How To Make Steak Sandwiches?

How do you make a cheese steak sandwich?

  • Heat griddle or grill pan over high heat. Brush steak slices with oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 45 to 60 seconds per side. Place several slices of the meat on the bottom half of the roll, spoon some of the cheese sauce over the meat, and top with the mushrooms, onions, and peppers.

What is the best cut of meat for steak sandwiches?

What type of beef cut is best for steak sandwiches? Ideally, you want a tender cut of beef or beef roast. Leftovers from a prime rib are perfect. But a good sirloin steak cooked specifically for a steak sandwich is my absolute favorite!

How do you tenderize steak for sandwiches?

Add 1 cup of liquid acidic ingredients for each pound of beef to a small mixing bowl. This can include one or more ingredients, such as all soy sauce or a combination of 1/2 cup each of low-sodium soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. These ingredients work to soften the bonds of the connective tissue and tenderize the meat.

What goes with a steak sandwich?

What To Serve With Steak Sandwiches

  • Sticky caramelised onions. Caramelised onions are the ultimate pairing for a steak sandwich, and they’re really easy to make at home.
  • Rocket salad.
  • Fresh sliced tomatoes.
  • Chips.
  • Stilton salad.
  • Onion rings.
  • Asparagus.
  • Marmite roast potatoes.

What meat can I use for Philly Cheesesteak?

Ribeye is the steak of choice for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. It is well-marbled and tender when cooked. Another cut that we have used with great results is flank steak which is lean but very tender when cut against the grain. You will need a little extra oil on your cooking surface if using flank steak.

Why is my steak tough and chewy?

An undercooked steak will be a little tough since all the fat has not be converted into flavors and the juice has not started to flow, hence the steak is tough and chewy. An overcooked steak on the other hand, will be tougher and chewier since heat erodes all the fats and juices, leaving it hard.

How long should I cook a thin steak?

Thin steaks (anything less than 1 1/2 inches thick) will cook very quickly; cook until meat is deeply browned, about 3 minutes per side for medium-rare.

Is it better to cook steak with butter or oil?

You should sear your steak in cooking oil, not butter. Butter has a low smoke point and will burn at the high heat you need to make steak that’s neatly crisp and golden brown on the outside, but tender and juicy on the inside.

How do you make Philly gourmet steak slices?

Place frozen steak on 350 degrees F. Grill or frying pan on medium heat for 45 seconds on one side, and about 15-20 seconds on the other side. Serving suggestions: “Philly cheese steak” – cook steak for about 45 seconds on one side, about 15 seconds on the other.

What goes with Philly cheese steaks?

What goes good with Philly Cheese Steak? Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches are often served up with french fries, onion rings, chips, or even a potato or pasta salad. Other topping ideas include banana peppers, pickles, oil and vinegar, hot sauce, steak sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pepperoncinis, and sweet peppers.

What cut of beef is used for shaved steak?

Cheap, lean, chewy top round, from the hard-working upper leg? It’s a trick question, because if the meat is shaved steak — handkerchief-thin slices of beef cut across the grain — it can come from any part of the steer and still be tender.

What are the ingredients to make a sandwich?


  1. Arrange 2 slices of bread on a cutting board. Spread each slice with mayonnaise.
  2. Top with turkey, tomato slices and cheddar cheese.
  3. Spread mayonnaise on 2 more pieces of bread and place on the cheddar cheese.
  4. Top with ham, bacon and lettuce.
  5. Cut sandwich into halves or quarters.

What is best cheese for grilled cheese?

What is the best cheese for grilled cheese? We use a combination of medium cheddar, gouda, and Havarti cheeses, but you can use just one type of cheese. Monterey Jack or even American cheese also work.

Steak Sandwich Recipe

Steak sandwiches are usually a crowd pleaser. I’ve created a dish with soft, juicy pieces of steak and caramelized onions, which are topped with melty havarti cheese and sandwiched between two slices of buttery bread. Yum!

Herb Butter

  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 1 tablespoon finely sliced fresh dill
  • 3 garlic cloves

Steak Sandwich

  • 1 cup steamed green beans
  • 1 pound steak
  • 1 tablespoon salt (to taste)
  • 1 big yellow onion
  • 4 slices Havarti cheese
  • 1 baguette

Herb Butter

  • Make herb butter spread by mixing butter with smashed garlic and dill until it is the same consistency as the butter you used for the butter spread recipe. Remove from consideration

Steak Sandwich

  • Thinly slice the meat to make thin strips. Preparing the steak for slicing is made easier by freezing it for a few minutes before slicing it
  • Preheat a cast-iron skillet sprayed with cooking spray to high heat. Season the meat with salt and pepper after placing it in the pan. Cook until the steak is just starting to brown, then remove it from the pan. Remove from consideration
  • Half-ring the onion once it has been peeled. In the same skillet, sauté the onions until they are golden brown, about 5 minutes. the pan should be removed from the heat and placed aside
  • Baguette should be sliced lengthwise and herb butter should be smeared on both sides of the bread. It’s then topped with pieces of sirloin, onions, and cheese slices before being served. Keep the sandwich open and place it in the broiler for approximately 2 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbling and melted. Serve immediately, while the dish is still warm.

Nutritional Values Recipe for Steak SandwichesAmount Per ServingCalories500Calories from Fat 315 percent Daily Value*Fat35g54 percent Saturated Fat 18g90 percent Fat35g54 percent Saturated Fat 18g90 percent Sodium1734mg Cholesterol103mg34 percent Cholesterol Potassium294mg (72 percent of the total) 8 percent Carbohydrates23g8 percent Protein8 percent 14% of the diet is made up of fiber 1g1 percent of sugar Protein24g48 percent of total protein Vitamin A632IU13 percent Vitamin C2mg2 percent Vitamin D2mg2 percent Vitamin E2mg2 percent % Daily Values are based on a 2000-calorie diet that contains 163mg of calcium and 3mg of iron, respectively.

Philly Cheesesteak Recipe (VIDEO)

Served on a toasted garlic butter hoagie bread, the Philly Cheesesteak is made with juicy ribeye steak, melted gooey provolone cheese, and caramelized onions. This is the traditional method of preparing a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich! Creating restaurant-quality sandwiches, such as French Dip and Burgers, is something we really like doing! This Cheesesteak dish is much simpler to make than you would imagine. Watch the video instruction below and you’ll see why everyone is so excited about this product.

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What is a Philly Cheesesteak?

In the United States, the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is constructed with ultra-thin slices of ribeye steak topped with caramelized onions and provolone cheese. That basic combo is the original classic, which became famous on the East Coast due to its accessibility. However, while the Philly Cheesesteak has been adapted on the West Coast to add bell peppers and mushrooms, a real “Philly” consists solely of steak, onion, and cheese, all served over a bun.

Which Cut of Beef Should I Use?

The ribeye steak is the preferred cut of meat for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. When cooked, it has a lot of marbling and is quite soft. Flank steak is another cut that we have utilized with excellent results. It is lean yet extremely soft when cut against the grain. If you are using flank steak, you will need to use a bit more oil on your frying surface.

