How Much Are Mcdonald’s Fish Sandwiches?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Filet-O-Fish $3.79
Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79
Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79
Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79


What is the best selling sandwich at McDonalds?

  • 10 Most Popular McDonalds Menu Items of All Time French Fries. Food innovation is essential to the future of McDonalds, yet classic menu favorites still account for more than 75 percent of the company’s sales around the world Big Mac. Nothing is more synonymous with McDonalds than the Big Mac — the multilayered sandwich that towers over all other fast-food competitors. Snack Wrap. Happy Meal. More items

Does Mcdonalds have 2 fish sandwiches for $5?

6 nationwide, we’re excited to serve guests more craveable and delicious options at a great value for the money with a new 2 for $5 offer we know they’ll love – the 2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal. For a limited time, customers can enjoy choosing two iconic menu items like the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and 10 pc.

How much is a fish sandwich at Mcdonald’s on Friday?

Filet-O-Fish are $1.69 on Friday…

What are the $2 specials at McDonald’s?

The $2 items will include Sausage McGriddles, 2-piece Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, Bacon McDoubles and small McCafé beverages (but not coffee or iced coffee.) The $3 items will include the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, the Triple Cheeseburger and the Happy Meal.

How much is a Filet-O-Fish on Friday?

Five filet-o-fish’s at $1.29 each and a small fries = $8 = dinner for two on a Lenten Friday at 9pm.

Is McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish real fish?

In the U.S., Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are made with 100% wild-caught Alaska Pollock that’s also always sustainably sourced.

Did McDonald’s stop selling Filet-O-Fish?

McDonald’s removed the Filet-O-Fish from its menus in the United States on September 26, 1996, and replaced it with the Fish Filet Deluxe sandwich, which was part of McDonald’s ill-fated Deluxe line of sandwiches.

Filet-O-Fish®: Fish Sandwich

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A 2,000 calorie diet is used to calculate the percent Daily Values (DV) for each nutrient.

Use this secret McDonald’s hack when ordering a Filet-O-Fish sandwich

Because many Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, sales of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich generally soar during this period. To the point where some people jokingly refer to March as the beginning of the “Filet O’Fish season.” More information may be found at: 5 menu hacks that you’ve probably never heard of before

How to always get a hot and fresh McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

This is such a huge deal that certain McDonald’s stores will run specials on the Filet-O-Fish throughout Lent, such as 2 for $4 during the week of Ash Wednesday. While prices vary from place to location, a Filet-O-Fish meal is typically around $6. Reddit users have recommended ordering the fish sandwich without cheese (or with another alteration) in order to ensure that the dish is as fresh as possible and that it was constructed immediately after ordering. But an even better alternative is to gently request a Filet-O-Fish that has been cooked to order, which will take around five minutes.

For those who prefer the traditional manner to order their Filet-O-Fish, the wild-caught Alaska Pollock will be served on top of a steamed bun with tartar sauce and American cheese.

According to the McDonald’s website, the firm continues to employ the same recipe that was developed by one of its franchisees in 1961.

One more tip: You can generally get the Double Filet-O-Fish meal for only approximately $1 more than the regular Filet-O-Fish meal.

McDonalds Filet-o-Fish Cost – in 2021

This sandwich is one of the most well-known and oldest on the McDonald’s menu, and it has been around for quite some time. It was founded in 1962 by Lou Green, a local franchisee from Cincinnati, Ohio, who had a vision for the future of the industry. His burger beat over another one that Ray Kroc had envisioned being added to the menu: the Hawaiian burger, which had pineapple and cheese. When this legendary meal initially appeared on the scene, the earliest documented price for it was $0.29.

Just how much will a McDonalds Filet-o-Fish cost?

For those on a tight budget, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s can be precisely what they’re searching for. It costs between $3 and $4, and if you add fries or any side item, such as apple slices, your total cost will be between $5 and $6 dollars, depending on your preference. The double Filet-O-Fish will typically cost $1 more than the single Filet-O-Fish, but all of these prices are subject to change depending on your geographic region and current specials. You might also be interested in our posts on the price of filet mignon, lasagna, and crab legs.

Nutritional values of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

If you’re in the mood for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich, make sure to check the nutrition data on McDonald’s website first.

With 380 calories and 18 grams of fat, the fish is a fillet. This sandwich has 39 grams of carbohydrates and 590 milligrams of salt, which contribute to its nutritional value.

Tips to know about

The cheeseless Filet-O-Fish sandwich is recommended by for the greatest taste Filet-O-Fish sandwich because it ensures that it is assembled immediately after making your order (no one likes cold fish). If you still want cheese, ask for a “cook-to-order” patty and be prepared to wait up to five minutes as it is freshly prepared in front of your eyes. Filet of fish with tartar sauce and half slice American cheese (or upgrade option) is served on top of an Alaskan Pollock Fish Patty that has been cooked since 1961 using the same method.

