What Goes With Sub Sandwiches?

There are many side dishes that pair perfectly with sub sandwiches. I like to have a variety of cold salads on hand including pasta salad, potato salad and cole slaw. I also like to have some crunchy options including chips and pretzels and a variety of dips to accompany them.

What are good sides with sub sandwiches?

  • What to Serve with Meatball Subs: 9 Savory Side Dishes Creamy Coleslaw. Coleslaw always makes a good pairing with any sandwich, and a meatball sub is no exception. Pasta Salad. Here’s another light and refreshing side that pairs well with meatball subs: pasta salad. Chips and Salsa. Baked Potato Wedges. Salad. Desserts. Fruits. Shortcake. Brownies. Chocolate Cake.

What sides go good with subs?

15 Best Side Dishes for Sandwiches

  1. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Ah, grilled cheese and tomato soup: one of the most iconic pairings known to man.
  2. Fruit Salad.
  3. Chips.
  4. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Baked Beans.
  5. Coleslaw.
  6. Sweet Potato Fries.
  7. Macaroni Salad.
  8. Grilled Cheese and Chili.

What sides to eat with meatball subs?

What to Serve with Meatball Subs: 9 Savory Side Dishes

  • Creamy Coleslaw. Coleslaw always makes a good pairing with any sandwich, and a meatball sub is no exception.
  • Pasta Salad.
  • Chips and Salsa.
  • Baked Potato Wedges.
  • Salad.
  • Desserts.
  • 7. Fruits.
  • Shortcake.

What vegetables go with sandwiches?

The easiest way to add both fiber and flavor to your sandwich is by adding some veggies and/or fruit.

  • Tomatoes.
  • Lettuce.
  • Onions.
  • Peppers.
  • Pickles/Cucumbers.
  • Olives.
  • Sprouts.
  • Avocado.

What goes with BLT sandwiches?

What to Serve with BLT Sandwiches (12 Classic Sides)

  • Fruit Bowl.
  • Macaroni Salad.
  • Potato Chips.
  • Salad with Mandarin Oranges.
  • Tomato Soup.
  • Coleslaw.
  • Sweet Potato Fries.
  • Deviled Eggs.

What vegetable goes with meatball subs?

What goes with meatball subs?

  • A simple green salad dressed with Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette.
  • Easy Broccoli Casserole.
  • 10-Minute Creamy Cucumber Salad.
  • Garlic Roasted Broccoli Recipe.
  • 2-Ingredient Italian Sugar Snap Peas.
  • Perfect Oven Roasted Asparagus.

What goes with barbecue meatballs?

What do you serve with BBQ meatballs for dinner?

  • mashed potatoes.
  • rice.
  • crusty bread (which, note to self, is different than rolls from a can)
  • potato salad.
  • Mac and cheese.
  • baked potatoes.
  • baked beans.
  • sweet potato fries.

What is the best pasta to serve with meatballs?

Don’t use just any noodle. Tube pasta holds the sauce and makes it easy to get a forkful of noodle with each bite of meatball. If you wanted to serve this with spaghetti or fettuccine, you could, but I highly recommend rigatoni or ziti.

What are the most popular side dishes?

Most Popular Side Dishes

  • Garlic Mashed Cauliflower Recipe.
  • Homemade Crescent Rolls Recipe.
  • Classic Green Bean Casserole Recipe.
  • Cheesy Potato Casserole (Hash Brown Potato Casserole Recipe)
  • Creamy Crock Pot Mac and Cheese Recipe (VIDEO)
  • Lemon Parmesan Roasted Broccoli Recipe.

What is green leafy vegetable added to sandwich?

This is because dark green vegetables are good sources of folate, magnesium, vitamin K, and are rich in antioxidants! Experiment with a variety of greens in this Green Goddess sandwich. Other green vegetables that go well in sandwiches include: arugula, roasted zucchini, green peppers, and avocado.

What are the types of filling in sandwich?

Filling Sandwiches Meat Roast beef slices, roast turkey lamb roast, pork roast, ham, poultry. Salad items tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onions and beef roots. Cheese cottage, cream, cheddar, Swiss, etc. Eggs hard-boiled and sliced eggs, omelets.

What can I use instead of mayo for BLT?

