What Are Mexican French Fries?

Two and a half cups frozen French fries, oil for deep-frying, salt and freshly ground black pepper (kalimirch) to taste, Mexican salsa, and cheese sauce are the ingredients for making Mexican French fries.with reference to the French fries We utilized frozen fries that were already prepared for the French fries that we served.Warm the oil in a deep, nonstick skillet before beginning the deep-frying process.

What are french fries?

Poutine is a traditional cuisine from Quebec and Canada that consists of fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. The main component of poutine is French fries.

How to make loaded Mexican chicken french fries?

These Loaded Mexican Chicken French Fries are not only delicious but also very simple to prepare.These are ideal for catering to a large number of people at a party.In a skillet, heat the oil.Add some onion that has been finely diced.Cook them until they get mushy and start to brown on the outside.

Mix with some minced garlic.Fry the meat until it no longer smells raw.Mix with some tomato puree.After thoroughly combining all of the ingredients, sauté for thirty seconds over medium heat.

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