The Best Cheese for Philly Cheesesteak:

Mild provolone is the most often consumed cheese. We’ve tried a number of different provolone brands, and the only one that didn’t work for us was the “aged” provolone from Costco. This dish was overpowered by the flavor of old provolone cheese. Among the other options is white American cheese, which is quite popular. Some restaurants in Philadelphia use a cheese that is similar to Velveeta, but we prefer provolone cheese the most.

Pro-Tips for Thinly Slicing Beef:

When it comes to making a perfect cheesesteak, ultra-thinly cut bits of beef are essential. Cover and freeze your steak for 30-40 minutes to make slicing it much simpler (freeze a thicker steak for 40 minutes and a thinner steak for 30 minutes). Using a sharp knife, thinly slice the meat against the grain after trimming away any extra fat and silver skin (if present).

Watch Natasha describe how to do this in the video instruction included below. Time-saving tip: Have the butcher slice your meat very thinly to save time. Preparing the steak in advance will allow them to store it in the freezer while you go shopping, allowing them to obtain those paper-thin slices.

How to Make Philly Cheesesteak:

This is one of our quickest sandwich recipes, requiring little preparation and even less cooking time. It’s a 30-minute dinner, total. This dish may be prepared on the stovetop, a flat cooktop, or a griddle.

  1. Prepare the hoagie buns by buttering them, dicing the onion, and thinly slicing the meat. Remove the onions once they have been sautéed. Cook the steak until it is cooked thoroughly, then put the onions back in. Divide the mixture into four parts and top each with two slices of cheese. Cover with buns and use a spatula to scrape the mixture into the buns

Creative Ways to Serve Philly Cheesesteak:

You can serve this mixture in a variety of creative ways, including some wonderful keto (low carb) Philly Cheese Steak options if you’re craving that meaty cheese filling but don’t want to use a bread.

  • Pasta that has been overcooked or pasta that has been packed into shells Sliders with Philly Cheesesteak
  • Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers (with Low Carb Breading)
  • Stuffed inside Portobello Mushrooms with a low-carb stuffing

More Top-Rated Sandwich Recipes:

  • Make breakfast sandwiches that can be stored in the freezer. Sandwich with Salami and Cream Cheese– a great meal on the run. Chick-fil-A Chicken Bacon Avocado Sandwich–a restaurant knockoff Picky eaters will like these Chicken Sandwich Melts.

Watch Natasha Make Philly Cheesesteak:

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Philly Cheesesteak

Preparation time: 15 minutes Preparation time: 13 minutes Time allotted: 28 minutes Served on a toasted garlic butter hoagie bread, this Philly Cheesesteak is made with juicy ribeye steak, melted gooey provolone cheese, and caramelized onions. Natasha Kravchuk is a Ukrainian actress. Easy to learn skills Making it will cost you between $13 and $16. Philly cheesesteak is the keyword here. Cuisine:American The Main Course is the first course in the sequence. Calories:732 Servings:4people

  • 1-pound ribeye steak, trimmed and thinly sliced*
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, or to your liking 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper, or to taste sweet onion, chopped (a big one)
  • 8 slices mild provolone cheese (not old provolone)
  • 4 hoagie rolls, cut 3/4 of the way through
  • 2 tablespoons melted salted butter
  • 4 to 6 tablespoons mayonnaise, depending to taste
  • 1 garlic clove, squeezed
  1. Using a serrated knife, cut hoagie rolls in half and then in thirds again. Chop the onions and finely slice the meat. In a small mixing dish, combine 2 tablespoons melted butter and 1 garlic clove that has been squeezed. Garlic butter should be spread on the cut sides of four hoagie rolls. Using a large pan, flat stovetop, or griddle, toast the buns on medium heat until golden brown, then set them aside to cool. Cook the chopped onions in 1 tablespoon oil in a skillet or on the stovetop until they are caramelized, then transfer to a bowl. Increase the heat to high and add 1 tablespoon of oil. Spread the thinly sliced steak in an equal layer on the baking sheet. Remove from heat and allow to brown for a couple of minutes, then turn and season with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon black pepper. Cook until the meat is thoroughly cooked through, then add the caramelized onions and mix well. Distribute the meat into four equal chunks and top each with two slices of cheese before turning off the heat to allow the cheese to melt without overcooking the meat. On the toasted side of each bun, spread a thin coating of mayonnaise on it. To make the sandwiches, work with one piece at at time, placing a toasted bread over each piece and use an aspatula to scrape the cheesy beef into the bun as you turn it over. Serve when still heated.

With a serrated knife, cut hoagie rolls in half and then in half again. Chop the onions and finely slice the beef* before you begin. 2 tablespoons melted butter and 1 squeezed garlic clove are combined in a small mixing basin. On the cut sides of four hoagie rolls, spread garlic butter. On a large pan or flat burner or griddle over medium heat, toast the buns for a few minutes until golden brown and put aside. To make the caramelized onions, heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a skillet or on the stovetop and sauté until caramelized, then transfer to a bowl.

  • In a single layer, spread the ultra-thinly cut steaks.
  • Cook until the steak is totally cooked through, then add the caramelized onions and mix everything together thoroughly.
  • On the toasted side of each roll, spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on top of it.
  • Warm up the dish before serving it to guests.

Natasha Kravchuk

Hello and welcome to my kitchen! Natasha’s Kitchen is my personal blog, and I am the author of the book Natasha’s Kitchen Cookbook (since 2009).

My husband and I operate this site together, and we only share the recipes that have been tried and proven in our own homes with you. Thank you for taking the time to visit! We are overjoyed that you have arrived. Continue reading more posts by Natasha.

Steak Sandwich = Best Sandwich

Warm and juicy, with melty Provolone and a handmade garlic aioli on top, this sandwich is a must-try. You only need to memorize one steak sandwich recipe, and this is it. Plan to share (or, you know, keep it to yourself) because our recipe produces three sandwiches. Season your steak generously with salt and pepper. Never scrimp on the seasonings, especially salt and pepper. A generous sprinkling of both will elevate the flavor of your sandwich to a whole new level. The Grain Is Against You It’s a nightmare to bite into a steak sandwich and have to chew for 30 seconds just to get a single mouthful out of it.

  • It not only keeps the steak tender, but it also looks fantastic!
  • Please share your experience with us in the comments box below!
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced a half teaspoon of kosher salt a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil 1/2c.mayonnaise the zest of half a lemon peppercorns that have been freshly ground In the case of the Skirt Steak 1 pound skirt steak extra-virgin olive oil is a kind of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • peppercorns that have been freshly ground Regarding the Sandwiches Rolls should be toasted with butter.
  • a quarter-pound of sliced provolone fresh arugula greens (about 3/4 cup) 8 peppadew peppers, peeled and sliced
  1. To make the aioli, mix the garlic and salt together in a mortar and pestle until a paste is formed. To make the dressing, transfer the paste to a small mixing bowl and whisk in the olive oil, mayonnaise, and lemon zest until well combined
  2. Season with pepper. Prepare the steak as follows: Season the steak with salt and pepper after brushing it with oil. Sear all sides of the steak in a cast-iron pan over medium-high heat. Cook for 3 minutes per side, or until the required internal temperature is reached, and then remove from the heat source. Allow 15 minutes for the steak to rest before slicing. Using a 2″ section cutter, cut slices against the grain. Assemble the sandwich as follows: Rolls should be lightly buttered and toasted in a Krups toaster oven until golden. Set 1 slice of provolone on the bottom half of each bread, then place the rolls back in the toaster oven for another minute or two to melt the cheese. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with arugula and peppers to finish. Spread a generous amount of aioli over the top half of the buns before assembling the final sandwiches.
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Steak Sandwich

This delicious steak sandwich is topped with succulent pieces of beef, caramelised onions, garlic aioli, mustard, lettuce, and tomato. Sink your teeth into it. This recipe is perfect for a fast midweek lunch or for gatherings with family and friends!

