmentation.

25 Odd Subway Restaurant Statistics

Statistics»25 Weird Subway Restaurant Facts and Figures When was the last time you ate something that was “fresh?” When it comes to offering fresh sandwiches to hungry customers, Subway restaurants are the best in the business. In today’s world, the fast service food sector generates approximately $200 billion in revenue, providing employment for over 3.5 million individuals, many of whom work at Subway restaurants. Subway franchisees produce sales of $12.1 billion each year, according to the company.

Subway Restaurant

The promotion of this restaurant business as a healthier alternative to the high-fat fast-food experience has contributed to its extraordinary success. A $1000 loan from a 17-year-old child and a family friend turns into a franchise that can be found in over half of the nations in the globe today, thanks to the efforts of the original founders. The Subway chain can deliver a nice sandwich on handmade bread when you are in a hurry. Many localities have a Subway that can meet your needs.

  • As of 2014, there were 26,617 franchise locations in the United States. 3,117 Subway franchisees are currently operating in Canada. A total of more than 12,000 Subway franchises are now operating outside of North America in 96 different countries. The average Subway store will hire between 8 and 12 people from the surrounding community
  • This is the national average. A franchisee who opens a Subway franchise on a military or government installation will not be required to pay the $15,000 franchise fee. Subway franchisees signed a contract that is good for 20 years and can be terminated at any time. The lowest net worth for a Subway franchise owner is $80,000
  • The maximum net worth is $1 million. Since 2010, Subway has consistently been among the top three fastest-growing franchises. It has been the fastest-growing franchise for the past two years, ranking first overall. At the end of 2016, there were 26,744 Subway restaurants in the United States. Every year, the Subway restaurant business consumes around 16 acres of lettuce.
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A firm that was previously known as Pete’s Super Submarines has grown into a powerhouse in the world of fast service restaurants, and it all started with a simple sandwich. There has been an almost twofold increase in the number of overseas franchises in the previous five years. Year after year, more than 1,000 new Subway locations operate in the United States. Even in Canada, the number of Subway franchisees has increased by 20 percent in the previous five years, according to the company. With new franchises being sought in every region across the world, as well as significant celebrity advertising appearing wherever you look, it appears like there is nothing that can stop Subway from expanding.

These Facts About Subway Will Blow Your Mind

  • Taking into consideration the whole Subway menu, it is possible to create more than 38 million distinct sandwich combinations, according to the company. Every day, Subway serves over 8 million sandwiches. The amount of food in that amount would be sufficient to feed everyone in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Since 1965, Subway has opened an average of more than two restaurants each day, resulting in a total of over 41,000 outlets worldwide. In the event that you were to stack 600,000 National Hockey League hockey rinks on top of one another, you’d be able to fill that stack with all of the cheese that Subway uses to make sandwiches every year
  • Subway restaurants may be found in a variety of locations, not simply strip malls. There are franchise sites in a variety of places, including auto dealerships, laundromats, and churches. If you took all of the sandwiches that this restaurant prepares in a year, you could stack them end to end and walk around the world 14 times
  • However, this is not possible. In order to create the cookies that this eatery offers every year, 14.4 million eggs are required. More frozen cookie dough, tomatoes, and tuna are consumed by Subway today than by any other firm in the food sector.

What’s even more remarkable about this restaurant chain is that they intend to create a total of 50,000 franchise locations by the year 2018. In order to fulfill this target, they would have to open six restaurants every day for the next three years. Despite the fact that Subway employs more than 400,000 people on any given day, there is little doubt that the company has transformed the way we think about eating. In some respects, it’s promising since this restaurant company has a greater number of outlets than McDonald’s, which is a positive development.

The fact that they do not generate near to the amount of sales that other QSR locations do indicates that they have a long way to go.

Did You Know These Facts About Subway?

  • Another astonishing fact to know about this restaurant chain is that they want to create a total of 50,000 franchise locations by 2018. Until then, they would have to open six restaurants per day in order to fulfill this target. Subway, which employs more than 400,000 people on any given day, has unquestionably altered the way that we think about food in this country. While this is discouraging in some respects, it is also positive in that this restaurant company has a greater number of outlets than McDonald’s does. The fact that they don’t come near to the quantity of sales that other QSR sites generate, on the other hand, indicates that this brand still has a lot of work to do in order to achieve maximum success.

