How Much Is A Whopper At Burger King Today?

To begin, let’s take a look at the Whopper’s famous sandwich. This is the most important item that Burger King has to provide. The burger is a meal that can be purchased for about $7.79 and has 660 calories, 29 grams of protein, and 690 milligrams of salt in it.

How much is a Whopper at Burger King UK 2021?

Burger King Menu Prices and Price List UK 2021 Burger King Prices UK Sandwich (£) Meal (£) Whopper made with plants 4.79 6.79/7.29 Vegan Royale 4.79 6.79/7.29 Steakhouse Angus 5.79 7.79/8.29 Bacon with double cheese, very large 5.79 7.79/8.29 74 more rows

How much is a bacon and cheese Whopper at Burger King?

Burger King Menu Prices FOOD PRICE Whopper with Bacon and Cheese Costs $5.19 for a Meal Whopper with Bacon and Cheese Costs $5.19 The A1 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger costs $7.49 and is available. Meal price of $6.29 for the A1 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. $8.59 55 more rows

How much is a burger at Burger King?

The most recent prices for items on the Burger King menu, organized by size and price The Cost of Onion Rings $1.39 Fountain Drink 16 oz. $1.29 Icee 12 oz. $1.19 Hamburger $1.00 50 more rows

How much does a Whopper cost?

Meals Whopper Meal – $11.70 Whopper Jr. Meal – $9.50 Quarter Pound King Meal – $11.00 Double Quarter Pound King Meal – $14.25 Bacon King Sandwich Meal – $14.60 Whopper Meal – $11.70 Whopper Jr. Meal – $9.50 8 more rows

What is the current price of a Burger King Whopper?

Burger King Menu & Prices 2022

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Food Price
Whopper $4.19
Whopper – Meal $6.49
Double Whopper $5.29
Double Whopper – Meal $7.59

Are whoppers still 2 for $5 at Burger King?

Burger King has discontinued their Buy One, Get One Free promotion in favor of a new Buy One, Get One For $1 deal. The popular 2 for $5 Mix and Match value deal that Burger King has been running will no longer be available. In its stead, a new BOGO + $1 promotion will be available at selected locations.

Does Burger King still have the $5 Whopper meal?

The meal costs $5 and comes with a Double Whopper Jr., a small order of fries, a 4-piece nuggets, and a small drink of your choice. In point of fact, the dinner is not at all novel; rather, it is just making a comeback. It made its debut on the Burger King menu in December of 2021, but it was removed from the establishment without a trace a few months later.

What are the 2 for $5 at Burger King?

You may choose from a variety of sandwiches, and each will only cost you $5. This offer consists of three sandwiches: an Original Chicken Sandwich, an Alaskan Fish Sandwich, and a WHOPPER® Sandwich.

Is Burger King still doing 2 Whoppers for $6?

It is a shame that your franchises have discontinued the meal offer of two for ten dollars. The price of the 2 for 6 bargain has increased to around $17 and includes fries and a small drink. The onion, tomato, and lettuce are not fresh; rather, they have been pre-chopped, removing all trace of their original flavor and freshness.

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Does Burger King have Whoppers on sale?

It’s Wednesday!

Does Burger King have any deals going on right now?

You can now satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank thanks to the new $5 Your Way Meal bargain from Burger King! You will receive a Double Jr. Whopper, a four-piece order of Chicken Nuggets, a small order of Fries, and a small beverage. The bargain is shown prominently in the middle of the homepage of Burger King’s website.

What kind of specials does Burger King have right now?

Current deals & promotions available at Burger King®! Current Offers at Burger King:

Burger King® Menu Item Description Price
Two Oreo Shakes Two Oreo Shakes topped with Whipped Cream $5
Double Cheeseburger Meal 1 Double Cheeseburger, 1 Small French Fries, 1 Small Soft Drink $3
Double Whopper 1 Double Whopper $3

Are Whoppers 37 cents?

You are in luck on Fridays and Saturdays if you have a yearning for a Whopper from Burger King and you go there. The Whopper will soon cost a staggering 37 cents, the same amount it did when it was first introduced in 1957 by Burger King.

Does Burger King still have 2 Whopper meals for 10?

At this time, Burger King is running a promotion in which customers may get two different meal combos for only ten dollars. You have your choice between two highlighted meals, which include the Whopper®, the ImpossibleTM Whopper, the Big Fish, the Single Sourdough King, the Original Chicken Sandwich, or 9 pieces.

What’s Burger King’s $5 special?

You will receive a Double Whopper Jr., a small order of fries, a four-piece order of chicken nuggets, as well as a small drink for the price of five dollars.

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Does Burger King have buy one get one free?

Bargain hunters are always looking for a decent buy one get one free deal, and Burger King is treating them like royalty with this offer. The current promotion offered by the quick-service restaurant allows customers to choose two things from the menu and receive a significant discount on both of them. You may either indulge in both for yourself or split them with a companion.

What is on the 2 for 6 menu at Burger King?

The Impossible Whopper, the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and the Whopper are the four options that are included in the edition of the 2 for $6 deal that will be offered in 2020.Those who wish to save costs while still consuming foods containing plant-based proteins will find that the introduction of the Impossible Whopper affects the nature of the competition.

What is the 2 for 10 meal at Burger King?

This customer favorite is now available to you as part of Burger King’s 2 for $10 promotion. This is how the promotion is going to work: For ten dollars, you may choose between two different dishes, get two small orders of fries, and each of two small beverages.

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