A big, juicy Steak Sandwich!

Sandwiches are one thing, but then there are sandwiches. THEN there are SANDWICHES to consider. The latter is the case. My irony is that I am referring to this as a sandwich since it is about as far away from the ham, lettuce, and tomato sandwich that I threw together to snack on while I was setting up to photograph these Steak Sandwiches as you could possibly get. )I realize it appears absurd that I’m chewing on a simple sandwich when these are in front of me, but I was hungry and couldn’t wait till I completed shooting, and the last time I hurried shots because I was so hungry, the images were not satisfactory, and I had to remake and rephotograph it.

  • It’s a secondary beef cut known as Bavette that is a terrific deal and is a member of the flank and skirt steak families.
  • After experimenting with it numerous times over the summer, I’m now sure that the reason it’s not readily accessible in Australia is because butchers are hoarding it for their own use rather than selling it.
  • Really.
  • It’s similar to flank and skirt steak, but it’s even better.
  • It has a more meaty flavor than most more expensive steaks, and it is best when cooked quickly and thoroughly.
  • As a result of doing so, you will have slices of beef that are extremely soft and have an almost delicate touch.
  • I purchased the Bavette Steaks from Harris Farms, which is a part of their Curious Cuts collection.

I made an attempt.

Cooking Steak Sandwiches using a hefty piece of beef that is then cut and heaped high on the sandwiches is something I really enjoy doing.

Although thin and lean, it will cook through even if you use an extremely hot BBQ or pan to prepare it.

If you wait more than 1 1/2 minutes, it will be rather dry.

A simple Steak Sandwich may be made using steak, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and mustard.

The options are virtually limitless!

The caramelised onions, I realize, are a touch over the top.but, truly, it is worth every minute of time (and the very little work) because it elevates a simple Steak Sandwich to a whole new level of deliciousness.

When was the last time you cooked a Steak Sandwich for your family or friends?

I don’t make it nearly as frequently as I should. So what are you waiting for? Grab a beer, turn on some music, sear a steak, and whip up a Steak Sandwich today. (All right, you might not have everything you need to create it right now, so schedule it for tomorrow.) – Nagi x Nagi x Nagi x

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Subscribe to my email and follow me on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up to speed on the newest news. Servings4Hover over the image to see it scaled. Steak sandwich with tender steak pieces, tomato, lettuce and caramelised onion served on a brioche bun with garlic aioli and mustard on the side. The caramelised onion certainly adds a “gourmet” touch to this dish, but refer to the comments for time-saving tips.

Quick Garlic Aioli (Note 1)

  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise (ideally made with whole eggs)
  • 1 large garlic clove, minced
  • 1 large onion, minced

Caramelised Onion (Note 2)

  • 30 g / 3 tablespoonsbutter
  • 2 tablespoonsbrown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper
  • 3 big onions, peeled and thinly sliced (brown, white, or yellow)

Steak Sandwich

  • Grilling beef steak (Note 3)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 tomatoes, thickly chopped
  • 60 g/ 2 ozrocket /arugula or other lettuce of choice
  • 600-700g/1.2-1.4 lb grilling beef steak (Note 3)
  • A jar of mustard (I like American)
  • A loaf of Turkish bread around 60cm / 2 feet long (or 4 rolls / buns of your preference)
  • Garlic Aioli: Combine mayonnaise and garlic in a small bowl. Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes for the flavor to develop (do not store for more than 3 days at the most)
  • Caramelised Onion: Melt the butter in a pan over medium low heat until it is bubbling. Stir in the onions until they are well coated with the butter. Lay the lid on the skillet (or place a baking tray over the skillet) and cook for 20 minutes, stirring once or twice. Remove the lid and continue to simmer for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the onion is golden brown (increase heat slightly if the colour is not changing). Combine the sugar, vinegar, salt, and pepper in a mixing bowl. Cook for a further 10 minutes, or until the mixture is jammy. Remove from heat and cover with a towel to keep warm


  • Remove the meat from the refrigerator 20 minutes before cooking it. Use a large amount of salt and pepper to season. Heat the oil in a pan over high heat until shimmering (or heat BBQ). Cook the steak to your satisfaction – if you’re using a secondary cut like as a Bavette, skirt, or flat iron, medium rare is the best option. Rest for 5-10 minutes after transferring the meat to a platter covered loosely with aluminum foil. Once this is done, slice thinly against the grain.

Assemble sandwich

  • Turkish bread should be cut into 15cm/6″ lengths and then divided in two. Lightly toast the bottom slice of bread and generously spread it with garlic aioli. Then add tomato slices and meat with caramelised onions on top. Serve immediately. Place the top piece of bread on top of the other pieces of bread and spread with mustard

1. I cooked this as a quick supper using a shortcut garlic aioli that I found on the internet. To make your own, follow the steps outlined in this article. In a small food processor, pulse 2 garlic cloves (minced) and 2 egg yolks until smooth. Blend for a few seconds to mix. Then, while the processor is running on medium low speed, slowly pour in 3/4 cup (185ml) extra virgin olive oil (NOT EXTRA VIRGIN, too strong). Finish by seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

  • The Caramelized Onion brings it to a whole new level of deliciousness!
  • If you follow this method, you’ll just need 2 onions.
  • The beef I used for this recipe was Bavette Beef, which is also called as flap meat, flap steak, sirloin flap steak, sirloin tip, and other variations.
  • Everything is exquisitely delicate when cooked to no more than medium-rare, if at all possible (ideally medium-rare), and when sliced thinly against the grain.
  • When cut thinly across the grain, each piece of flat iron becomes more sensitive.
  • This is a brand-new find that I really adore!
  • This dish may be used with any cut of beef that can be grilled without losing its flavor.
  • 4.
  • The Garlic Aioli accounts for 153 calories of the total, whereas the Caramelised Onions account for 126 calories of the total.


This was a quick supper that I put together by using a quick garlic aioli. To make your own, follow the steps outlined below: Using a small food processor, pulse together two minced garlic cloves and two egg yolks until smooth. To mix, pulse briefly. Pour in 3/4 cup (185ml) olive oil at a time while the processor is running on medium low speed (NOT EXTRA VIRGIN, too strong). Add salt to taste, 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard, and a squeeze of lemon juice towards the conclusion of the cooking process to finish it.

