How To Slice A Turkey Breast For Sandwiches?

How do you cook a turkey breast with a spice rub?

  • Use tongs to grab the turkey breast with one hand while using your other hand to sprinkle the spice rub evenly over the entire surface, including the sides. Finish with the skin side facing up. Add about 1/2 inch of water to the bottom of the baking dish.

How do you slice a turkey breast against the grain?

Keep cutting and pulling away until you’ve removed the whole breast with the skin still intact. Turn the breast skin-side up on your cutting board and slice it against the grain, on a bias, about half an inch thick. Shingle the slices on your cutting board in an appealing manner. Repeat with the other breast.

How do you cut a turkey breast to roll?

How to Roll and Tie a Turkey Breast Roast

  1. Starting from the thick end of the breast, slice in half horizontally without cutting all the way through.
  2. Mound the stuffing down the center, leaving borders at the top and bottom so it stays inside.
  3. Lift the right half of the breast on top of the stuffing.

What is a split turkey breast?

A split turkey breast refers to a cut of turkey in which the breast portion of the bird is cut into two pieces for a smaller serving size.

Do you cut a turkey breast with the grain or against the grain?

Slice all of the breast meat into thick slices. “Cut it into slices crosswise, going with the grain of the breast rather than against the grain, like you would have been doing if you left the breast attached,” Heiskell told TODAY Food. Place the sliced breast meat on a large serving platter.

Can I cut my turkey in half?

Roasting Turkey Halves — Cut Them in Half. Roasting turkey halves in the oven is a truly great way to cook a turkey, especially for Thanksgiving. The turkeys cook evenly, the skins get golden brown and crisp, the halves are easy to carve, and the turkeys cook in about 2 hours.

How long should turkey rest before slicing?

The amount of resting time depends on the size of the bird, but at least 20 minutes is needed. A large bird can wait up to 40 minutes or longer, depending on the temperature of the room.

How do you split a turkey breast in half?

The breast can be removed as a whole or in halves. In order to remove the breast from the body cavity, cut along the rib cage from the tail end to the neck on both sides of the bird. Place the breast side down and cut along the breastbone through the bone and the meat, which will split the breast into two halves.

How do I cook a 3 pound Butterball turkey breast?

Cooking Instructions Add ½ cup liquid. Cover and cook on LOW up to 8 hours or on HIGH up to 4 hours, until a minimum internal temperature of 165ºF as measured with a meat thermometer. Turkey must reach 140ºF within 4 hours. Once done, remove from the slow cooker and let stand 10 minutes for easier carving.

Do you cook a turkey breast at 325 or 350?

The best oven temperature to cook a turkey breast is 350°. But 325° can work, but it will take a bit longer and potentially can dry a little more. 375° is too high, and you cook the skin very rapidly. The skin needs to be exposed to a 350° oven for about 1 ¾ to 2 hours to brown well.

Stop Buying Sliced Turkey Breast: DIY Turkey

My most recent trip to the grocery revealed that the large bird had returned to the city. Turkey is a favorite of my spouse, who is originally from Australia. He didn’t have it when he was younger, and now he can’t get enough of it. He believes that Thanksgiving is the finest American celebration and has been roasting our turkey for several years. Because I adore turkey sandwiches, I take a more pragmatic approach to the situation. It is possible to save a significant amount of money by roasting your own turkey breast and slicing it for sandwiches.

Which one would you prefer?

Alternatively, a freshly roasted fowl ‘Please give me the bird’, I say.


  1. An eight-pound turkey breast may be used for a variety of recipes. The salt content of your home-cooked version will be far lower than that of a deli brand. In certain cases, four ounces of some brands contain as high as 1151 grams of sodium. Turkey breast can be frozen (and it still tastes delicious)
  2. Turkey thighs can be frozen

The nutritional data for four ounces of turkey breast (with the skin removed) are also quite good. They are as follows: A serving of this dish contains: 118 calories, 11.8 grams of total fat (0.55 grams saturated fat, 4.7 grams of carbohydrate (0.40 grams sugar), 20.0 grams of protein (0.60 grams fiber), 55 grams of salt (3 points+). Once you’ve mastered the art of roasting a turkey breast on your own, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. My issue is that turkey breasts are only available for purchase for around half of the year, so I have to remember to get a couple while they are in season and freeze them (but I forget).

Roast Turkey Breast Recipe

Approximately 7 pounds of lunch meat is produced with this recipe.


salt and pepper to taste 1-8 pound frozen turkey breast (bone in)2 tablespoons softened butter


Refrigerate the turkey breast to allow it to thaw. It might take up to two days for the ice to entirely defrost. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the turkey from its box, rinse it thoroughly, then dry it with paper towers. Place the breast in a casserole dish or roasting pan and massage it with butter until it is well coated. Season generously with salt and pepper. Roast for 1.5 – 2.5 hours at 350°F (180°C). Check the temperature of the breast flesh using a meat thermometer to see when it reaches 160 degrees.

Remove the turkey from the oven and set it aside for 15 minutes to rest.

A serrated knife should be used to slice into the turkey.

Alternatively, you may slice the turkey breast and wrap the meat in freezer bags for later use as leftover lunches.

Nutrition Facts

A serving of four ounces (without skin) has 118 calories, 1.8 gfat, 0.5 gsaturated fat, 4.7 gcarbohydrates, 4.0 gsugar, 20.0 gprotein, 0.6 gfiber, 55 mg sodium, and 3 Points+Points values determined by Snack Girl and are provided solely for informational purposes. See all of the Snack Girl’s Recipes here.

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Snack Girl owes a sincere apology to all of her Canadian and other overseas readers for any inconvenience. She is completely obsessed with the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Deli-Style Roast Turkey for Sandwiches



The original recipe makes eight servings. The ingredient list has been updated to match the number of servings stated.