No one can argue with the fact that Subway restaurants will be around for a long time. Even though the quality of their meals is unquestionably good, Keeping the focus on high-quality customer service that has always been in place will help this restaurant business to achieve its goal. You have a certain expectation when you walk into one of their restaurants that you will receive the quick assistance you require to construct a personalized sandwich. This is what distinguishes Subway from all other fast-food restaurants.

Even if you have the munchies, the statistics of Subway indicate one thing: it is an excellent decision that will not make you feel terrible about devouring an entire foot-long sub.

The rise and fall of Subway, the world’s largest fast-food chain

  • Subway, the largest fast-food corporation in the United States and the rest of the globe, was founded in the 1960s and rapidly expanded over the following decades. Successful advertising efforts featuring Jared Fogle – the guy who claimed to have dropped over 200 pounds while eating Subway sandwiches – and the “$5 footlong” jingle have all helped to the company’s growth over the years. However, the company’s fortunes began to reverse in 2014, when revenues began to fall. When Fogle was arrested and accused with having sexual encounters with kids, as well as transmitting and receiving child pornography, the company found itself in a public relations problem. Earlier this year, he was sentenced to nearly 16 years in jail
  • Subway shuttered more than 1,000 outlets throughout the country in the last year. More articles may be found on the Business Insider main page.

In the past few years, Subwayrestaurants have been dealing withgrowing pains, decliningsales, and a public-relations issue with legal troubles for JaredFogle, its former spokesman. As a result, the sandwich companyhas been closing hundreds of stores all over the US for the pastfew years.But it hasn’t always been like this. In the ’80s, ’90s, and early2000s, Subway was expanding rapidly, becomingthe world’slargest fast-food chain.Keep reading to learn how a company that was on the rise fordecades suddenly took a turn for the worse.

The first Subway was actually called Pete’s Super Submarines.

Image courtesy of Subway.source Jeff Roberson/American Psychological Association At the start of 2018, the corporation stated that it anticipated to shut 500 outlets in the coming year. It ended up shutting more than that number of stores. Subway has 24,008 outlets in the United States.

  • More information may be found at: Payless ShoeSource’s rise and collapse. Payless ShoeSource was at its heyday, as seen by these ten photographs. Despite the retail apocalypse, these eerie images of America illustrate a new normal as Sears clings to life despite closing hundreds of locations

Subway Menu Prices

Subway is a fast-food restaurant that primarily specializes in sub sandwiches and salads, according to its website. As a result, they are often regarded as one of the most nutritious options available when it comes to fast food restaurants. They serve footlong sub sandwiches in two sizes: 6-inch and 12-inch, which are both known as footlongs. 6-inch The pricing on the Subway menu are extremely reasonable, but the footlong subs are a better value for money. If you’re searching for a catering menu, you may check out Subway’s catering costs by clicking here.

Subway has swiftly acquired popularity as the number of health-conscious consumers in the twenty-first century has increased dramatically.

All Sandwiches|Signature Wraps|Breakfast|Subway Fresh Fit|Kids’ Meal|Chopped Salads|Subway Sliders|Sides|Drinks|Flatizzas|All Signature Wraps|Breakfast|Subway Fresh Fit|Kids’ Meal|Subway Sliders|Sides|Drinks|Flatizzas