Filet-O-Fish $3.79
Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79
Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79
Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79

If you’re a regular customer of McDonald’s and like eating there frequently but have never tried the Filet-O-Fish, we encourage that you do so. If you’ve never gone to a McDonald’s before and want to check out one of the numerous locations all over the world, then getting a Filet-O-Fish would really be a good idea. Especially if you’ve never had one before. If you have a history of food allergies, especially to fish or cheese, be careful to go over all of the ingredients used to prepare this sandwich before eating it.

Remember to limit your visits to McDonald’s to weekends only and to avoid overindulging in their products because they are regarded fast-food items and will have a significant negative impact on your figure.

Is there any way to save some money?

There’s always a way to save money at McDonald’s, and there’s always something new to learn. McDonald’s is an excellent place to obtain good cuisine at a reasonable price. When the Filet-of-Fish Sandwich is not being given as part of the 2 for $5 special deal, it may typically be found for $2 or less. It’s possible to get this sandwich with fries at McDonald’s during Lent, which is referred to as “Fish Fridays” at the fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s Menu Prices

McDonald’s is the world’s largest hamburger fast food corporation, with locations in about 120 countries worldwide. The firm was formed in 1940 by two brothers, Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald, who were inspired by their father’s work. McDonald’s menu pricing are quite competitive with those of the rest of the fast food sector these days. There are many different sorts of items available at McDonald’s, including hamburgers, french fries, chicken, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, and salads. A value menu is also available, with items starting at just $1 a piece for certain items.

Menu: Burgers|ChickenSandwiches|Nuggets|Salads|AppetizersSideDishes|DessertsShakes|Happy Meals|$1 $2 $3 Menu|Sauces|Special Offers|Limited Time Deals

View Estimated Pricesin Your State

Big Mac $3.99
Big Mac – Meal $5.99
2 Cheeseburgers $2.00
2 Cheeseburgers – Meal $4.89
Quarter Pounder with Cheese $3.79
Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Meal $5.79
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese $4.79
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Meal $6.69
Bacon Clubhouse Burger $4.49


Bacon Clubhouse Burger – Meal $6.49
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $4.39
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken – Meal $6.39
Artisan Grilled Chicken $4.39
Artisan Grilled Chicken – Meal $6.39
Premium McWrap ChickenBacon (Grilled or Crispy) $4.39
Premium McWrap ChickenBacon (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $6.39
Premium McWrap ChickenRanch (Grilled or Crispy) $4.39
Premium McWrap ChickenRanch (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $6.39
Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken (Grilled or Crispy) $4.39
Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $6.39
Filet-O-Fish $3.79
Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79
Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79
Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79
Premium Chicken Bacon Clubhouse (Grilled or Crispy) $4.49
Premium Chicken Bacon Clubhouse (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $6.49


Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 10 Pc. $4.49
Chicken McNuggets – Meal (Regular or Spicy) 10 Pc. $6.49
Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 20 Pc. $5.00
Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 40 Pc. $8.99


Donut Sticks $2.59
French Fries Small $1.39
French Fries Medium $1.79
French Fries Large $1.89
Minute Maid Slushie (Blue Rapsberry, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade) $2.00
Apple Slices $1.00


Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Small $2.19
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Medium $2.59
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Large $2.99
Sundae (Hot Fudge or Caramel) $1.29
Cone (Vanilla) $1.00
McFlurry Snack $1.79
McFlurry Regular $2.39

Happy Meals

Chicken McNuggets 4 Pc. $3.29
Hamburger $2.49
Cheeseburger $2.79


Soft Drink Small $1.00
Specialty McCafé® beverages Small $2.00

Sauces and Dressings

Mighty Hot Sauce
Sweet ‘N Sour
Hot Mustard
Creamy Ranch
Tangy Honey Mustard
Spicy Buffalo
Hot Picante Salsa
Mild Picante Salsa
Low-Fat Balsamic Viniagrette

Limited Time Offers

McRib $3.69
Holiday Pie $0.89
Spicy McChicken $1.00
Shamrock Shake Small $2.19
Shamrock Shake Medium $2.59
Shamrock Shake Large $2.99
Lobster Roll
Spicy Chicken McNuggets 10 Pc. $4.35
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Medium $2.59
Asian Chicken Salad
Angus Chipotle BBQ Burger $9.75
Chicken McBites
Cherry Berry Chiller Small $1.69
Cherry Berry Chiller Medium $1.99
Cherry Berry Chiller Large $2.29

McDonald’s is one of the most well-known fast-food restaurants in the world, with over a billion customers annually. McDonald’s menu prices contain a variety of low-priced goods, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s budget. If you would like to browse offers and coupons on your favorite menu items, you may visit ourMcDonald’s couponspage. Kids also enjoy McDonald’s restaurant, which is possibly due to the fact that they provide Happy Meals that include toys, as well as the fact that they outfit their restaurants with playgrounds.