  • Prepare your baking sheet by preheating the oven to 450°. (230 degrees C). Advertisement
  • Pat the turkey breast dry with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture before placing it in a baking dish that is just big enough to hold it. Use the point of a tiny sharp knife to poke holes all over the skin of the turkey breast to make it more tender. Using tongs, drizzle olive oil over the turkey breast and massage it in
  • Turn the turkey breast over a few times, or until all surfaces are covered with the oil. Alternatively, a brush can be used. Place in a warm place for 15 to 20 minutes. While the turkey is resting, combine the salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and paprika in a small mixing bowl until completely blended
  • Set aside. Grab the turkey breast with tongs in one hand while using the other hand to evenly distribute the spice rub over the whole surface of the turkey breast, including the sides of the breast. Finish with the skin-side facing up, as seen in the photo. Fill the bottom of the baking dish with approximately 1/2 inch of water
  • Place the turkey breast in the center of the oven once it has been prepped. Reduce the heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit right away (150 degrees C). Roast for 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until a probe thermometer inserted into the middle of the thickest portion of the breast registers 150 degrees F (65 degrees C). Remove from the oven and allow to cool before wrapping. Refrigerate for at least 8 hours, if not overnight, to allow the flavors to blend. Once the meat has cooled, thinly slice it and serve it.

Chef’s Notes:

If you want your food hot, you might add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the spice rub. Fresh herbs can be substituted for dried herbs if desired. To make slicing the breast flesh simpler, the meat can be cut away from the rib cage before cooking. Turkey stock may be made from the bones and trimmings. If you want to create hot turkey sandwiches, you may save the juices from the baking dish and use them to make gravy.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 185 calories; 37.2 grams of protein; 0.9 grams of carbs; 2.7 grams of fat; 102.3 milligrams of cholesterol; 664.8 milligrams of sodium. Nutrition in its entirety

DIY Homemade Lunch Meat

When I heard about nitrates, I stopped eating lunch meat. However, when I discovered how to prepare paper-thin slices of turkey at home, homemade lunch meat became a staple in my diet. Turkey on whole grain bread. There is no cheese, only a small amount of lettuce, a lot of pickles, a lot of olives, and a few jalapenos. Mayonnaise and mustard are two of the most popular condiments. In college, it was the sandwich I ordered every time I went to Subway, and I savored each and every morsel of it.

  1. I instantly stopped eating all lunch meat and haven’t looked back since then.
  2. Because I was unable to create a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I began to believe that I was unable to prepare meals at all.
  3. I understand that it sounds unusual, and it sounds even stranger when I type it out.
  4. I can attest to this because they do not bring a sandwich to work on four out of the five days of the week.
  5. However, there was a mental stumbling block.
  6. Because PBJ was out of the question, I resorted to my old standby for lunch meat: turkey breast.
  7. Now, I’m aware that some retailers now provide nitrate-free lunch meat, but the last time I checked, a 10.5 oz box of sliced turkey was priced at $8 per package.
  8. I was convinced that there had to be a better way.
  9. My chicken was the smallest one I could find for little more than $1/lb, and I roasted it in the oven in the same manner as I do entire chickens, removing the wings and legs before setting the breasts aside to slice thinly for sandwiches.
  10. It was difficult to cut even slices of dark meat for the kids’ sandwiches because of the presence of tendons in the meat.

It didn’t matter how meticulous I was with my turkey cutting technique; the Girl kept spitting them out, claiming there were “bones.” The breasts were rather simple to cut through, however the inherent grain of the flesh caused a single slice to come apart into tiny pieces as it was being cut.

If my intention had been to prepare turkey salads, dice turkey for dips or salads, or even consume the pieces whole, using a whole turkey would have been great. However, attempting to prepare lunch meat from a whole turkey did not turn out well.

Homemade Lunch Meat

Then I tried an entire turkey breast for the first time. They are packaged in a single packet and are ready to roast on their own. There are no bones to worry with, and the salt ensures that the slices will not break apart when cut. Cooking it in the oven according to the package recommendations was a breeze since I used homemade seasoned salt to season the exterior. When I saw how juicy and tasty the resultant turkey breast was, I knew it would be a hit with the kids in their lunches! Except for the fact that the slices were far too thick!

The turkey slices were not thin at all when they were taken out of the oven.

So I made a last-ditch effort by putting the breast in the fridge and then attempting to slice it thinly again after it had been properly cold for many hours.

A totally cooled turkey breast and a very sharp serrated knife allowed me to cut slices as thin as you’d get in a lunch meat box using only the ingredients I had on hand.

Additional Recipe Notes

I propose slicing the turkey breast in half and then slicing the remaining half. If you’ve already got the tools out, you may as well use them! To weigh the slices, use a kitchen scale to divide them into 8-ounce chunks. Separate each part and place it in a freezer-safe container. Take one portion out of the freezer each week. This is how we were able to stretch a single turkey breast to last an entire month.

Cost Breakdown

The turkey breast I purchased weighed 48 ounces (about 3 pounds), and I paid $8 for it. Producing my own lunch meat saves me $1.33 above the cost of purchasing an 8-ounce box of processed lunch meat. When compared to store-bought all-natural lunch meat, I’m saving 78 percent by creating my own lunch meat at home!

Watch How to Make Homemade Lunch Meat

When I heard about nitrates, I stopped eating lunch meat. However, when I discovered how to prepare paper-thin slices of turkey at home, homemade lunch meat became a staple in my diet.