View Estimated Pricesin Your State

Ultimate Steak Footlong $11.49
Ultimate Steak Six Inch $7.29
Meatball Marinara Footlong $7.29
Meatball Marinara Six Inch $4.99
Spicy Italian Footlong $8.49
Spicy Italian Six Inch $5.99
B.L.T Footlong $8.49
B.L.T Six Inch $5.29
Black Forest Ham Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham Six Inch $4.99
Chicken Caesar Melt Footlong $7.79
Chicken Caesar Melt Six Inch $4.79
Cold Cut Combo Footlong $4.99
Cold Cut Combo Six Inch $3.99
Italian B.M.T. Footlong $8.49
Italian B.M.T. Six Inch $5.29
Meatball Marinara Footlong $5.29
Meatball Marinara Six Inch $3.99
Pizza Sub Melt Footlong $7.49
Pizza Sub Melt Six Inch $4.99
Roast Beef Footlong $9.49
Roast Beef Six Inch $6.29
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Footlong $8.49
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Six Inch $5.29
Rotisserie-Style ChickenBacon Melt Footlong $9.49
Rotisserie-Style ChickenBacon Melt Six Inch $6.29
Spicy Italian Footlong $6.49
Spicy Italian Six Inch $4.99
SteakCheese Footlong $9.49
SteakCheese Six Inch $6.29
Subway Club Footlong $9.49
Subway Club Six Inch $6.29
Subway Melt Footlong $9.49
Subway Melt Six Inch $6.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong $8.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Six Inch $5.29
Tuna Footlong $8.49
Tuna Six Inch $5.29
TurkeyBacon Guacamole Footlong $11.49
Turkey Breast Footlong $8.49
Turkey Breast Six Inch $5.29
Veggie Delite Footlong $4.99
Veggie Delite Six Inch $3.49

Signature Wraps

B.L.T. Signature Wrap $6.99
Black Forest Ham Signature Wrap $6.99
Cold Cut Combo Signature Wrap $6.99
Italian B.M.T. Signature Wrap $6.99
Meatball Marinara Signature Wrap $6.99
Roast Beef Signature Wrap $6.99
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Signature Wrap $6.99
Savory Rotisserie-Style Chicken Caesar Signature Wrap $6.99
Spicy Italian Signature Wrap $6.99
SteakCheese Signature Wrap $7.49
Subway Club Signature Wrap $6.99
Subway Melt Signature Wrap $6.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Signature Wrap $6.99
Tuna Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey BreastBlack Forest Ham Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey Breast Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey Italiano Melt Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey, BaconGuacamole Signature Wrap $7.29
Veggie Delite Signature Wrap $5.99


Bacon, EggCheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Black Forest Ham, EggCheese Signature Wrap $6.99
EggCheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Steak, EggCheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Bacon, EggCheese Footlong $6.49
Bacon, EggCheese Six Inch $4.29
Black Forest Ham, EggCheese Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham, EggCheese Six Inch $4.29
Breakfast B.M.T. Melt Footlong $6.49
Breakfast B.M.T. Melt Six Inch $4.29
EggCheese Footlong $4.99
EggCheese Six Inch $3.99
Steak, EggCheese Footlong $6.48
Steak, EggCheese Six Inch $4.29
Sunrise Subway Melt Footlong $6.49
Sunrise Subway Melt Six Inch $4.29

Subway Fresh Fit

Rotisserie-Style Chicken Footlong $8.49
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Six Inch $5.29
Black Forest Ham Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham Six Inch $4.99
Roast Beef Footlong $9.49
Roast Beef Six Inch $6.29
Subway Club Footlong $9.49
Subway Club Six Inch $6.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong $8.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Six Inch $5.29
Turkey Breast Footlong $8.49
Turkey Breast Six Inch $5.29
Veggie Delite Footlong $4.99
Veggie Delite Six Inch $3.49

Kids’ Meal

Black Forest Ham $4.99
Roast Beef $4.99
Turkey Breast $4.99
Veggie Delite $4.99

Chopped Salads

Chicken Caesar $6.49
Pizza Sub $7.48
Rotisserie-Style Chicken $7.78
Rotisserie-Style ChickenBacon $8.78
B.L.T. $7.78
TurkeyBacon Guacamole $9.28
Black Forest Ham $7.78
ChickenBacon Ranch $8.78
Cold Cut Combo $6.48
Italian B.M.T. $7.78
Meatball Marinara $6.48
Roast Beef $8.78
Spicy Italian $7.78
SteakCheese $8.78
Subway Club $8.78
Subway Melt $8.78
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki $7.78
Tuna $7.78
Turkey Breast $7.78
Veggie Delite $5.98

Subway Sliders

Ham and Jack $1.89
Italian Spice $1.89
Little Cheesesteak $2.39
Little Turkey $2.19


Apple Sauce $1.49
Chips $1.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.59
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $0.59
Double Chocolate Cookie $0.59
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie $0.59
Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie $0.59