To learn more about McDonald’s restaurant, you may visit their website or browse at our nutrition information page.

McDonalds FAQ

McDonald’s closes its doors at 11:00 p.m. Some McDonald’s locations, on the other hand, may have different closing times, so it is a good idea to check the website of your local McDonald’s to find out when they are open. You may also use Google Maps to find out what time your local McDonald’s shuts at a given location. In case you’re a McDonald’s fan, you’re probably aware that the fast food giant provides both in-house dining and drive-through services, each of which may operate on distinct hours.

What time does McDonald’s open?

McDonald’s begins serving customers at 5:30 a.m., Monday through Sunday. Since the fast food business became a franchise, the operating hours of each of the company’s locations have varied based on the location’s owner or operator. Once again, it is recommended that you visit the website of a specific McDonald’s restaurant in order to double-check when closing hours are in effect there.

Which McDonald’s have Szechuan sauce?

There are currently no McDonald’s stores that sell Szechuan sauce, despite the fact that fans of this spicy, sour sauce are calling out for it to be brought back in some kind. A cooperation with Walt Disney on the animated film Mulan resulted in the fast-food chain developing the sauce, which was first presented in 2008. As a result of this collaboration, Mulan-themed Happy Meals were made available. The sauce was removed from the menu after it was discovered that it was a knockoff of the traditional red sauce served at many Chinese restaurants.

What time does McDonald’s start serving lunch?

The first McDonald’s meal of the day is served at 10:30 a.m Monday through Friday. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends and holidays. The Egg Muffin was the first item offered by the fast food corporation when it debuted the concept of breakfast in 1975. A large variety of breakfast items are available to consumers today, including Bacon, EggCheese, the Big Breakfast, Sausage McGriddles, Hotcakes, and Sausage Biscuits, among other options.

What time does McDonald’s stop serving lunch?

In addition, lunch is available at all hours of the day thanks to the McDonald’s All-Day Menu. The cheeseburger, the Quarter Pounder, the McNuggets, and the French fries are some of the most popular items on the All-Day Menu. Just a friendly reminder that these lunch options are only available while supplies last.

When does McDonald’s start serving breakfast?

McDonald’s begins serving breakfast at 4 a.m. or later, depending on the location of the restaurant. Some restaurants are open around the clock and provide All-Day Breakfast.

What is on the All-Day Breakfast Menu?

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast contains the following items:

  • Hotcakes
  • Hotcakes and Sausage
  • Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait
  • Sausage Burrito
  • Hash Browns
  • Egg McMuffin
  • Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuit
  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Sausage Biscuit with Egg
  • Bacon, Egg,Cheese McGriddle
  • Sausage, Egg,Cheese McGriddle
  • Sausage McGriddle
  • Sausage McGriddle with Egg
  • Bacon

What time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world stop serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m., with the majority of locations doing so. Because of overwhelming customer interest, McDonald’s began serving breakfast meals at all hours of the day in 1998. McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, stated in 2013 that the fast-food corporation will begin offering an All-Day Breakfast menu, allowing customers to purchase some of their favorite breakfast dishes at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays.

For more information about working at McDonald’s, please see ourMcDonald’s careerspage.

Quick Answer: How Much Is A Mcdonald’s Fish Sandwich

Prices on the McDonald’s Menu THE COST OF FOOD The following items are available: Filet-O-Fish $3.79 Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79 Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79

Does Mcdonalds have 2 fish sandwiches for $5?

We’re pleased to give customers additional craveable and delectable alternatives at a great value for the money with a new 2 for $5 offer we know they’ll like – the 2 for $5 MixMatch Deal – at all of our locations across the country. Customers will be able to experience two popular menu items such as the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and 10 piece. cheeseburger for a limited time.

How much is a double Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s?

Prices on the McDonald’s Menu THE COST OF FOOD Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79 Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79 Premium Chicken Bacon Clubhouse (Grilled or Crispy) $4.49 Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79 Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79

How much is 2 fish sandwiches at McDonald’s?

This is such a huge deal that certain McDonald’s stores will run specials on the Filet-O-Fish throughout Lent, such as 2 for $4 during the week of Ash Wednesday. While prices vary from place to location, a Filet-O-Fish meal is typically around $6.

How much is a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish meal?

McDonald’s Menu Prices in the United Kingdom (Updated: November 2021) Price for a Serving of Food McFish Sandwiches are available for £3.19 each, with Filet-O-Fish Medium Extra Value Meals costing £4.69 each and Filet-O-Fish Large Extra Value Meals costing £5.09 each.