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 90 minutes
  • Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Yield: 3 pounds 1 x Main Courses are grouped together in this category. Cuisine:American
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the turkey breast from the water and pat it dry. If yours comes with a string casing, leave it on
  2. Otherwise, remove it. Apply homemade seasoned salt – or any seasoning of choice – to the turkey breast, rubbing it in as you go around the flesh. In an 8-inch glass baking pan, place the turkey breast and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Using a pastry brush, coat the top with the remaining olive oil. Roast in the oven for 90 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165-170 degrees Fahrenheit (165-170 degrees Celsius). Remove the baking sheet from the oven and set it aside to cool to room temperature. If necessary, cut the string and place it in the refrigerator overnight. On the next day, using an extremely sharp serrated knife (I have this one), cut very thin slices of turkey breast, aiming for a slice that is as broad as the knife blade
  3. Serve immediately. Store in the refrigerator, freezing any leftover pieces that will not be consumed within a week
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Roasted Sliced Turkey Breast

It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is one of our family’s favorite holidays, but it’s not just for the obvious reasons. In actuality, one of the most important things that gets us all so excited about Thanksgiving is preparing and carving the turkey breast. Turkey meat, in addition to having a delicious flavor, is also extremely healthy and a popular protein source consumed all over the world. However, I had a recurring yearning for a turkey breast sandwich, and the grocery variety was never quite up to par.

Aside from that, I am well aware that many of us have busy schedules, and that preparing a roast turkey may be a time-consuming endeavor. That is why sliced turkey breast is a versatile option that works for everyone!

Preparing the Turkey Breast

After you’ve rinsed the meat with warm water, all you have to do is season it with your chosen seasonings before putting it in the oven. In order to have several various brands to pick from, we went to Walmart and purchased the boneless turkey breast there. Furthermore, depending on the place where you purchase, you may be able to find breasts that have already been seasoned. While we adore turkey for dinner, we are constantly on the lookout for a great and nutritious lunch alternative to complement it.

For the price of a single breast of chicken, you will be able to prepare sandwiches for the whole meat-eating population of your household for several days.

Slicing the Turkey Breasts

Our turkey rested for around 20 minutes before my husband sliced it into small pieces. As for the thickness of the slices, it is entirely at your discretion. We desire them to be as thin as possible in order to teach our children that a meal is not only comprised of meat and other animal products. Of course, whenever we buy sliced turkey breast, Dough has to remind me about the meat cutter he saw at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago. I could not allow him to purchase that particular piece since I could not see what it served as a function.

Finally, if you want to serve the turkey breast during your meal, you may cook it right away and slice it up shortly before serving it.

We got to the conclusion that the slicing procedure is significantly easier when the temperature is lower.

Sliced Turkey Breast Sandwiches

At long last, it is time to assemble the sandwiches. It is crucial to note that I will serve the sandwich in the manner in which we enjoy it, so feel free to follow your own tastes. You make your own decisions! When it comes to constructing a sandwich, it is essential to be aware of your preferences and to adhere to them. After all, this should be a quick and simple meal that is also really excellent. I like to sandwich the sliced turkey breast between two baby spinach leaves and top it with a mayonnaise dressing made with olive oil from Hellmann’s to give it a little additional flavor.

Finally, I serve it with some orange slices on the side, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious lunch!

If you enjoy turkey but do not have the time to prepare it properly, you may also enjoy our Slow Cooker Turkey Breastrecipe, which you can find here. In this recipe, you will learn how to prepare a great turkey-based supper by simply placing the meat in your slow cooker. That is all there is to it!

Recipe for Sliced Turkey Breast

  • 5 minutes to prepare
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook
  • 1 hour and 35 minutes to complete.


  • 1. 2 to 3 pounds of boneless turkey breast
  • 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 12 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon chopped dry onion, 1 tablespoon seasoned salt
  • 12 teaspoon pepper
  • 12 teaspoon parsley flakes and basil
  • 1. 2 pounds of boneless turkey breast (around 2-3 pounds)


  1. Refrigerate the turkey breast until it has totally thawed. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and prepare a roasting pan or a hefty deep oven-safe dish. In a small mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients and well mix them
  2. Prepare the turkey by coating it with olive oil and rubbing it with the spice mixture. Place the turkey breast in a baking sheet on top of three or four aluminum foil balls
  3. Bake for 30 minutes. Make sure it has an internal temperature of 165-170 degrees when you cook it at 350 degrees for 90 minutes. Take the turkey out of the oven and cover it with aluminum foil to keep it warm. Lastly, allow it to rest for 20-30 minutes before chopping it up.

Note: You may also boil the turkey breast in the evening and store it in the refrigerator overnight before slicing it the next morning for your breakfast sandwiches.

Homemade Cajun Turkey Deli Meat

Learn how to create your own Cajun turkey deli meat at home. It is far tastier than store-bought, yet it costs a fraction of the price! I was fed up with having to spend more than $10 a pound for “excellent” deli turkey sandwich meat. There is only one brand of ice cream that I am prepared to consume, and it is rather pricey. To be honest with you, I can’t even begin to express the incredible flavor of this turkey. The most important step is to dry brine for at least 24 hours. Try our Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!

Homemade Cajun Turkey Deli Meat

Instead of going to the deli counter, go to the meat area and prepare it yourself. Combine the spices in a small bowl and use it to fully coat the turkey breast equally. Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. The one we had was brined for 48 hours. Allow at least 45 minutes before roasting the turkey breast to be removed from the refrigerator. The turkey breast should not be rinsed. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (convection). We poked a skewer through the breast to keep it from falling over while cooking in the pan.

  • Remove it from the oven and set it aside to cool until it is cold enough to wrap firmly and store overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Remove each breast off the bone once it has been cold and is ready to be sliced.
  • Seriously, the taste permeates the entire piece of meat!
  • You have been hoping for something like this, a fantastic sandwich made using this bread recipe.
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good deli sandwich?
  • What we’ve been craving at a fraction of the cost!