Coffee $1.29
Fountain Drinks 20 oz $1.89
Fountain Drinks 30 oz $1.99
Fountain Drinks 40 oz $2.19
Dasani Water $2.19
X2 All Natural Energy Raspberry $2.49
Gatorade Lemon Lime $2.19
Honest Kids $1.19
Gatorade Fruit Punch $2.19
X2 All Natural Energy Strawberry Kiwi $2.49
X2 All Natural Energy Fruit Punch $2.49
Cool Blue $2.19
Bottled Beverage $2.19
1% Low Fat Milk $1.79
Juices $1.99


Cheese Flatizza $3.50
Pepperoni Flatizza $3.50
Spicy Italian Flatizza $3.50
Veggie Flatizza $3.50

Subway was started in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and has since expanded throughout the United States. It has swiftly established itself as a well-known international brand of healthy fast-food restaurants. We strive to present you with the most up-to-date Subway pricing information. More information may be found on the Subway website. For additional information about working at Subway, please see theSubway Careerspage.

Subway FAQ

Monday through Sunday, Subway opens its doors at 7 a.m. This time may differ from place to location, so be sure to double-check with your local restaurant.

What time does Subway c lose?

Monday through Sunday, Subway closes its doors at 10 p.m. The hours of operation may differ depending on your area.

What year was Subway founded?

Subway first opened its doors in 1969. Fred DeLuca, the founder of Super Submarines, received a loan from a buddy to get his firm off the ground. The sandwich store was then called Subway as they extended their operations a few years later.

Where was the first Subway opened?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, was the site of the first Subway restaurant. Salads and sandwiches are two of Subway’s most popular items. “Eat Fresh” is their tagline, and it says it all. They think that each menu item should be prepared and given to clients fresh each day.

Who owns Subway?

Subway is owned by Doctor’s Associates Inc. The franchise is continuing to expand. Not to worry, the name Doctor’s Associates Inc. is not associated with any medical facility, contrary to popular belief.

How many Subway restaurants are there?

Subway restaurants may be found in 111 countries throughout the world, totaling 42,000 locations.

Who started Subway?

Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck.

Doctor’s Associates Inc. was founded by the couple in order to run their franchise business. They also hoped to make enough money from their firm to cover the costs of their education.

How did Subway get its name?

Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca, who borrowed $1000 from his buddy Peter Buck to start the business. The restaurant, which was once known as “Pete’s Submarines,” was named after one of the most popular sandwiches available at the time, the “submarine sandwich.” After the company’s expansion some years later, the name was changed once again to “Pete’s Subs.”

What time does Subway serve lunch?

Subway is open for lunch every day of the week. Many businesses are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others are only open during specific hours of the day. Checking with your local Subway shop would be really beneficial.

What kind of bread does Subway have?

A variety of breads are available at Subway. These include white bread, flatbread, whole grain, wraps, and a selection of 9 Grain Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano breads.

How to order at Subway:

You may take your time looking through the menu, and the employee will ask you to begin ordering as soon as you are ready. Tell them what size bread you want (either six-inch or footlong), which meats you want, and what veggies, cheese, and sauces you want on your sub. At the end of the process, you may specify whether you’d want your order to be a combination meal or whether you’d like to add any chips, beverages, or desserts to your order.

What kind of vinegar does Subway use?

Red Wine Vinegar is used by Subway. According to Subway, this vinegar has a 5-percent acidity content.

What kind of oil does Subway use?

Subway primarily utilizes canola oil, although it may also use a combination of 10 percent olive oil on occasion.

What kind of cheese does Subway have?

Subway offers a variety of cheeses to choose from. American Cheese, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar Cheese, and a Monterey Blend are among the cheeses available.

What time does Subway stop serving breakfast?

Subway discontinues its breakfast service at 11:00 a.m. Immediately following this time, the eggs are removed in order to prepare for the lunch orders. Just be sure to double-check the information based on your geographic area.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Subway in 2021?

Until 11:00 a.m., Subway will not be selling breakfast. Immediately following this, the eggs are removed in order to make room for the lunch orders. Be sure to double-check the information depending on your geographic area of residence.