How much is a Filet-O-Fish on Friday?

On Friday, Filet-O-Fish is just $1.69 per serving.

Does McDonalds serve Filet-O-Fish all day?

It was invented in 1962 by Lou Groen, the owner of the original McDonald’s restaurant in Cincinnati, according to McDonald’s. Other fast-food businesses and restaurants provide additional seasonal fish selections on their menus during Lent, despite the fact that the Filet-O-Fish is offered all year at all McDonald’s locations in the United States.

How much does a Happy Meal cost 2021?

Menu Prices at McDonald’s in 2021 The Cost of Food Happy Meal with a Hamburger for $2.99, 4 piece Chicken McNuggets for $2.99, and French Fries for $1.59 M M McDonald’s McFlurry is $2.99.

Does McDonald’s have a Lent fish special?

McDonald’s is hardly a newcomer to the world of fish sandwiches. The Filet-O-Fish is available on the menu of the fast food restaurant throughout the year. The season of Lent is the ideal time of year to indulge in a Wild Alaskan Pollock Sandwich from Dairy Queen—and you might as well buy a Blizzard while you’re at it! The date is February 23, 2021.

How much is a fish fillet meal?

Prices on the McDonald’s Menu The Cost of Food The following items are available: Filet-O-Fish $3.79 Filet-O-Fish – Meal $5.79 Double Filet-O-Fish $4.79 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $6.79

Does Mcdonalds still have the 2 for $5 2020?

McDonald’s 2 for $5 MixMatch Deal is back, which means you can eat all of your favorite menu items for a fraction of the cost of other restaurants. With the return of the chain’s 2 for $5 MixMatch Deal, popular menu items like as the Big Mac, the Filet-O-Fish, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese will be available once again.

Does Mcdonalds have buy one get one for $1?

Our favorite menu item from McDonald’s has returned: the BOGO (buy one, get one) for $1 deal.

Here’s everything you can get for a dollar, as well as further information on this offer from the fast food business. In addition to being delicious, the meal is also reasonably priced, which are two qualities we need more of in 2021.

Is McDonald’s getting rid of Filet-O-Fish?

When it comes to a fast food restaurant known for its burgers, fries, and McNuggets, the Filet-O-Fish may be one of the last things that spring to mind. However, there is a legitimate reason why McDonald’s continues to offer the fried fish sandwich on its menu, and it is unlikely to be phased off anytime soon.

How much is mcdonalds fish and fries?

McDonald’s Fish and Fries have a golden brown and crisp coating on the outside, yet the inside is filled with soft and delicate fish flesh. A creamy tartar sauce as well as a sweet-and-sour sauce are included with the purchase of this item. One serving of McDonald’s Fish & Fries costs 155 PHP. And for 250 PHP for two pieces, it’s a good deal.

Is Filet-O-Fish real fish?

Globally, 99 percent of the fish used in Filet-O-Fish sandwiches is obtained from wild-caught fisheries that are responsibly managed. (We’re working hard to increase that percentage to 100 percent!) When it comes to Filet-O-Fish sandwiches in the United States, they are always produced using wild-caught Alaska Pollock that is always obtained responsibly.

Is Filet-O-Fish any good?

Furthermore, while it is a cheap pricing, the quality is rather decent. It appears to be in good condition in terms of presentation. Although the appearance of this burger isn’t the most appetizing on the McDonald’s menu, I can’t really complain about the price. And, yes, it does just come with a sliver of cheese (12 slices total).

What should you never order at McDonald’s?

There are several items on the McDonald’s menu that you should never order. Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a Double Quarter Pounder. Hotcakes and a hearty breakfast are on the menu. M M’s on top of a caramel Frappé McFlurry. a Quarter Pounder topped with cheese and bacon Fries in a large quantity. Breakfast consisting of hotcakes. Shake with chocolate.

Is McDonald’s fish sandwich fried?

The Filet-O-Fish sandwich is made out of fried pollock served with tartar sauce and cheese on a hamburger bun from McDonald’s. Despite the fact that it is not the most popular item on the menu, it is a classic that has been there for a long time, so it must be doing rather well.

What is the McDonald’s fish sandwich called?

Take a bite of our Filet-O-Fish® that has been caught in the wild! This McDonald’s fish sandwich is made with fish obtained from sustainably managed fisheries, melted American cheese, and topped with creamy McDonald’s tartar sauce. It is served on a soft, steamed bun with lettuce and tomato. Find out what sort of fish is used to make Filet-O-Fish®!

Who has the healthiest fish sandwich?