Turkey Deli Meat Recipe

Recipe for Homemade Cajun Turkey Deli Meat – This deli meat is so soft and full of flavor that you will never buy deli lunch meat again! Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes Time allotted: 1hr50mins Lunch and a sandwich are on the menu. Cuisine:American Cajun, deli meat, and turkey are some of the keywords to remember. Servings:10Calories:278kcal

  • 6 to 7 pound turkey breast
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 1.5 tablespoons paprika
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 3/4 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • Using paper towels, dry the turkey breast on both sides, inside and out. In a small mixing bowl, combine all of the dry brine ingredients listed above
  • Set aside. Rub the spice mixture into the turkey breast in an even layer. Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap and place it on a baking sheet or large plate in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours. Remove the dish from the refrigerator and allow it to stand at room temperature for 45 minutes before serving. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (convection). Take the turkey out of the plastic wrap (if it’s still there).
  • Roast the turkey breast for 15 minutes, uncovered, before lowering the oven temperature to 325 degrees. Cook until the internal temperature of the thickest part of the breast reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, about 30 minutes more. It will take approximately 1 1/2 hours. You don’t want to overcook the turkey, so keep an eye on it frequently. (Ours reached 165 degrees in 1 hr 30 minutes total time, including the 15-minute high-heat roasting period)
  • And Allow the turkey to cool before wrapping it in plastic wrap and placing it in the refrigerator overnight to chill thoroughly. To make sandwiches, first remove the breast from its bone with a very sharp knife, and then slice it as thin as you like.

The amount of food you serve depends on how high you pile your sandwiches. You may also use boneless chicken breasts; just be sure to modify your cooking times accordingly.

calorie count 278kcal carbohydrate count 1g protein count 59g fat count 5g saturated fat 1g cholesterol 147 mg sodium 1260 mg potassium 669 mg fiber count 1g sugar count 1g vitamin A 260IU calcium 41 mg iron 1.7 mg

Homemade Turkey Lunch Meat (Low Sodium)

It’s so simple to make your own turkey lunch meat! In just more than 30 minutes, you’ll have delicious, juicy low-sodium sandwich meat that’s better for you than what you’d get at the deli! Is it true that Homemade Turkey Lunch Meat requires only a minute of preparation and only 30 minutes in the oven? When you transform roasted turkey breast tenderloins into turkey cold cuts, you’ve done something special! It is unquestionably less labor-intensive than preparing Thanksgiving Turkey. It’s possible that some of you are yawning right now, but preparing your own turkey sandwich meat is a game changer.

In this household, only nitrate-free turkey is served!

Why I started making lunch meat

As a result of my doctor’s advice to limit sodium and processed meals, I tried buying low-sodium deli meat, which still included a lot of salt and cost as much as seafood. However, I was unsuccessful. I’ve even purchased sodium-free turkey at one point. It was so dry that it would have been better to make sandwiches out of shoe leather. Delicatessen turkey, like other luncheon meats, is a product of processing. After one glance at the label, I was on the hunt for a deli turkey dish. As a result, I decided to seek out turkey lunch meat recipes on the internet.

I decided to try it.

If I could find the source again, I would provide proper credit, but I’m having trouble finding it.) In any case, I modified the components while keeping the process the same.

Goodbye, deli meat from the grocery store!

Recipe ingredients

Turkey Breast Tenderloins– Look for plain-Jane turkey breast tenderloins that haven’t been seasoned or marinated with any other ingredients. (I often purchase Honeysuckle White.) You might be tempted to purchase a turkey breast, but first read the label to make sure it’s not contaminated. A surprising amount of salt and sugar is found in many turkey breasts. Seasonello–Seasonello(affiliate link) is a blend of sea salt, rosemary, garlic, sage, and pepper that is used to season food. It’s a delicious method to add flavor to meats, vegetables, and fish without adding a lot of salt.

This adds an additional 270 mg of sodium to whatever sodium is already present in the turkey you purchase.

Add even less Seasonello or omit the salt entirely and substitute garlic powder, pepper, rosemary, and sage in place of the salt. However, my recipe contains far less salt than the deli meat you may buy at the store.

How to make turkey lunch meat

Full directions may be found in the recipe card at the bottom of this page, but here’s a quick summary.

  1. Olive oil should be rubbed into each tenderloin before spice is sprinkled on top. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Recipe tips

  • Olive oil should be rubbed into each tenderloin before sprinkling with salt and pepper. At 400 degrees, bake for 30 minutes.
  • If the turkey tenderloins are thin, they will cook more quickly than if the portions are thicker. Check the smaller/thinner parts a few minutes before the tenderloins are done to ensure they do not overcook and get tough. When the interior temperature of the turkey hits 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it is considered done.
  • Allow the roasted turkey breast tenderloins to rest, loosely wrapped with aluminum foil, for about 10 minutes before slicing to ensure that your turkey stays moist and juicy.

How to slice turkey breast tenderloins

Cooked turkey tenderloins can be sliced half an inch thick if you’re going to serve them for supper. If you intend to use the tenderloins for homemade lunch meat, finely slice them into medallions before cooking. You may cut the turkey into slices by utilizing the following methods:

  • Knife for a cook with a straight edge (affiliate link)
  • Electric knife (affiliate link) (affiliate link). To be aware, flesh will be ridged because to the serrated blades used in this appliance
  • Adeli slicer machine (affiliate link). As a consequence, the best outcomes will be obtained.

It is advisable to cool the roasted tenderloins in the refrigerator for at least an hour before slicing them with a chef’s knife in order to create thin slices.