  • Alternatively, if you’re pushed for time, I recommend just sautéing onions in butter over medium heat until softened.
  • Pour in 2 tablespoons of brown sugar at the end to give it a caramelized onion flavor.
  • I used Bavette Beef, also known as flap meat, flap steak, sirloin flap steak, and sirloin tip, to make this dish.
  • Every piece of meat is exquisitely tender when it is cooked no more than medium (ideally medium rare) and sliced thinly against the grain.
  • When cut thinly across the grain, each piece of flat iron is more tender than when sliced flat iron is used.
  • The Bavette was acquired from Harris Farms in Australia and is a part of their Curious Cuts collection.
  • I grilled the bavette for 3 minutes on the first side and 2 minutes on the other side for medium rare while it was room temperature (approximately 2cm thick).
  • Nutritional Values per Serving of Steak Sandwich The Garlic Aioli accounts for 153 calories of the total, while the Caramelised Onions account for 126 calories.
  • (24 percent ) 23.1 milligrams of vitamin C.

Steak Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions and Provolone Cheese

Easy steak sandwiches are created with grilled steak, caramelized onions, and provolone cheese, which are all layered neatly on a French baguette for a gourmet presentation. Everyone who tastes them will agree that they are delicious. Every one of my friends and family members is well aware of my unabashed affection for steak sandwiches. Nothing else compares to this love! Everything about a grilled steak sandwich on a baguette with piles of cheese is perfect. Cooked steak sandwiches are the best!

  1. As a result, this dish is a variation on theSteak Sandwich that I created for Father’s Day a few years ago.
  2. No kidding, this sandwich is delicious when served hot, but it’s as delicious when served cold.
  3. If you have leftovers, wait until the sandwich has completely cooled before storing it in the refrigerator.
  4. When it comes to keeping sandwiches, the devil is in the details.
  5. Our hikes and bike rides have included delicious steak sandwiches, which we’ve been known to pack.
  6. It’s the ideal lunch after a long morning of visiting the city.

Please let me know what you think of this recipe if you decide to attempt it. I hope you like this sandwich as much as my family and I do. It’s wonderful for any event, or even just for the sake of having something to wear. Invite your buddies over and mix up a batch of cookies today!

Ingredient Notes

  • When cooking in a cast iron pan for the first time, I recommend using an oil with a high smoke point, such as canola oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil, or peanut oil, rather than olive oil. When a mix of oil and butter is not desired, butter can be substituted alone. This recipe calls for butter, which can be either salted or unsalted depending on your preference. Just make sure to use genuine butter for this recipe. This recipe does not call for margarine. I personally enjoy sweet onions such as Vidalia or Walla Walla, which are grown in the United States. They’re ideal for every type of cheesesteak sandwich you can imagine. In addition, Spanish onions are one of my favorite ingredients for sandwiches like this one. Spanish onions are technically yellow onions, although they have a little sweeter flavor than yellow onions. Strip loin steak — I used strip loin steak for this recipe, but ribeye steak would be an excellent substitute. To be quite honest, I’ve tried both and these are my top recommendations. If you have to use a harder piece of meat, you will need to marinade it first. Season with salt and pepper, but don’t go overboard with the spices. You don’t want to make this sandwich any more complicated than it needs to be. When it comes to spices, a little of salt and pepper is all you actually need
  • Nonetheless, If you don’t want to put barbecue sauce on yours, you might eliminate it altogether or substitute steak sauce instead. Personally, I enjoy sweet sauces on my cheesesteaks, as well as a delicious alcoholic barbecue sauce
  • Provolone cheese — Because this isn’t an actual cheesesteak, I used provolone cheese instead, as it’s our family’s preferred cheese. For a more authentic Philly cheesesteak flavor, add White American cheese and/or cheese whiz
  • Otherwise, use regular American cheese. French baguette — For this dish, I used a baguette that I chopped into smaller pieces after it had been baked. You could use anything you like, including hoagie rolls, ciabatta, or any other sort of bun or bread that you enjoy.

How to Make Steak Sandwiches

  • To begin, prepare the onions as follows: For this stage, you should use a high-quality cast-iron pan. You may prepare them either on the stovetop or on the grill if you like. When it comes to making truly delicious caramelized onions, patience is required. After that, cook the steak as follows: This stage can be completed on the grill or on the stovetop. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Enable the steak to rest for a few minutes to allow the fluids to redistribute. The meat should be sliced extremely thinly against the grain. Prepare the bread as follows: Place the baguette on a baking sheet, sliced side up, and bake for 15 minutes. Combine the following ingredients: Stack the cheese, steak, sauce, onions, and more cheese on top of the bread
  • Serve immediately. To melt the cheese, heat it as follows: To melt the cheese, place the pan back on the grill or in the oven. You may also use a panini press, but be sure to slice the sandwich up first before putting it in the press. There’s no way an entire baguette is going to fit on a panini press
  • Using a slicer, cut and serve: Then it’s time to slice this bad boy up and start cramming it in your face! That’s my favorite portion of the story

How to store:

  • Leftovers can be kept in an airtight container for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. To keep the sandwiches fresh, I recommend wrapping them firmly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap before placing them in the container
  • Freezing them is also an option. If I were to make this sandwich ahead of time, I would separate the meat and onions and freeze them separately, then construct the sandwich when I was ready to serve it. Having said that, freezing sandwiches is a possibility. Please ensure that they are firmly wrapped in order to prevent any air from getting into them.

Tips for making them ahead of time:

Leftovers can be kept in an airtight container for up to 2 days in your refrigerator. Wrapping sandwiches firmly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap before putting them in the container is a good idea; freezing sandwiches is also a viable alternative. When cooking this sandwich ahead of time, I prefer to freeze the meat and onions separately, then construct the sandwich just before serving it to the guests. Having said that, freezing sandwiches is a viable option. Please ensure that they are firmly wrapped so that air cannot get to them.

  • To save time, prepare the onions and steak ahead of time, and then finish assembling the sandwiches on the day you intend to serve them. Don’t add the sauce until you’re ready to serve. When it comes to a wet sandwich, the sauce is the most likely cause. Place the caramelized onions on paper towels to soak up any excess fat
  • I recommend toasting the bread first to help absorb the additional grease. Toss in some butter and toast the sliced sides until they are golden brown. Make sure to choose your bread wisely! It is recommended that you use a baguette or other crusty bread
  • Using a thin layer of garlic spread, create a beautiful little barrier between the moist and dry elements. If you’re serving the sandwiches the next day, allow them to cool fully before wrapping them. We’ve really stacked them vertically rather than horizontally in the container, as is customary for this type of storage. They must be wrapped quite tightly in order to do this! It goes without saying that you cannot defeat gravity.
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What to serve with steak sandwiches:

  • Recipes include Onion Strings, Quick and Easy Garlic Fries, Shallot Rings, Fried Smashed Potatoes with Onions and Meyer Lemon Dressing, Spicy Oven Fries, and Fried Smashed Potatoes with Onions and Meyer Lemon Dressing. Served with Meyer Lemon and Garlic Salt, Aerosmith Potatoes, Lemon Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Bow Tie Pasta Salad, and more.