Here are some illustrations of the sandwiches that are offered. Popeyes Catfish Po’ Boy is a popular dish in the United States. 800 calories per serving. 50 g of total fat Cholesterol is 75 milligrams. Wild Alaskan Salmon from Captain D’s. Calories in this recipe: 116. 1 gram of fat Cholesterol is 46 milligrams. Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. 380 calories per serving. 18 g of total fat Burger King BK Big Fish sans Tartar Sauce is a popular option. 410 calories per serving. 12 g of total fat

How much is McDonald’s filet o fish sandwich?

Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on the 29th of January, 2020. Prices on the McDonald’s Menu

Food Price
Filet – O – Fish $3.79
Filet – O – Fish– Meal $5.79
DoubleFilet – O – Fish $4.79
DoubleFilet – O – Fish– Meal $6.79

In 2016, the firm said that the Lenten Season accounts for approximately a quarter of all sales of its fish sandwiches. However, while McDonald’s offers theFilet – O – Fishall year round in the United States, other fast-food businesses and hotels provide more seasonal fish alternatives on their menus during Lent. Also, do you know if McDonald’s offers a 2 for 5 fish fillet deal? With all of your favorite items, McDonald’s 2For $5 Menu is back for 2020. With the return of the chain’s 2 for $5 MixMatch Deal, popular menu items like as the Big Mac, the Fillet -O- Fish, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese will be available once again.

If you only look at the calories, McDonald’sFilet – O – Fishsandwich, with 390 calories, appears to be a reasonablyhealthy option on the menu.

What is the main ingredient in McDonald’s Filet O Fish?

A choice of hoki or Alaska pollock is available for consumption in the Republic of Ireland. When sold in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Fillet – O – Fish is made up of hoki rather than Alaska pollock. Alaskan cod is commonly utilized in the United States.

Never Order McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish—Here’s Why — Eat This Not That

According to Reddit users, the Mickey D’s menu item with the least amount of freshness is the fried chicken sandwich. 10th of April, 2019 Shutterstock McDonald’s may be well-known for its Big Mac and world-famous French fries, but it is also recognized for other things. People are frequently placing orders at McDonald’s, but have you ever considered which items on the menu you’d want to avoid at the fast food behemoth? According to Reddit, this meal item isn’t nearly as popular as other of Mickey D’s more renowned orders, so it may have to wait until you request it before being served.

What menu item should I never order at McDonald’s?

A lot of former or present McDonald’s employees on Reddit have stated that theFilet-O-Fish is the top menu item that shouldn’t be ordered from the fast-food giant ever again.

What was the reason why?

The following statement from a Reddit member stated it all: “It’s been three years since I worked there, but I can assure you that Filet-O-Fish is not fresh by any stretch of the imagination.” Yikes. Another individual expressed himself like follows: “Just tell the cashier at McDonald’s that you want a fish filet prepared to order. It will take an additional 5 minutes, but it will be well worth it when compared to the filet that has been sitting in a heated cabinet for hours.” Do you want to order a fish filet that has been sitting in a heated cabinet for a long time?

  1. Noted!
  2. When I placed my order, I noticed the manager take one of the sandwiches that was in the warmer to be delivered and pop it in the microwave to give it to me.” Shutterstock As you might expect, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald’s is not the most popular meal on the menu.
  3. Aside from that, how often do you go to a fast food establishment that is known for its burgers and seek for fish to order?
  4. Instead, you’d most likely head to Long John Silver’s for a drink.
  5. Even while it’s understandable that Filet-O-Fish isn’t cooked as frequently as hamburgers, it’s possible that less of them can be prepared in the morning so that they aren’t left to sit in a hot cabinet for hours on end.

Why even sell the Filet-O-Fish if it’s not as popular?

The Filet-O-Fish itself has a fascinating backstory that deserves to be told. In an effort to keep sales up throughout Lent, which is the 40-day period that falls between Ash Wednesday and Easter, the campaign was launched in January. When it comes to this religious observance, it is extremely common for Catholics who participate to abstain from meat on Fridays. Because of this, McDonald’s developed the Filet-O-Fish, which has proven to be a popular dish over the holiday season. It was reportedly reported by McDonald’s in 2016 that during Lent, 25 percent of all Fish-O-Filet sandwiches are sold.

CONNECTED: The simple method for preparing healthier comfort meals. Cheyenne Buckingham is a model and actress. Cheyenne Buckingham is the news editor for the website

How Much Does a Filet-o-Fish Cost at Mcdonalds?

The most recent update was made on August 9, 2018. Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are one of the more underappreciated sandwiches on the McDonald’s menu. It was invented by Lou Green, the first franchise owner in Cincinnati, in 1962, and it defeated the pineapple and cheese “burger,” which Ray Kroc originally envisioned as a regular on the menu but was never implemented. When it first came out, it was only $0.29.

How much does a McDonalds Filet-o-Fish cost?