How to serve it

Make a scrumptious sliced turkey sandwich with your favorite ingredients! Serve your turkey breast sandwiches on homemade Italian bread with my Homemade Basil-Garlic Mayonnaise and fresh basil leaves. This turkey is especially wonderful when combined with strawberries and feta in a salad. Try it with the dressing from our family’s recipe for The Best Italian Green Salad. The roasted turkey breast tenderloins can, of course, be served with these Amish Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes. It’s the ultimate combo of qualities!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to freeze lunch meat? Lunch meat may be frozen without hesitation. Set individual servings of sliced turkey breast in sandwich bags and place them in a freezer bag to keep them fresh longer. You may defrost only the portions of food that you require! What is the shelf life of turkey lunch meat? Because homemade turkey lunch meat contains no preservatives, it should be refrigerated and used within four days of preparation. You may freeze it as described above to keep it for a longer period of time.

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  • Easy One-Pan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
  • Italian Chicken Cutlets (the best! )
  • Terrific Turkey Chili with Black Beans
  • And many more delicious recipes. In a sauce made with gluten-free turkey meatballs
  • Cooking Instructions: Italian Meatloaf with Chicken or Turkey

Enjoy! If you attempt this Homemade Turkey Lunch Meat, please leave a comment and a rating!

  • 1.75 pounds turkey breast tenderloins (see notes)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 12 teaspoonSeasonello (or a combination of sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder
  • See notes)
  • 1.75 pounds turkey breast tenderloins (see notes)
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). Prepare a baking sheet with a rim and line it with aluminum foil. Place the turkey on the foil and drizzle a teaspoon of oil over the top of each tenderloin. Rub the oil all over the turkey, being sure to get it on both sides. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands. Season the turkey with Seasonello or your favorite seasonings before roasting it. 30 minutes, or until the turkey is no longer pink on the interior, depending on your oven. Tenderloins that are thin will cook more quickly, so start monitoring them after 20 minutes.
  • Ten minutes before carving the turkey, loosely cover it with aluminum foil and allow it to rest for 10 minutes. For lunchtime meat, thinly slice the meat, or cut larger pieces for supper. Leftovers may be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, or the sliced turkey can be frozen. If I want to freeze leftovers, I split them out into sandwich bags and throw them in a freezer bag.

Turkey Breast Tenderloins– Look for plain Jane turkey breast tenderloins that haven’t been seasoned or marinated with any other ingredients. (I normally get Honeysuckle White when I go shopping.) You might be tempted to purchase a turkey breast, but first read the label to make sure it’s not contaminated. A surprising amount of salt and sugar is found in many turkey breasts. Spices such as sea salt, rosemary, garlic, sage, and pepper are used to make Seasonello(affiliate link). While it does not include any added salt, it is a fantastic method to improve the flavor of meats, vegetables, and seafood.

This adds an additional 270 mg of sodium to whatever sodium is already present in the turkey you purchase.

Add even less Seasonello or omit the salt entirely and substitute garlic powder, pepper, rosemary, and sage in place of the salt.

For additional information about slicing tools, please see the page linked above the recipe card.

) I followed the recipe’s instructions but substituted other components. This article was first published on August 15, 2016, and has been modified to include more photographs and information.

How To Carve A Turkey Breast

How to carve a turkey breast is an important skill to have not only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for any occasion where fowl is being carved or roasted. Simple methods for slicing a successful turkey breast may be found here. The same techniques used to carve a turkey may be used to carve chicken, duck, and other birds as well. Prepare your turkey by learning how to defrost a frozen turkey and then using my turkey brine recipe for a moist and flavorful turkey meal any day of the year before carving it.

This year’s recipes include a turkey roulade dish as well as instructions on how to sous vide a turkey breast!

How To Carve A Turkey Breast

You have successfully relocated the chicken to a serving tray on your table. Congratulations! In case there are any liquids that try to escape, this one has a tiny lip on it to keep them from doing so. Speaking of getting the juices flowing. It is important to let the bird to rest for at least 15 minutes to allow the fluids to settle and redistribute back into the body of the bird. If you pierce the bird or cut a piece off as soon as it comes out of the oven, you will have all of the delicious fluids on the serving dish and none in the flesh.

Carving A Turkey Breast With Photo Instructions

  1. Slice down the middle of the breast bone with your knife. Some people use a serrated knife, but I prefer to use a sharp chef’s knife, which I have on hand. Your options are many
  2. If you are using a chef knife, make long, even strokes with it. If you’re working with a serrated knife, make a sawing motion with it. I would not be utilizing an electric knife in this situation. The meat is just shredded (in my opinion), and Continue to follow the bone all the way to the serving platter. Bring your knife around to the front and make a connection with the point where you began cutting at the top of the breastbone. Incision along the ribs, then follow it around and down to the bottom, where it will join to the bottom of the initial breast bone cut you made before. Pulling the flesh away from the carcass is now necessary
  3. Pull and chop away the meat as necessary. At this stage, it should be able to fall off on its own. However, there may be a few bits and pieces that are still linked, but those may be easily removed with a rapid knife stroke.

You’ve done it! Do the same thing on the other side of the bird to complete the circuit. The additional pieces of flesh can be taken off and served, or they can be left on the carcass until the remainder of the carcass has been cleaned after the meal. Create sure to keep the turkey bones so that you may make homemade turkey stock later on. Additionally, any leftover turkey flesh can be used to create Thanksgiving Egg Rolls or Thanksgiving Poutine, among other dishes. Now it’s time to slice and serve.