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Steak Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions and Provolone Cheese

Easy steak sandwiches are created with grilled steak, caramelized onions, and provolone cheese, which are all layered neatly on a French baguette for a gourmet presentation. Everyone who tastes them will agree that they are delicious. Course Main Course for Dinner CuisineAmerican Sandwiches, steak sandwiches, and other related terms Preparation time: 10 minutes Preparation time: 35 minutes Time allotted: 45 minutes 8 Calories778kcal per serving

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 big Vidalia onions finely sliced
  • 3 pounds strip of steak 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 cup barbeque sauce
  • 16 ounces provolone cheese
  • 1 French baguette
  • Heat the olive oil and butter in a cast iron pan over medium heat until the butter is melted. Pour in the onions and cook over medium heat until they are golden brown, stirring occasionally. It’s important to rotate them from time to time in order to ensure that they cook as evenly as possible. Depending on your cooktop and pan, it should take anywhere from 25 minutes to 40 minutes to caramelize the onions. You want them to be ideally golden in color. Once they’ve been cooked, put them to a large mixing bowl. Make a plate and set it away. On a medium-high heat, sear your steaks on an outdoor grill (or inside grill if you like). Sear one side of the steak, then set it aside until it’s cooked approximately two-thirds of the way you like your steak. After that, turn the pan over and sear the other side. Allow it to sit until it reaches the temperature you like, around 15 minutes. If you want to cook the steaks in a pan on your stovetop, I highly recommend frying them in a couple pats of butter. Believe me when I say that it will be quite beneficial
  • Once the steak has been cooked to the desired degree, take it from the fire and lay it on a cutting board to finish cooking. Taste and season with salt and pepper to your liking. Allow it to rest for around 5 to 10 minutes to allow the fluids to redistribute more evenly before serving. Once it’s done, slice it extremely thinly
  • Slice a French baguette in half lengthwise once it’s done. If you’re cooking it whole, place it on a baking sheet
  • If you’re using a small panini press to melt the cheese, cut it into pieces. It doesn’t matter either direction you go. In my case, I utilized a baking sheet and kept my baguette uncut until the very end
  • Spread a row of cheese over the bottom half of the baguette. Then add some sliced steak on top. Using a spoon, drizzle barbeque sauce over the top. Add the caramelized onions and mix well. Then add another layer of cheese on top
  • If you’re going to bake it, I’d recommend using toothpicks to hold the top layer of cheese in place randomly. When you’re turning the pan around to put it in the oven, it makes a big difference. Don’t place the top section of the bread on top of the sandwich. Simply place it next to the sandwich with the cut side facing up. The cheese will be exposed to the flames in this manner. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 5 to 7 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven and immediately remove the toothpicks. Sandwich the top piece of bread on the bottom piece of baguette. Slice as soon as possible. And then serve
  • If you’re using a panini press and have already sliced the piece ahead of time, build the sandwiches according to the instructions, but just place the top portion of the baguette on. Using a panini press or skillet, toast each piece of bread until the cheese is properly melted. Repeat the process with each component. Plate and serve as soon as possible
  • Serve with a big ole cheese-loving grin on your face

Originally published on July 7, 2016. 778 calories|30 grams of carbohydrates|53 grams of protein|48 grams of fat|23 grams of saturated fat|183 milligrams of cholesterol|997 milligrams of sodium|785 milligrams of potassium|2 grams of fiber|11 grams of sugar|628 international units of vitamin A|4 milligrams of vitamin C|515 milligrams of calcium|4 milligrams of iron Thank you for stopping by today! Visit my recipe index if you’re seeking for other supper dishes. You may also discover a plethora of other sandwich recipes on this website.

I really like pinning delicious recipes!

It’s a terrific way to remain up to date with the blog.


Steak Sandwiches

This recipe serves 4–6 people.

  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/Gas 6 and set aside. Heat a large ovenproof frying pan over high heat until hot, then add a generous amount of oil. Season the fillet with a liberal quantity of salt and pepper on a cutting board before rolling it in the seasoning. Fry for 1–2 minutes on each side over a high heat until lightly browned all over, including the ends, and then remove from heat. After adding the garlic and thyme, cook for a minute more before placing the meat on top of the vegetables. Add a couple of knobs of butter and baste the steak with it, spooning it over the top. Place the beef in the preheated oven and roast for 15–17 minutes, or until it is rare or medium rare, depending on your preference. When pushed, it should have a bouncy sensation to it. Remove the roast from the oven, cover loosely with foil, and set aside for 15 minutes to rest, basting occasionally with the juices from the pan
  2. While the roast is resting, prepare the relish. The onion and chilies should be softened after about 5 minutes of cooking in the olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Cook for 6–8 minutes, or until the tomatoes are beginning to collapse, after which season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the vinegar and cook, stirring occasionally, for approximately 6 minutes, or until the mixture is reduced to a rough relish consistency. Remove from the fire, mix in the basil, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside in a serving basin while you prepare the mustard mayonnaise by whisking together the ingredients. Season and pour into a serving dish before setting away. To prepare the toast, heat a griddle pan until it is smoking hot and then remove from the fire. Drizzle the olive oil over the sliced ciabatta, season with salt & pepper, and then griddle for 1–2 minutes on each side, until brown. Repeat the process until all of the bread has been toasted, and then transfer it to a serving tray. To serve, thinly slice the rested fillet of beef and arrange it on a plate, setting it on the table next to the toast, mayonnaise, relish, and lettuce leaves, which your guests will assemble themselves.

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Best Shaved Steak Sandwich Recipe

When it comes to making the ultimate Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, what is the secret? A hearty mound of melted cheese and gooey, stringy, drippy meat — all heaped high on a buttery, toasted french bread — with caramelized onions, Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of flavor owing to the Worcestershire sauce. The best thing is that it is essentially a one-pan supper that can be prepared in 30 minutes! Meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less are among of my favorites, and this Best Cheesesteak Recipe can be prepared in 30 minutes!

You should try these recipes: Honey Bourbon Chicken, Healthy Mongolian Beef, Penne alla Vodka, and these delectableHomemade Sloppy Joes, among others.

The warm, delectable, rich and savory sandwich, with juices running down my chin and stringy cheese being bitten into mouthful after bite, is something I look forward to even in the sweltering heat of July. This is my sort of dinner!

What’s the difference between a Philly Cheesesteak and a Cheesesteak?

The greatest Philly Cheesesteak sandwich recipe is based on a combination of ingredients. A hearty mound of melted cheese and gooey, stringy, drippy beef — all heaped high on a buttery, toasted french bread — with caramelized onions, Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of flavor. That it’s a one-pan dish that can be prepared in 30 minutes is the cherry on the cake. I enjoy quick and simple dinners, especially those that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, and this Best Cheesesteak Recipe can be prepared in 30 minutes.

Try these mouthwatering recipes: Honey Bourbon Chicken, Healthy Mongolian Beef, Penne alla Vodka, and these delectable Homemade Sloppy Joes I, like many of you, have had a year of comfort food, and these sandwiches are filling the void in my comfort food bucket right now!