For the sandwich alone, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s will cost you around $3 to $4; however, if you opt to buy a combo meal, the cost will be approximately $5 to $6. The double Filet-O-Fish may be had for an additional $1. The charges might vary depending on the geographic region and the amount of promotion done.

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish nutrition

The Filet-O-Fish has 380 calories and has 15 grams of protein per serving. There are 18 grams of fat in this recipe. There are 39 grams of carbs and 590 milligrams of sodium in this serving. Refer to this official nutrition page on the McDonald’s website for further information on the nutritional value of this sandwich or any other sandwich at the restaurant.

Tips to know: suggests ordering a Filet-O-Fish sandwich without cheese in order to ensure that the sandwich was made after the order was placed for the greatest taste Filet-O-Fish sandwich. If you insist on cheese, though, request a sandwich that is prepared to order. It may take up to five minutes to cook, but you can be confident that it will be hot and fresh when it is done! The filet of fish sandwich is topped with tartar sauce, half a slice of American cheese, and an Alaskan Pollock fish patty that has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and served on a steamed bun.

How can I save money?

Keep an eye out for any McDonald’s special deals that are currently running, since coupons may often be obtained on the company’s official phone app, online, or even in the local newspaper. For example, they frequently run promotions in which the filet-of-fish sandwich is included in a 2 for $3 or 2 for $5 deal with another meal. When McDonald’s sells the sandwich during lent, which is the most popular time of year for them to do so, 2 for $4 offers are frequently available. The following is a disclaimer about advertising: It is possible that this content contains referral links.

Average Reported Cost:$4.21

Sales of McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish have been going on at least 50 years. I’m 57 years old and can recall when they were just 49 cents! Over the years, the promotional price has steadily increased: 59 cents, 79 cents, 99 cents, 2 for $2, 2 for $2.22, 2 for $3, 2 for $3.33, 2 for $4, and 2 for $4.44; 2 for $2, 2 for $2.22; 2 for $3, 2 for $3.33; 2 for $4; and 2 for $4.44. Last year, a popular bargain price was two for five dollars. In several places, the Filet-O-Fish was available as part of McDonald’s 2 for $5 MixMatch Deal, which included other items like as fries and shakes.

  1. More recently, we’ve been seeing Filet-O-Fish discounts available all year round!
  2. Make sure to check your phone for a “Buy one Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, 10pc Chicken McNuggets, or Filet-O-Fish, get one FREE” promotion.
  3. The “$3 Sandwich Daily Deal” from last month will continue into October as well.
  4. Only orders placed through the app will be eligible for any of these discounts.
  5. The Filet-O-Fish is included in the Mix and Match offer, just as it is in the mobile app deal mentioned above.
  6. In some locales, you may get two for the price of one.

We’ll keep an eye out for additional inexpensive Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and report back to you as soon as we locate them. Make a habit of returning to this page. In the event that YOU come across a better offer at your local McDonald’s than 2 for $5, please let us know about it!

Filet-O-Fish – Wikipedia


Nutritional value per 1 sandwich (141 g)
Energy 390 kcal (1,600 kJ)
Carbohydrates 38 g (13%)
Sugars 5 g
Dietary fiber 2 g (7%)
Fat 19 g (29%)
Saturated 4 g (19%)
Trans 0 g
Protein 17 g
Vitamins Quantity%DV†
Vitamin A 240 IU
Vitamin C 0%0 mg
Minerals Quantity%DV†
Calcium 6%60 mg
Iron 15%2 mg
Sodium 37%560 mg
Other constituents Quantity
Energy from fat 170 kcal (710 kJ)
Cholesterol 45 mg (15%)

May vary outside US market. 360 kcal (1,500 kJ) in UK. Some restaurants publish nutritional information for the sandwich with the tartar sauce removed.

  • Micrograms = micrograms, milligrams = milligrams, international units = IU
† Percentages are roughly approximated usingUS recommendationsfor adults.Source:McDonald’s

An multinational fast food restaurant business, McDonald’s, sells a fish sandwich known as theFilet-O-Fishi. It was established in 1962 by Lou Groen, a McDonald’s franchise owner inCincinnati, Ohio, in response to declining hamburger sales on Fridays as a result of theWestern Christian practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays, which is important in Roman Catholicism, Methodism, and Anglicanism, among other religions. While the fish composition of the sandwich has evolved over time to meet consumer demand and manage supply shortages, the basic components of the sandwich have stayed constant: a fried breaded fish fillet, a steamed bun, tartar sauce, and pasteurized American cheese.

Product description

The following types of fish are used in the Filet-O-Fish patties sold in various markets:

  • Contains abattered, friedfishfillet prepared from Alaska pollock as of May 2020 in the United States The Republic of Ireland will be able to offer either hoki or Alaska pollock starting in October 2019. Contains white Hoki or Pollock fish in crispy breadcrumbs, and will be available as of May 2020 in the United Kingdom. New Zealand— Hoki is used in instead of Alaska pollock in this recipe.