Step by step turkey breast carving instructions:

  1. Make sure to let the cooked turkey breast rest for at least 15 minutes under foil so that the fluids may disperse
  2. Apply pressure to the breast bone with a sharp chef’s knife
  3. Repeat the process. Long, even strokes with a chef’s knife are recommended. If you’re working with a serrated knife, make a sawing motion with it. I would not be utilizing an electric knife in this situation. Basically, they shred the flesh, in my opinion. Continue to follow the bone all the way to the serving platter. Bring your knife around to the front and make a connection with the point where you began cutting at the top of the breastbone. Incision along the ribs, then follow it around and down to the bottom, where it will join to the bottom of the initial breast bone cut you made before. Pull the flesh away from the carcass at this point. As needed, pull and chop away the flesh from the bone. At this stage, it should be able to fall off on its own. However, there may be a few bits and pieces that are still linked, but those may be easily removed with a rapid knife stroke. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the bird
  4. Now repeat the process.

Make my three-ingredient cranberry sauce and serve it on your Thanksgiving table to impress your guests. Keep up with me on social media, where you can find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Do not forget to tag me on Instagram if you make one of my recipes. Originally from England, Sarah Mock is a classically educated chef and a graduate of JohnsonWales University in Wales. Sarah has been a culinary blogger for 12 years, and she is dedicated to assisting the home chef in preparing her dishes with professional results.

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Bacon, lettuce, and tomato are all delicious on their own, and they can be combined to make a fantastic sandwich—perhaps you’ve heard of the BLT? You can make the club sandwich even more classic by adding a layer of delicious cooked roast turkey breast on top of your toasted ciabatta bread. Why bother with preparing your own turkey when you can get a whole deli case’s worth of options at your local supermarket? You can accomplish better outcomes with 15 minutes of care and attention and your own oven than you can with sliced beef (read: lunchmeat).

You need to step up your game a notch or two.” Three easy actions are required to channel your inner Ina, according to our method: Following an overnight seasoning, a fast stovetop sear renders the flesh beautiful and golden-brown; and lastly, a low and slow roast in a 250° oven yields soft slices of pork with excellent texture (and plenty of pan juices for drizzling on top).

Even if you opt to exclude the bacon, the resultant sandwich has far more flavor than anything you can buy at a store. You wouldn’t do such a thing. Create the hero you wish to see in the world by doing the following:

FAQ: How To Deli Slice Turkey Breast From Whole Turkey?

Remove the breast from the body. To begin, keep your hands close to your side of the turkey and cut through the skin on top of the bird’s breastbone starting at the neck joint and moving down to the wishbone. Then, very gently, push the knife through the breast flesh and along the rib bone, taking as much meat as you can from the breast. Place this breast on a serving plate and serve immediately.

How do you thinly slice a turkey?

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (convection). Take the turkey out of the plastic wrap (if it’s still there). Allow enough time for the turkey to cool before wrapping and placing it in the refrigerator overnight to cool entirely. Remove the breast from the bone with a very sharp knife, and then slice it as thinly as you wish for use in sandwich making.

Is turkey breast from the deli considered processed meat?

THE ANSWER: Processed meats, such as deli meats, have recently been the subject of several news headlines. Processed meats include things like ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, and bologna. Sausages, hot dogs, bratwursts, and frankfurters are all examples of deli meats. Only a few studies have characterized processed meat as include turkey and chicken pieces, which is a common practice in the industry.

How do you cut deli meat?

If you want to slice your deli meat thinly, there is a simple tip that requires freezing the flesh first. After the turkey has finished cooking and has cooled, store it in the refrigerator to ensure that it is properly cold (an hour or two.) Toss the meat with a nice, sharp knife while keeping it in place with a pair of tongs and set aside.

Are turkey breast slices healthy?

Because turkey breast is naturally low in saturated fat, turkey breast deli meat is frequently considered to be one of the healthiest deli meat options available. However, because it is still a processed meat product, it will have more salt and fat than a turkey breast that has been roasted and sliced by hand.

What is the healthiest deli turkey?

Turkey breast, with 213 milligrams of salt per 1-ounce slice, is once again the healthiest option on the menu. In second place with 248 mg of sodium, pastrami comes in third. Bologna has 302 milligrams of sodium, whereas ham contains 365 mg, according to the American Heart Association.

Is Sliced turkey processed meat?

The fact that the majority of those smoked turkey or oven-roasted ham slices are classed as “processed meats” — a type of food that has been linked to heart disease and cancer — is startling.

How many slices is 2 oz of turkey?

I normally just eat one slice at a time and estimate that it contains roughly 2 ounces of fat (the slices are ovals, probably 6 inches long, 5 inches wide in the middle). A lot of my searching has been focused on determining how to eyeball deli cut meat quantities, but the findings have been inconsistent.

Is turkey cold cuts healthy?

Because sodium is still present in fresh deli meat due to the preservation process, search for selections that are labeled as low-sodium to help reduce the amount of salt you consume.

Choose the leanest cut of deli meat possible, such as turkey, chicken breasts, lean ham, or roast beef, to provide the best possible flavor. If you compare it to other types of deli meat, this variety has the most nutritional content.

Why is turkey bad for you?

There is a possibility of ingesting Salmonella when eating turkey. An epidemic of salmonella disease connected to raw turkey products has recently been reported in 35 states and has caused 164 individuals to become dangerously ill. One person in California died as a result of the epidemic, which has sent 63 people to the hospital.

Is turkey deli meat healthy?

Turkey breast is the healthiest of all the meats because of its lean and low-fat qualities, making it the most nutritious. According to my perspective, eating deli meat on occasion is OK as long as the bulk of your weekly food intake consists of vegetables and fruits, whole grains that are beneficial for you, healthy fats, and proteins.

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What is the best turkey lunch meat?

Flipboard is a great way to keep up with us.