A supper that I would enjoy.

  • It’s called a Philly Cheesesteak because a long, crusty Italian roll holds thinly sliced, sautéed ribeye steak that is pouring with meat fluids and covered with melted cheese that looks like a disaster. It’s a big piece of equipment. It’s a straightforward process. And, oh, my, is it delectably delicious. When making authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, Cheez Whiz is the cheese of choice
  • However, American and Provolone are frequent substitutes. (Source)
  • As a result, anything that modifies the flavor, whether it’s cheese, other ingredients, or seasonings, turns it into a plain(but still flavorful and delicious)SteakCheese Sandwich
  • However, this is not the case. Several Philadelphians have informed me that no self-respecting Philly native would ever order their Philly Cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz (that’s for tourists), and that it is instead served with White American cheese.

Authentic Philly Cheesesteak?

According to Philadelphians, it is impossible to prepare a genuine Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwich without using an actual Philadelphia roll as a bread roll. They must be long and thin, neither fluffy or soft, but neither too firm nor too soft either. In addition, they claim that if you are more than an hour away from South Philadelphia, you will be unable to produce a genuine sandwich. Source Because this recipe is not legitimate, I have dubbed it simply “theBEST Cheesesteak recipe,” which is a misnomer because it truly is the best!

The original recipe comes from my wonderful and talented friend, Norine at Norine’s Nest, who you should definitely follow because not only is she a fantastic cook, but she’s also hilarious!

What Goes on a Traditional Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich?

  • Sliced ribeye steak
  • White American cheese (tourists often ask for Cheez Whiz, but provolone is also a welcome substitute)
  • Shaved ribeye steak
  • Shaved ribeye Season with salt and pepper and add pan juices. It is available with or without sautéed onions.
  • Ingredients for a cheesesteak
  • In a medium-sized pan, saute the onions in the butter until they are translucent. Before you cook the steak, season it with salt and pepper. Remove the onions and cook the steak in batches.


  • Seasoning salt
  • Shredded beef, steak, or thinly sliced cube or round steak
  • Butter (don’t criticize it, it adds a ton of flavor)
  • Caramelized onions (swoon-worthy)
  • Worcestershire sauce (LeaPerrins is gluten free)
  • Hot sauce (optional)
  • Cheese (our family is divided
  • One person does not eat cheese, two people like pepper Jack, and I eat Provolone)
  • Toasted sub buns

What Cut of Meat is the Best for Cheesesteak

The first time I attempted to make this dish, I was unable to get cube steak, so I substituted round steak, sliced as thinly as possible, and it turned out delicious anyway. In recent years, though, I’ve found Trader Joe’s sliced beef! It’s paper-thin, sensitive, and absolutely delectable. When using cube or round steak, roll it up and cover it in plastic wrap, then freeze it for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, using a sharpknife, slice it very thinly, trying to “chip” away at the steak with your fingers.

  • If necessary, cook the steak in batches to expedite the process. Optional: add a few shakes of spicy sauce to taste. Stir in Worcestershire sauce until well combined, then bring the onions back in. Place appropriate quantity of cheese on top and melt it.

How to Make a Steak and Cheese Sandwich

  1. Cut the onion in half and then finely slice it
  2. A big skillet over medium heat (this is my favorite skillet!) should be preheated. Melt the butter in a saucepan until it becomes bubbling. Toss in the onions and cook until soft and caramel-colored, about 10 minutes. During this time period, season the shaved beef with seasoning salt
  3. Once the onions have caramelized, transfer them to a dish. Add another pat or two of butter to the pan and raise the heat to medium-high
  4. If feasible, arrange the beef in a single layer
  5. If this is not possible, work in batches. It’s a rapid sauté to brown the beef, and because the steak is thin, it cooks in a short amount of time. After a minute or two, turn around. As soon as the beef is browned, add the onions back to the pan and toss in the Worcestershire sauce and spicy sauce (if using). Place cheese on top of the meat and cover with a lid to allow the cheese to melt
  6. Grill or griddle the rolls until they are golden brown (and by desired I mean that you should do this part, after all this isn’t diet food!)
  7. Remove from heat and set aside. Serve on top of browned suborhoagierolls
  8. I’ve also used whole wheat suborhoagierolls to give myself the impression that it’s a little more nutritious. You can’t fault a girl for attempting

Can I Make ahead of time

YES! This is a fantastic dish to offer on game day, when tailgating, or at a party. Prepare ahead of time as suggested above; place in a slow cooker and set to “warm” or bake in an oven set to 150-200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Toss with toasted sub, hoagie, or slider buns before serving.

PhillySteak Sandwich Add-Ins

  • When caramelizing onions, add sliced red, green, yellow, or orange peppers and sauté until soft and slightly browned. Sauté sliced mushrooms in butter
  • Lighthouse Cotija Cilantro dressing, Ranch dressing, and Garlic Aioli are some of Norine’s favorite dressings to offer with her chicken. We eat ours “naked,” so to speak, because they are so juicy, tasty, satisfying, and savory

What’s the Difference between a Hoagie and a Sub Sandwich?

The difference in this case is that aHoagieuses is a tougher, stiffer roll, and instead of slicing it all the way through, it is stuffed with pork, cheese, and other ingredients. A sub sandwich, on the other hand, is often a soft roll that has been sliced all the way through. Then there are the grinders, the poor boy’s, and the heroes! Because I was born and reared on the west coast, they were all unfamiliar names to me when I first saw them when traveling to the east coast and the southern United States for the very first time.

So why let semantics get in the way of having a delectable meal?

They’re all wonderful, and they’re all sandwiches in some form or another. You, too, will like these homemade Philly Cheesesteaks and they will become a family favorite! Another collection of comfortable family favorites is provided here.

  • AHoagieuses are a tougher, stiffer roll, and instead of slicing it all the way through, they are stuffed with ground beef, cheese, and other ingredients. A sub sandwich, on the other hand, is often made from a soft roll that has been sliced down the middle. Then there are the grinders, the poor boy’s, and the hero. All of these names were unfamiliar to me as a native West Coaster until I was introduced to them for the first time on a trip across America’s eastern seaboard and southern states. My knowledge is little, yet it is sufficient. So why let semantics get in the way of enjoying a delectable meal? They’re all wonderful, and they’re all sandwiches in one way or another. You, too, will like these handmade Philly Cheesesteaks and they will become a family favorite. Some more hearty family favorites are listed below for your consideration:
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Don’t forget to PIN this recipe to your favorite Pinterest30 Minute Meals Board! Do you enjoy this recipe? Don’t forget to rate it by clicking on the star icon in the recipe below! Preparation time: ten minutes Preparation time: 15 minutes 25 minutes is the whole time allotted. This recipe for tender shaved beef steak sandwich is heaped high on a buttery, toasted french bread with caramelized onions, a sprinkling of Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of gooey, stringy, dripping cheese. The best thing is that it is essentially a one-pan supper that can be prepared in 30 minutes!