McDonald’s claims that half a slice of cheese is used in each Filet-O-Fish sandwich in order to avoid the cheese from dominating the taste of the fish.


Lou Groen, a Catholic businessman and McDonald’s franchise owner in Cincinnati, invented the sandwich in 1962 because his store at 5425 West North Bend Roadwas in a predominantlyRoman Catholicneighborhood, which resulted in falling hamburger sales on Fridays as a result of the Roman Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays, a Western Christian custom also practiced by many Methodists, Anglicans, and Lutherans.

  • Cye Landy of Cye Landy Advertising Agency, which served as the advertising agency for that specific McDonald’s franchise, came up with the name for the food.
  • With Groen’s cooperation, Kroc agreed to serve just two non-meat sandwiches on Fridays: the Hula Burger (grilled pineapple with cheese on a cold bread) and the Filet-O’Fish.
  • The Filet-O-Fish “won hands down” and was quickly added to menus throughout 1963, eventually being widely available throughout the country in 1965.
  • A package of fish fillets was delivered to him after he informed the management that he could produce an improved fish fillet.
  • In place of the pollock, he substituted red cod fillets, and once the manager was happy with the better-tasting red cod fillets, the two came to an arrangement for him to supply the Courtenay Place restaurant (and afterwards many other New Zealand restaurants) with the red fish fillets.
  • McDonald’s pulled the Filet-O-Fish off its menus in the United States on September 26, 1996, and replaced it with the Fish Filet Deluxe sandwich, which was part of the ill-fated Deluxe line of sandwiches introduced by McDonald’s in the early 1990s.
  • The Fish Filet Deluxe itself was phased out at most McDonald’s restaurants beginning in 1998, while some locations continued to serve it until 2000, when it was eventually withdrawn from all of the company’s menus.
  • This was done in response to the New Zealand hoki fishery’s declining sustainability and significant reductions in the total allowable commercial catch of hoki by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries- from 250,000 tonnes in 1997 to 90,000 tonnes in 2007.
  • Every year, McDonald’s strives to get fish solely from places that have been recognized as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.
  • Hoki is still a significant component.
  • According to the Marine Stewardship Council, as of January 2013, pollock is sourced from suppliers that use sustainable fishing techniques, and McDonald’s packaging and marketing will reflect this shift.

Society and culture

The Filet-O-Fish, which was initially developed for Western Christians keeping the Friday Fast, continues to be strongly linked with this group, with sales in the United States increasing dramatically during Lent. Other fast food restaurants have taken note of the tradition and are now offering fish alternatives during Lent. This sandwich is especially popular among members of the Jewish and Muslim communities, owing to the fact that its components are more in line with kashrut and halal regulations than McDonald’s other products.

The sandwich does not include any alcoholic beverages.

In terms of certification, the sandwich is halal-certified in the United Arab Emirates and a few other Muslim-majority nations; it is also offered in McDonald’s Israel outlets that are under kosher supervision.


In France, a variant of the sandwich known as the “McFish” is available, with the prefix “Mc-” referring to the prefix used by McDonald’s for several of its other items. The French McFish does not have cheese, and ketchup is used in place of tartar sauce on the bun.

See also

  • Sandwich made with fish fingers
  • A list of seafood that is halal and kosher


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External links

  • Filet-O-Fishat images and videos from Wikimedia Commons, as well as from and other sources.

The Real Reason McDonald’s Keeps the Filet-O-Fish on Their Menu

When it comes to a fast food restaurant known for its burgers, fries, and McNuggets, the Filet-O-Fish may be one of the last things that spring to mind. However, there is a legitimate reason why McDonald’s continues to offer the fried fish sandwich on its menu, and it is unlikely to be phased off anytime soon. Take a look at what the first McDonald’s menu looked like in real life. Lou Groen, who was kicked out of his home at the age of 17 and spent decades working odd jobs before finally opening his own restaurant and rising through the ranks to become President of Cincinnati Restaurant Group, is the person who can tell us more about the Filet-O-place Fish’s on the menu.