  • A variety of Oscar Mayer Delifresh Smoked Turkey Breast, Hillshire Farm Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Trader Joe’s Oven Roasted Turkey, and Foster Farms Variety Pack are all available for purchase. Turkey breasts from Land O’ Frost Premium Honey Smoked Turkey Breasts and Buddig Original Honey Roasted Turkeys are some of the options for Thanksgiving dinner.

What can I use instead of lunch meat?

If you want to make a sandwich or a wrap without using ham or other processed meats, consider these alternatives:

  • Home-cooked meat such as leftover roast or rissoles, as well as leftover BBQ chicken with the skin removed, canned tuna or salmon, boiled eggs, hummus, and cheese

What is a deli slice?

The convenience of precooked, thinly sliced meats, often known as deli cuts, lunch meats, or cold cuts, is especially useful for those who want to brown bag it and want quick and easy fillings for sandwiches, as well as easy-to-serve options for parties and family gatherings. The most of the time, they’re basically slices of sausage in one form or another.

Roast Turkey Breast for Slicing

The photographer, Joseph DeLeo, provided this image. A simple roasted turkey breast is a terrific dish for large groups of people. If you have leftover turkey breast after your first meal of hot roasted white flesh turkey, it may be chilled and then cut to use in sandwiches, salads, and omelets. Turkey cooked with brown rice and steamed veggies is a favorite of ours. Alternatively, serve it with a cup of soup. Sliced turkey breast is a high-protein, low-fat source of protein and nutrients. Although it is preferable to purchase fresh turkey breast, we understand that frozen turkey breast is significantly more convenient to locate in the store.

  • Cooking Methods for 8 People Cost of roasting is moderate.
  • Children’s-Friendly Yes, it is a one-pot meal.
  • Buffet, casual dinner party, and family get-together Get-together Course in Cooking entrée de la deuxième partie Considerations Regarding Diet Type 2 diabetes, egg-free, gluten-free, halal, healthful, kosher Dinner and lunch are included in the price.
  • flavorful, beefy, and herbaceous


  • One bone-in turkey breast, weighing 5 to 6 pounds
  • Three carrots, peeled and halved
  • Two ribs of celery, trimmed and quartered 1/2 a medium-sized onion, peeled and sliced into wedges
  • Fresh sage leaves (about 6 to 8 leaves) or 1 tablespoon dried sage
  • 6 stems freshthyme (each approximately 4 inches long)
  • 2 stems freshrosemary (each about 4 inches long)
  • 6 stems freshthyme (each about 4 inches long)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil, optional
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt, optional
  • 12 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, optional


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Rinse the turkey breast with cold water before cooking. Place a rack in the bottom of a roasting pan. Carrot, celery, and onion quarters should be placed around the turkey, and the herbs should be tucked in between the veggies and beneath the bird. Squeeze the lemon juice over the turkey and tuck the half of the lemon that has been squeezed below the turkey
  2. Toss the olive oil over the turkey breast, if you’re using it, and season with salt and pepper to taste, if necessary. Make a ring of water around the turkey
  3. Roast the turkey for 2 hours, loosely tenting it with aluminum foil the entire time. Remove the foil and continue to roast for approximately 30 minutes more, or until the skin is crisp and browned, the juices flow clear, and an instant-read thermometer put into the thickest part of the breast flesh reads 170°F, depending on how large your chicken is. Cooking time for a turkey breast should be between 20 and 25 minutes per pound. Remove the breast from the pan and place it on a cutting board to rest for approximately 10 minutes before carving. Remove the veggies from the pot. Slice and serve the turkey
  4. If the turkey breast is frozen, thaw it in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours before slicing and serving. You may also thaw it in a sink filled with cold water to speed up the process. Submerge the turkey in the water while it is still wrapped in its packaging. This will take anything between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the breast. You should never leave it out on the counter to thaw. ANOTHER OPTION: sliced turkey breast with soy sauce (see recipe below). Toss the turkey slices with low-sodium soy sauce in a broiler pan and broil until the meat is cooked through. Toss the turkey slices in the broiler for 8 to 10 minutes, turning them once, or until they are cooked through.

2005 Steve Kapelonis and his wife, Elena Kapelonis, are a married couple.


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Easy Homemade Sandwich Deli Meat

Cooking up this nutritious and tasty chicken sandwich deli meat from scratch requires only a handful of simple ingredients and takes only a few minutes. It is the ideal substitute for store-bought deli meat since it is lower in sodium, cheaper in cost, and contains no strange preservatives! Did you know that you can manufacture your own deli meat for your sandwiches at home? How about the fact that you can create it with something as straightforward and widely accessible as chicken breast?

You don’t need to produce those massive deli loaves that you see in the market, nor do you need a massive meat cutter. Just use your imagination. All you need are five ingredients, some patience, and a really sharp knife, and you’ll be on your way to victory!

Preparing and Curing

The Torihamu technique is used to produce this deli meat, which I learnt about from Just Bento’s Homemade Chicken “Ham” recipe*, which I found on the internet. It entails marinating the chicken breasts in a mixture of salt, honey, and other ingredients for at least 24 hours before cooking. In addition to flavoring the meat, the goal of this step is to give the meat a little longer “shelf life” in the refrigerator. It’s a DIY method of curing the meat that doesn’t use any artificial preservatives, which is great!

The amount of sauce needed to cover two chicken breasts may appear insignificant, but don’t be fooled!

Remove as much air as possible from the bag before sealing it, and store the chicken in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

While soaking the chicken in water before roasting helps to desalinate the flesh, or eliminate some of the extra salt, this second procedure also helps to balance out the tastes.