  • In this section, you will find information about financial requirements and fees, annual average sales / revenue, franchise facts, things to consider, average profit, advantages, and challenges. Is Owning a Subway Franchise the Right Choice for You?

Financial Requirements and Fees

These are the minimum financial requirements you’ll need to meet in order to begin the franchise specified earlier in the overview. Please keep in mind that these statistics are merely a starting point to give you a better sense of what you will require.

Fees/ Expenses Amount Needed
Liquid Capital $40,000
Net Worth $80,000 – $310,000
Total Investment $150,050 – $328,700
Franchise Fee $15,000

Also available through a third-party entity are financing options through Subway. Subway also provides training opportunities. Please see below for a list of monthly costs that you may anticipate to pay, which will vary based on where you choose to conduct business. This will undoubtedly vary based on where the franchise will be located as well as the different sorts of services that will be offered.

  • Property costs range from $700 to $8000
  • Leasehold improvements range from $4,000 to $38,000
  • Equipment ranges from $1,000 to $21,000
  • Security systems range from $400 to $2,600
  • Signage ranges from $400 to $7,000
  • Opening inventory ranges from $900 to $3,500
  • Insurance ranges from $150 to $1,500
  • Legal and accounting ranges from $150 to $3,500
  • And opening advertisement ranges from $400 to $2,000

In addition, the corporation charges each franchise a weekly fee that is collected by the company. According to some estimates, this sum might be around 12.5 percent of gross sales less the sales tax the franchise earns. 8 percent of the total goes into franchise royalties, with the remaining 4.5 percent going towards advertising by the parent firm.

The start-up expenditures for a Subway franchise can range from $116,000 to $263,000, depending on the location. Keep in mind that this is simply the money you’ll need to get started; it does not include any of the additional fees associated with running and maintaining the franchise.

Franchise Facts

Total Units 43,000+
Incorporated Name: Doctor’s Associates, Inc.
Franchising since: 1974
Industry QSR
Subsector: Sub Shops

Average Sales / Revenue per Year

The Subway franchise generates around $11 billion USD in annual sales throughout its entire network of franchise locations. In the United States, this covers all of their operations units. They produce an average of $422,000 in sales per franchise unit each year on a yearly basis. According to statistics, the majority of franchisees make an average of 7.5 percent of their yearly sales, which equates to $31,000 in profit.

How Much Profit Does the Subway Franchise Make Per Year?

It is estimated that the profit margin from a Subway franchise is just around 7.5 percent of their yearly sales each year, which amounts to approximately $31,000. It doesn’t appear to be much, and it certainly isn’t in terms of dollar amounts. There are alternative franchises available that generate significantly more money every year, despite the fact that their start-up expenses may be greater. However, there are other reasons why profit margins for Subway franchises haven’t been as high, if not declining, in recent years.

What to Consider Before Making Your Decision

There are several important aspects to examine while determining why certain franchisees earn more than others. Location Every aspect of the Subway restaurant’s location and surrounding area has an influence on the amount of money the franchise makes annually. For example, if your business is located in a high-traffic location with no other similar fast food or submarine sandwich shops nearby, you will almost certainly draw a large number of consumers. Because the instant competition enters the environment, it will have a significant impact on your sales, it is crucial to locate your business in an area where there are no fast food restaurants or submarine sandwich shops.

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  • When compared to other franchises, some are significantly more expensive.
  • This also takes into account the location of the franchise because the value of the property and the amount of money required to maintain it functioning in that location are both affected by this.
  • Subway’s sandwich prices, on the other hand, are unlikely to be affected by this, particularly during the duration of the $5 Food Long.
  • As a result of heavy foot traffic in areas such as airports and bustling commercial districts, certain establishments may charge higher costs than you would normally anticipate.
  • However, because this is extremely difficult to come by, you may need to recruit additional employees to handle the lengthy hours that you will need to be open in order to generate a profit for the franchise.
  • Service As you might imagine, providing excellent customer service is critical to being successful in the food industry.

Subway is doing the absolute minimum by offering delivery and pick-up options via online and mobile platforms, but they could be doing much more, such as focusing their platform on a certain consumer segment to provide a better customer experience.