  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 medium-sized onion, thinly sliced

Cheesesteak Sandwiches

  • 12 cup Worcestershire sauce (LeaPerrin’s is gluten free)
  • 2-3 pounds shaved beef (see notes for other alternatives)
  • 1-2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil or avocado oil
  • 2-3 pounds sliced beef (see comments for other options)
  • A seasoning salt (such as Lawry’s), hot sauce (if desired), and other ingredients Cheese: 6-8 slices provolone, white cheddar, or pepper jack cheese
  • 6 full French or Italian breads
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter


  1. Toss sliced onions into a large skillet over medium heat, melt butter, and cook, stirring constantly, until soft and caramel colored, approximately 6-7 minutes total. Remove the pan from the heat and set it aside. Steak should be cut as thinly as possible (see notes) and season with seasoning salt, not too much, just a little sprinkle all over
  2. If steak has not been already sliced Then, in the same skillet over medium-high heat, add the butter and oil and cook the steak in as much of a single layer as possible, if it gets too crowded, cook it in two or three batches until done. Cook for 1-2 minutes on one side, then turn and cook on the other side for 1-2 minutes on the other side, which won’t take long
  3. Pour in Worcestershire sauce and, if desired, a few dashes of spicy sauce (we prefer Cholula), and simmer until the meat is browned (I slightly undercook it because it will continue to cook). Return the onions to the pan and toss in the meat, with all of the juicy juices
  4. Cook for another minute
  5. Remove from heat. Using the selected cheese pieces, place them on top of the meat and cover for one minute, or until the cheese is melted, gooey, and delicious. To prepare the sub rolls in the meantime, heat a griddle or another big pan over medium-high heat, apply a thin coating of butter on the cut side of the sub rolls, and set butter side down on the griddle, toasting until golden brown and delicious
  6. Make a cheesesteak and place it on top of the rolls
  7. Serve immediately.


THE BEST CUT OF BEEF| I purchase Trader Joe’s shaved fresh beef steak, which is cut paper thin and is great for this dish since it is tender and flavorful. Purchase cube, round, or standard steak and roll and wrap it in plastic wrap before freezing for 20-30 minutes. Then, using a sharp knife, slice the steak incredibly thin or cut it into chips to serve. Preparing this dinner ahead of time will save you time on game day, tailgating, or hosting a party. Prepare ahead of time as suggested above; place in a slow cooker and set to “warm” or bake in an oven set to 150-200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

A variation of Norine’s Nest Pepper Jack Steak Sandwiches was used to create this dish.

Nutrition Information:

Sandwiches for 6 people

Serving Size:

1Serving Size (in grams): Calories:765 58 g of total fat 27 g of saturated fat 1 gram of trans fat 25g of unsaturated fat Cholesterol:195mg Sodium:776mg Carbohydrates:9g Fiber:0g Sugar:3g Protein:50g The nutritional information is approximated and may not be completely correct; at times, it pulls information for suggestions and possibilities, which may result in an increase in calories and other nutrients, as well as other complications.

The nutritional information will vary depending on the components used, the quantities utilized, and other factors.

Next-level steak sandwich recipe

An indulgence that isn’t quite right An indulgence that isn’t quite right Serves 4 people in 50 minutes and is quite simple to prepare.

Nutrition per serving
  • Calories55328 percent
  • Fat22.3g32 percent
  • Saturated fat7.5g38 percent
  • Sugars24.9g28 percent
  • Salt1.6g27 percent
  • Protein31g62 percent
  • Carbohydrates60g23 percent
  • Fiber3.6g-
Of an adult’s reference intake
  • 40ozflank skirt steak or bavette
  • 2 big onions
  • 20oz salted butter
  • Olive oil
  • 70ozdark brown sugar
  • 125ml red wine vinegar
  • 1 ciabatta baguette
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • English mustard, optional
  • 1 bunch watercress

400gflank skirt steak or bavette; 2 big onions; 20gunsalted butter; olive oil; 70gdark brown sugar; 125mlred wine vinegar; 1 ciabatta baguette; extra virgin olive oil; English mustard, optional; 1 handful of watercress

Jamie’s Comfort Food

Submitted by Jamie Oliver


  1. To prepare the steak, remove it from the refrigerator and let it to come to room temperature before covering it with greaseproof paper and basting it with the base of a pan to tenderize and make it all approximately the same thickness
  2. Meanwhile, peel the onions, removing the first layer of flesh (which may be used in a soup or stew) and slicing them into 2cm-thick rounds is the next step. Place the butter, a generous amount of oil, and the sugar in a large nonstick frying pan over medium heat and cook until the butter is melted. As soon as the butter has melted, add the onions to the pan in a single layer and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour in the vinegar, cover with a lid, turn the heat down to low, and cook for approximately 35 minutes, or until the bottom is gorgeously brown and caramelised on the bottom only, adding splashes of water to loosen if necessary
  3. ( To prepare the ciabatta in the meantime, place it in the oven and heat it to 110°C/225°F/gas 14 until it is warm. Season the steak with sea salt and black pepper on both sides, including the bone. Heat a big nonstick heavy-bottomed pan over a high flame until hot. Once the pan is scorching hot, sprinkle the steak with olive oil before placing it in the pan and cooking for 3 minutes on each side for medium, or until done to your satisfaction
  4. Toss through its own resting fluids with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil after removing it to a dish and letting it sit for 1 minute
  5. Slice 1cm thick and serve. Cut the heated ciabatta in half and massage the inside of each piece with the juices from the steak that has been resting. Spread on some mustard, if desired, and then stack on the caramelised onions, steak, and a few sprigs of watercress
  6. Serve immediately. Place the other piece of bread on top, softly push down, then chop up into nice bits before getting your hands dirty.

Steak Sandwiches World’s Easiest Supper!

The recipe for today’s quick and easy steak sandwich is designed to give us all a respite as the workweek become more and more hectic. I hope you enjoy it! These soft, juicy pieces of steak pair wonderfully with the savory components that make up these sandwich fillings.

Quick and Easy Steak Sandwiches

Even while the world will not come to a halt for us, we can at least streamline things by offering these delicious steak sandwiches as you enjoy a football game, if you so choose.

Ingredients for Steak Sandwiches

The world will not stop for us, but we can make things a little easier on ourselves by serving these delicious steak sandwiches as we watch a football game, if that is your thing.

  • 1 pound of roast beef lunch meat (I just got mine from the Wal Mart deli)
  • 1 pound of cooked rice (I just got mine from the Wal Mart deli)
  • One to two cups of mozzarella cheese, depending on the size of the dish. An onion, butter, and Dale’s Sauce are included in the box of soft deli rolls. Moore’s Marinade, soy sauce, or a small amount of Worcestershire sauce may be substituted if you do not have Dale’s Sauce available.