  • In 1959, Groen opened the doors to the first McDonald’s restaurant in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.
  • Nonetheless, his McDonald’s was located in an area that was 87 percent Catholic at a time when most Catholics, with the exception of fish, would abstain from eating meat on Fridays in 1962.
  • Watch this video to learn about how the McDonald’s menu has changed since you were born.
  • Because that particular chain happened to serve a fish sandwich, Groen began to wonder if seafood might be his savior as well.
  • Kroc had a different idea: “Hula Burger” made with pineapple and cheese served on a bun (sounds terrible, doesn’t it?
  • In order to determine which sandwich would sell better, Kroc agreed to put both the halibut and “Hula” sandwiches on the menu on the same Friday.
  • With that, the “Hula Burger” kicked the McBucket, and became the inaugural item on a long list of embarrassingMcDonald’s Menu flops.
  • However, Kroc wanted to bring the price down to 25 cents.
  • It might not have been as good as his halibut version, but his customers weren’t complaining.
  • The Filet-O-Fish recipe has taken some new turns since the 1960s, now using sustainable Alaskan Pollock, but it seems to be a permanent item on the McDonald’s menu as one of the only pescatarian-friendly options.
  • About a quarter of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sales are in the spring during Lent, when many Catholics choose not to eat land- or air-based meats, spokeswoman Becca Hary toldUSA Today.

So when March or April rolls around, don’t be surprised if you hear hungry customers begging McDonald’s to “gimme that Filet-O-Fish.” Next, learn75 mind-blowing facts about McDonald’s. Sources

  • McDonald’s: “Filet-O-Fish”
  • USA Today: “Why so many people are eating McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish right now”
  • Smithsonian Magazine: “The Fishy History of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich”
  • Smithsonian Magazine: “The Fishy History of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

Why the Filet-O-Fish Is My Gold Standard for Fast Food

On April 23, 1992, one of the first Chinese McDonald’s restaurants opened in Beijing, which was the biggest city in the world at the time. My mother was preoccupied with packing our belongings, so I didn’t get to dine there. It had only been two weeks after it had opened when she and I boarded an aircraft destined for Montreal to join my father, who was just finishing a postdoc that would leave him bankrupt for the next few years. The thing that stands out the most to me about that time period is how little we accomplished.

  1. He was studying in our one-bedroom flat while I was watching television.
  2. Eating at McDonald’s was a novelty for us in both Canada and China, and it was much more so in Canada.
  3. The term “fast food” in the Western world may conjure up images of quick accessibility or excessive consumption, but McDonald’s provided a different type of comfort for my family and myself.
  4. When they did, we always ordered takeaway so that we could eat our burgers and fries at our Formica dining table, on our own plates, while watching television.
  5. The Filet-O-Fish quickly became my favorite dish on the menu.
  6. My parents were drawn to the Filet-O-Fish since it was the sole seafood option available at McDonald’s and because it appeared to be in quite good health.
  7. It appealed to my Chinese sensibilities: although other McDonald’s buns were toasted, the Filet-O-bun Fish’s was steamed, much like the baozi bun in the baozi bun.
  8. At the same time sweet and sour, it reminds me of orange-chicken sauce, which is a plausible Chinese taste that has been mass-produced in America for decades.

Its appeal is inscrutable, perhaps out of proportion to its paltry constituent parts.

For many Asian-Americans, as well as other minority-majority communities in the United States, the Filet-O-Fish is the gold standard of fast food. The original Filet-O-Fish was created by an Ohio franchise owner in 1962 as a solution to the problem of McDonald’s declining sales on Fridays, when observant Catholics abstained from eating meat. The delightful tiny unit, which began as an attempt to advertise fast food to as many people as possible, has since been claimed by everyone from fish-loving Chinese-Americans to practicing Muslims to — well, anybody with a sense of taste.

Its allure is enigmatic, and possibly out of proportion to the little sum of its pieces, which make up the whole.

According to marine fisheries expert Kevin M.

In fish sticks purchased at Walmart and Filet-O-Fish burgers ordered at McDonald’s, “it is the pure white flesh.” However, you would not want the fish to be more intriguing than it already is.

This is part of what makes pollock so appealing.

It was my childhood notion that my infatuation with such a bizarre sandwich was a sign of being weird.

When my father moved to Victoria, British Columbia, after a few years in Montreal, he was offered a decent government position.

It was only after I pointed out that my parents both like hamburgers, whilst I preferred the Filet-O-Fish that my experience was completely ruined.

“Well, the Filet-O-Fish is my favorite, too,” my mother said with a straight face.

At some time, the Filet-O-Fish brand was rebranded as follows: The modest blue wrapper had been replaced with an extravagant paper box, and what I remembered as a whole slice of cheese had been reduced to half its original size.

A common sight on today’s unpacking experience is sagging, floppy cheese that has slipped off the patty and is usually attached to the ill-advised package.

A nice Filet-O-Fish is difficult to get by these days.

Whenever I go to McDonald’s after a late-night drinking session, I look for the Filet-O-Fish and order two of them 10 minutes before the restaurant closes.

No matter how flawed the Filet-O-Fish has grown, it continues to be my ideal of fast-food convenience.

Sandwich made with fried fish (recipe below) Journalist and critic Jane Hu has published articles in publications such as The New Yorker and Bookforum. A Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of California, Berkeley, she is now pursuing her degree.

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