When it comes to starting your own Subway franchise, there are several benefits to consider. The commencement of the franchise is an excellent motivating factor. They offer one of the most affordable franchise start-up expenses in the industry. The main headquarters will assist you with the following aspects of your new franchise:

  • Field operations, equipment sales or leasing, essential software, regional and national advertising are all included in the scope of the project.

Subway also provides training programs for you and your employees, as well as financing possibilities if you want more support from the company. Although you may have never touched a sandwich or managed a restaurant before, they will provide you with the foundation necessary to begin your career as a sandwich artist in no time. Besides that, you already know it’s a fantastic brand because it’s one of the top fast food restaurants that is outperforming the competition in terms of yearly sales, just after McDonald’s and Starbucks!

  1. You’re not simply walking into a brand new business that’s just starting out and trying to make a name for itself; Subway already has a network of stores that have established themselves as a worldwide brand.
  2. Advertising on your end does not necessitate a significant amount of effort.
  3. The actual operation of a subway system is not difficult.
  4. You will have the assistance of the parent umbrella corporation, which will also provide you with training.
  5. They’re available on mobile platforms for delivery and on-site pick-up services, as well as online.
  6. The following are the primary advantages:
  • One of the most affordable start-up prices, as well as an excellent starting package Programs of instruction for you and your employees
  • Options for financing
  • Already a well-known and respected brand


A Subway franchise is not without its difficulties, especially when it comes to the initial setup. Some of them you may have previously seen, and we have certainly mentioned some of them earlier. Fees are without a doubt one of the most frustrating aspects of being a franchise owner. When you sell something, there will always be a decrease in your profit margin. As a result of their affiliation with the main corporation, they are unavoidable. The majority of it is justified by the fact that you are a member of a huge organization with a well-established name and substantial resources.

  1. Subway has had a longstanding reputation for their $5 foot longs, and as a result, their pricing for the rest of their menu has suffered.
  2. Subway keeps its pricing low, but it is the franchisees that bear the brunt of the cost of keeping them low.
  3. Subway franchisees are up against a lot of competition.
  4. It’s difficult to find a suitable location for a Subway restaurant, let alone one that offers a fair rental rate.
  5. Aside from that, Subway has more than 43,000 franchise locations, making it a rivalry within the industry when there’s another Subway just around the corner.
  6. Though commercials and marketing initiatives have already been put in place, Subway itself does not have the best reputation for high-quality food.
  7. Another representative for the group has been convicted and sentenced to prison time.
  8. Furthermore, the Subway menu has remained almost unchanged over the previous few years.

It hasn’t figured out a means to successfully adapt to the demands and wishes of consumers. Additionally, food and labor prices have grown over time, making the $5 foot long offer unprofitable over time. The Most Serious Obstacles

  • There are a number of extra costs. There are a large number of rivals (both internal and external)
  • Inability to customize the menu
  • Marketing that has become stale

Is the Subway Franchise Right for You?

Getting into a franchise is not a straightforward procedure. There is a specific attitude that must be adopted when becoming associated with a brand and making it stand out even more than it currently does in order to create more attention and profit. Not only will you have to manage the day-to-day operations of a firm, but you’ll also have to think outside the box in order to expand and come up with innovative ways to market to your local community. Because Subway offers financing choices, you can easily determine whether or not you qualify for any type of money to help you get your franchise up and running.

  • You may also pay a visit to the franchise location in person to examine how the business operates.
  • Despite the fact that they do not have rigorous prerequisites such as having previously owned a sandwich shop or worked as a sandwich artist, they do need you to go through their training program, which includes instruction on-site at a Subway franchise.
  • You should also take into consideration the time of day we are now experiencing.
  • In other areas, despite the fact that it is critical to keep these companies open, they nevertheless struggle to attract consumers since there is less foot traffic in those areas.
  • Not only does it cost money, but it also takes time and dedication.
  • If you’ve never operated a business or managed staff before, this will take up a significant amount of your time, so do your study before investing in a Subway franchise.
  • In recent years, Subway has come under fire for permitting an excessive number of franchisees to establish outlets merely a few streets apart from one another.
  • As with any food business, you must be certain that you are the only place in a local market that sells your particular product or services.