Instructions to Make Steak Sandwiches

  • Toss the onions and bell peppers into the pan and cook until soft. You can use a tablespoon or so of your sauce, depending on your preference
  • Using a medium-hot stovetop, cook until the onions are soft, turning often.
  • Pour in the chopped roast meat and heat, stirring constantly, just until the roast beef is warmed through. It’s okay to add extra two teaspoons of your sauce if you like.
  • As soon as that has been blended in and the roast beef is nice and warm, turn off the burner and sprinkle cheese all over the top, allowing it to rest until the cheese has melted.
  • Fill your sandwich buns with the mixture. To make the rolls a little crunchier under the broiler, I prefer to cook them a little bit first.


If you prefer, you can prepare this filling the day before and just store it in the refrigerator.

The next day, simply reheat your filling in the microwave before placing it on your roll and you’ll be ready to go! You might also enjoy these other recipes.

Best Ever Cheesesteak

It’s simple to create these cheesesteak sandwiches at home since they’re so filling and comforting. Made with ribeye steak, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and melty cheese on a gently toasted hoagie bun, this sandwich is a crowd pleaser! For those who enjoy cheesesteaks as much as I do, you’ll adore these finest ever cheesesteak sandwiches, which are sure to become a favorite. This cheesesteak recipe provides a substantial, full, and warm sandwich that’s simple to cook at home on the stovetop.

These cheesesteak sandwiches, which are served on a buttered and toasted hoagie bread, could not be much simpler to make.

Despite the fact that it is not a typical cheesesteak, I believe you will appreciate my cheesesteak recipe.

What makes a cheesesteak authentic?

Is this a genuine Philadelphia cheesesteak, or is it a knockoff? In a nutshell, the answer is no. However, I can assure you that this steak sandwich is wonderful, savory, and scrumptious. I believe you will appreciate it whether it is authentic or not. What distinguishes a real Philly cheesesteak? First and foremost, it is likely that it will need to be produced in Philadelphia – hence the name. Another option is a typical cheesesteak, which is cooked with thinly sliced ribeye steak, cheese, and a toasted anamoroso bread.

You may get your cheesesteak topped with American cheese, provolone cheese, or cheese whiz depending on where you go to get your sandwich.

If you do not care for these toppings, they are fully optional and may be left out of the recipe.

Ingredients and substitutions

If you want to have a typical cheesesteak experience, look for amoroso rolls in your area. They may be purchased online at the following link: Amoroso’s Bakery is a small bakery in the heart of Amoroso’s Village. If you are unable to locate amoroso rolls in your area, any bakery-style hoagie rolls can suffice. I get these hoagie buns from the bakery section of my local Publix: Hoagie Rolls (four pack) Traditional cheesesteak toppings are as basic as slicing some onions on your sandwich and calling it a day.

I definitely recommend using white American cheese since it enhances the flavor of a cheesesteak sandwich by adding a salty, creamy, melty flavor that is unbeatable.

Cheesesteak toppings

For a more authentic cheesesteak experience, look for amoroso rolls in your local supermarket. It is possible to purchase them online by visiting this link: Amoroso’s Bakery is a small bakery in the heart of Amoroso’s neighborhood in San Francisco. Any bakery-style hoagie rolls will suffice if you cannot get amoroso rolls in your neighborhood. At my local Publix bakery, I buy these hoagie buns for my family: 4-Pack of Hoagie Rolls Toppings for a traditional cheesesteak are as basic as putting onions on top of your sandwich.

Because it offers a salty, creamy, melty taste to a cheesesteak sandwich that can’t be replicated with any other cheese, I highly recommend using white American cheese. Cheese whiz and smoked provolone cheese slices, on the other hand, are popular substitutes for the original.

Best cheese for cheesesteak

I strongly advise you to experiment with white American cheese on your cheesesteak sandwich. It gives the cheesesteak a creamy, melty, and salty character that truly brings the sandwich together and makes it a satisfying meal. Other popular options include smoked provolone slices and cheese whiz, just to name a couple. Using your preferred mayonnaise is recommended; after all, it is your sandwich. Please let us know in the comments section below which cheese you prefer on your sandwich.

How to thinly slice your ribeye

In case you’re having difficulties slicing your ribeye thinly, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Place your steak in the freezer for around 20 minutes – this will give it just enough time to firm up a little bit. This makes it easier to slice as a result. As a starting point, watch the following video: How to thinly slice a piece of steak When cutting your steak, use a sharp chef’s knife that will glide through it smoothly, especially if the meat has been partly frozen previously. Inquire with the butcher about having your steak sliced for you. Really? Yep! Your butcher should be happy to slice your ribeye for you, whether you’re shopping at a separate establishment or at your local grocery store. What’s the best part? There is no additional price for this
  • It is complimentary.

Best Ever Cheesesteak Sandwiches

It’s simple to create these cheesesteak sandwiches at home since they’re so filling and comforting. Made with ribeye steak, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and melty cheese on a gently toasted hoagie bun, this sandwich is a crowd pleaser! Preparation time: 10 minutes Approximately 10 minutes of cooking time Time allotted: 20 minutes Sandwiches for two (big) people Calories:761kcal

  • A pair of eight-inch hoagie rolls sliced
  • 2tablespoons unsalted butterdivided
  • A 12-inch green bell pepper sliced
  • A 12-inch onion sliced
  • 4 button mushrooms sliced
  • 16-ounces boneless ribeye steaks thinly sliced against the grain
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2tbspworcestershire sauce
  • 4 slices white American cheese
  • Alternately, butter the insides of the hoagie buns with 1 tablespoon of butter and toast until golden brown. Set aside
  • In a medium-sized saute pan, melt 1 tablespoon of butter over medium heat. Add the bell pepper, onions, and mushrooms when the butter has melted and started to bubble. Keep tossing until the vegetables are gently browned and the onions are transparent, about 15 minutes total. Remove the pan from the heat and set it aside. Season the ribeye steak slices with salt and pepper. 1 tablespoon of butter should be added to the pan. Adding the ribeye to the skillet after the butter has melted and started to bubble will take around 2-4 minutes. Stir in the Worcestershire sauce until everything is well-combined. Reduce the heat to a low setting. Return the vegetables to the pan and toss to mix. Divide the steak mixture in half and place one half on each side of the pan. Set aside for 1 minute to enable the cheese to melt. Spoon the cheesesteak mixture onto the hoagie rolls and close the hoagie rolls tightly. Serve as soon as possible
  • This recipe is enough for two huge, filling sandwiches. Filling can be divided between three hoagie buns to form smaller sandwiches
  • However, this is not recommended. Cheese whiz or smoked provolone cheese can be substituted for the white American cheese in this recipe. In classic cheesesteaks, onions are the only customary topping
  • Bell peppers and mushrooms are optional, but highly encouraged for taste. When it comes to cooking cheesesteaks, amoroso buns are traditionally used, although any bakery-style hoagie rolls will do.

A serving contains: 0g|761kcal|8g carbohydrate|55g protein|57g fat|29g saturated fat|210 mg cholesterol|888 mg sodium|931 mg potassium|1g fiber|4g sugar|891IU vitamin A, 28 mg vitamin C, 468 mg calcium, 5mg iron, 0g serving contains: 0g calories, 761kcal, 8g carbohydrate, 55g protein, 57g fat, 29g saturated fat, 210 mg The Main Course is the first course in the sequence. Cuisine:American

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