Cooking and Slicing

The fact that the chicken breasts are roasted low and slow is a key aspect in this recipe since it guarantees that the meat does not dry out and become tough. Even though you may roast the chicken breast at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time, you don’t want to speed the process while making deli meat. After roasting, allow the chicken to cool to room temperature before keeping it in the refrigerator. Slice the chicken only after it has been totally cold, which should take about an hour.

  • For those of you who are asking how I slice them thin without using a traditional meat cutter, I use a sushi knife, which you can see in the photo above.
  • I also don’t speed through the slicing process.
  • This recipe calls for chicken breast since it is readily accessible at the grocery store at any time of the year, and it is a healthy option.
  • Aside from that, as you can see from these photographs, if you cook two chicken breasts at the same time, you may give each one a different flavor!
  • But then I covered one with ground black pepper since it is quite yummy, and we are all big lovers of pepper-crusted deli meat around here!
  • In addition, because garlic powder was not available, I substituted Italian spice for it in the marinade, which resulted in a fantastic taste for the meat.
  • We shouldn’t forget that while my sons like snacking on meat straight from the fridge, it also makes for fantastic sandwiches, especially when served with homemade gluten-free bread, such as my Soft Homemade Gluten-Free Bread, which you can get here!
  • Aside from being expensive, deli meat frequently contains components that you do not want, such as excessive amounts of salt and nitrates.

This has to be one of my favorite dishes, and it’s one that I prepare on a regular basis. Simple, delicious, and healthier than store-bought deli meat, this recipe is also more economical. What’s not to like about this? Lisa’s name is Lisa.

Optional coatings prior to roasting:

  • Combine the honey, sea salt, onion powder, and garlic powder in a large mixing bowl and stir well. Marinate the chicken breasts in the honey marinade for at least 30 minutes. Place the chicken breasts in a zip-top bag and seal the bag. Remove all of the air from the bag and close it. Refrigerate for 48-72 hours (2-3 days) after preparing.


  • The chicken should be rinsed with cold water after being removed from the marinade
  • In a bowl of cold water (so the chicken is completely submerged), soak the chicken for 30 minutes for every 24 hours that it has been marinating in the marinade. (See the footnote below.)


  • Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (125 degrees Celsius). Remove the chicken from the soaking water and pat it dry well using paper towels
  • And Place the chicken on a baking sheet coated with parchment paper
  • If desired, rub black pepper or dry herbs onto the chicken breasts before cooking. Bake for 40-50 minutes, or until an instant-read thermometer registers 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius). Allow for around 30 minutes of cooling time at room temperature. Chill sliced chicken breasts in the refrigerator until they are thoroughly cooled before cutting
  • Chop the chicken breast into thin or thick slices at an angle depending on your preference. Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week in a tightly sealed container.
  • The honey marinade will have a thick, paste-like consistency. Using my hands, I find it easier to evenly pour the sauce over the chicken breasts to ensure that it covers the whole surface. Fresh water should be used to soak the chicken for 30 minutes for every 24 hours it has been marinated. For example, 72 hours of marinating equals 1.5 hours of soaking. In order to soak the chicken in water, I place the chicken and water in a sealable container and store it in the refrigerator, making sure that the chicken is completely submerged in the water. In order to desalinate the chicken a little while also balancing out the tastes, you should soak it for a few minutes before cooking. You may marinade it for as short as 24 hours, but I think that marinating it for 48-72 hours yields the finest taste. It may take more than 50 minutes to roast the chicken breasts, depending on how thick the breasts are to begin with. The most reliable approach to ensure that they are completed is to check that the inside temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius). When it comes to roasting meat, I’ve discovered that dried herbs work better than fresh.


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On September 24th, 2018, this post was initially published, then on August 31st, 2019, it was updated to include new instructional photographs as well as revised text and recipe notes. * The link to Just Bento’s Homemade Chicken “Ham” Recipe was withdrawn on October 6th, 2019 owing to the website being no longer in operation.

Turkey Sandwich Recipe

After a few of posts with sweet recipes, I’ve got something a little more on the healthy side for you today. This recipe for Turkey Sandwiches is one of our all-time favorite sandwiches. The sandwich is stuffed with vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes from our own garden, which gives it a delectable flavor and texture. It’s the perfect quick supper for when you’re at home or on the run. There are some sandwiches that never get old and are constantly craveable, such as this one. I’m confident that it will quickly become one of your favorites as well!

  1. If you haven’t met my family yet, have a look at their website!
  2. Prepare all of the veggies by washing and slicing them.
  3. Toast the bread till golden brown.
  4. Spread mayonnaise on one side of the bread and toast it until golden brown.
  5. 4.
  6. Fifth, arrange tomatoes on top of the lettuce and cucumbers on top of the sliced turkey to finish off the dish.
  7. Season with salt and pepper to your liking.
  8. Fold it in half and place wooden picks on the opposite sides of the sandwich to hold it together while it cooks.
  9. Slice the sandwich in half and savor it!
  • Ingredients for one sandwich are as follows: 2 slices of bread
  • 3 to 5 turkey slices
  • 2 slices of Swiss cheese
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 leafs of lettuce
  • 2 slices of tomatoes
  • 6 slices of cucumber
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste
  • All of the veggies should be washed and sliced. The bread should be toasted. One side of the bread should be spread with mayonnaise. Place the last slice of bread on top of the cheese
  • Place the lettuce on top of the mayonnaise and the turkey slices on top of the cheese
  • Final step is to layer the lettuce with tomatoes on top and the sliced turkey on top of the cucumbers. Season with salt and pepper to your liking. Insert wooden picks on the opposing sides of the sandwich from one another to hold it together. Enjoy the sandwich by cutting it in half.

FollowLike If you make this dish, please post a photo of it on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest so that I can see it. Using the hashtag #valyastasteofhome, I would love to see what you have created.

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