Subway is making the biggest menu change in its history

New York is the capital of the United States (CNN Business) After years of dwindling sales, Subway is attempting to reintroduce itself to consumers and persuade them to try one of its sandwiches. Subway shops around the country will introduce an overhauled menu next week that will make improvements to a variety of products across the board.

According to the company, this is the most significant menu modification in its history. New recipes for the chain’s Italian and multigrain breads, as well as new sandwich toppings, are part of the redesign.

The restaurant business is also making changes to products that are already on the menu. Among the changes will be the addition of hickory-smoked bacon to Subway’s menu, as well as the thinning of its turkey and ham sandwiches. It’s also bringing back some of its old favorites, such as rotisserie chicken and roast beef. Thousands of eateries plan to give away up to one million free sandwiches between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on July 13 to encourage consumers to sample the new ingredients. In addition, the Subway app is getting a makeover, and the company has partnered with DoorDash to allow users to order delivery directly from the Subway app.

However, in recent years, competition in the fast-casual area has assisted in pushing Subway out of the market.

Bringing customers back

Several foodservice research and consulting firms, including Technomic, have reported that revenues at Subway’s US outlets have been declining in recent years. According to Technomic’s study, system-wide sales at Subway’s US outlets reached $12.3 billion in 2013, the company’s highest year in the previous 15 years, and will reach around $8.3 billion in 2020. According to Trevor Haynes, President of Subway’s North American operations in response to a request to comment on those data, “Subway is a privately held company that does not publicly publish sales figures.” Adding to this, he stated that “on average, sales are doing well in the first half of 2021 when compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.” The customisation market was “dominated” by Subway when it initially gained notoriety in the 1980s, according to Robert Byrne, director of consumer and industry analytics at Technomic.

  1. However, with the development of fast casual, personalization has become the standard.
  2. “We want to continue to dominate that sector,” Chidsey added, as more eateries begin to offer customized menu options.
  3. As a result, the firm chose to “concentrate on enhancing the quality of the basic components, since with those core ingredients you can create nearly an unlimited number of sandwich combinations,” according to Chidsey.
  4. “Perceptions of health and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle have evolved,” Byrne explained.
  5. The action has now been modified to argue that the tuna used by Subway is not produced entirely of tuna and that it does not always employ skipjack or yellowfin tuna as the primary ingredient.

Franchisee tension

In recent years, revenues at Subway’s US outlets have been declining, according to Technomic, a foodservice research and consulting group. Accordig to Technomic’s study, system-wide revenues at Subway’s US locations reached $12.3 billion in 2013, the company’s highest year in the previous 15 years, and will reach around $8.3 billion in 2020. Trevor Haynes, Subway’s president for North America, responded via email to a request for comment on the data, stating that “Subway is a privately held company and does not publicly publish sales information.” It was also said that sales are performing well in the first half of 2021 when compared to the same period in the previous year, prior to the pandemic.

  1. As fast casual became more popular, customizing became the standard.
  2. “We want to continue to dominate that sector,” Chidsey added, as more eateries offer customized menus.
  3. This in mind, the firm made the decision to “concentrate on enhancing the quality of the basic components, since with those core elements you can create nearly a limitless number of sandwich combinations,” according to Chidsey.
  4. When it comes to the procurement of ingredients, I’m sure customers would appreciate knowing a little more about the process.
  5. According to a complaint, the company’s tuna sandwich is not genuinely created from the fish.

It labeled the previous complaint “meritless,” and it claimed that “the additional accusations are incorrect,” adding that “the action is a reckless and inappropriate assault on the Subway brand.” Despite this, Subway continues to serve the product, claiming that “the 100 percent wild-caught tuna is still a big favorite among sandwich fans.” Despite the franchisee’s concerns, Chidsey said that “there are still a few people who are dissatisfied with the way things were in the past.” The great majority of our franchisees, I believe, would agree that we’ve had a fantastic six-month run, he added, implying that the improved sales are encouraging to franchisees in general.

Things are improving in a dramatic way, says the author.

Getting franchise operators on the same page as the corporate team, according to Byrne of Technomic, is critical to the company’s turnaround. “I don’t believe they will be able to accomplish anything until the two factions come to an agreement.”

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