Use these, instead.

  • Avocado: Creamy and dense, like mayo. – Smear on sandwiches, and save 77 calories, 9g fat, and 89mg sodium per tablespoon.
  • Hummus: Nutty and fluffy. Thick, like mayo.
  • Greek Yogurt: Tart and tangy like mayo, same texture, too.
  • Pesto: Oil-based, like mayo.
  • Nut butter.
  • An Egg.
  • More Mayonnaise Ideas:

What is a BLT sandwich at Subway?

Order Online. Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato on fresh bread of your choice. This sandwich offers a light and tasty lunch, snack or dinner. It can be served with a sauce or keep it simple and just add classic mayo and olive oil.

15 Best Side Dishes for Sandwiches

Sandwiches are quite delicious. You can’t go wrong with two slices of bread with a sweet or savory filling! They look beautiful, they taste amazing, and they’re quite simple to prepare. Would you like to save this recipe? If you provide your your address here, we’ll send you the recipe right to your inbox! If you want to make a complete dinner out of a sandwich, you’ll want to combine it with side dishes that will enrich your eating experience. When deciding on the finest sides for a sandwich, it’s crucial to consider the flavor and texture characteristics of the sandwich.

Of course, everyone knows that a grilled cheese mixes nicely with tomato soup.

Here are 15 side dishes and sandwich combinations that are sure to amaze your guests this holiday season!

1. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

grilled cheese with tomato soup, one of the most classic food combos ever created by humankind. There’s a reason why this combination is so successful: they complement one another’s strengths. Sure, they’re both delicious on their own, but when they’re together? They combine to create a delicious blast of tastes! So much goodness in this dish: it’s rich, creamy, cheesy, and sour.

2. Fruit Salad

Are you looking for something that would thrill the kids? Look no further. What do you think of a fruit salad and a sandwich? Any type of sandwich would benefit from the addition of fruit salad. This combination of crisp and refreshing fruits covered in Greek yogurt is a terrific way to counterbalance any rich and savory sandwich. Fruit salad is appealing to children because it is entertaining, colorful, and delicious. You’ll almost certainly find an empty lunch box when they get home from school if you include it with their sandwich in the morning.

3. Chips

Chips are the ideal accompaniment to cold sandwiches. In addition, the unique crunch gives a wonderful contrast in texture that is hard to surpass! Would you like to save this recipe? If you provide your your address here, we’ll send you the recipe right to your inbox! The best way to round off a dinner is with some dessert. Simply open your favorite tote bag and you’re ready to go!

4. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Baked Beans

BBQ jerked pork sandwiched between two slices of sourdough toast and accompanied by a large serving of baked beans: now that’s what I call supper! Is there a dinner that is more soothing than this? In this dish, the smokiness of the barbecue, the succulent delicacy of the pork, and the heartiness of the beans come together in perfect harmony.

5. Coleslaw

It is crisp and refreshing, making it the ideal side dish for any sandwich. In addition, I enjoy the vibrancy it brings to the meal. In a dish, how about cabbage and carrots? Although it appears to be basic, the color combination is quite stunning! Purple cabbage may be added to the dish to make it even more vibrantly colored.

Ensure you use a dressing that is complementary to your sandwich. For example, if your sandwich is already rich and creamy, I recommend that you use a dressing that is based on vinegar. A basic mayonnaise dressing, on the other hand, is wonderful!

6. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are much better when served with sandwiches than regular fries. What it is about the sweetness and crispness of the fries that makes them go so well with sandwiches is a mystery to me. When served alongside a savory sandwich, sweet potato fries provide a lovely taste contrast that complements the dish well.

7. Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad is a dish that I hold near and dear to my heart. When I was growing up, my mother prepared this dish for us on a regular basis. When I was younger, I used to enjoy devouring bowls upon bowls of this thick and creamy salad! What I enjoy even more now is pairing it with a delicious ham sandwich on a toasted bagel. These two meals are a perfect complement to one another, resulting in a highly fulfilling supper.

8. Grilled Cheese and Chili

Do you have a particularly bad day? Make a pleasant grilled cheese and chili sandwich to satisfy your craving for comfort food. I’m not sure what else you might do to improve your attitude if this doesn’t work. My mouth is watering just thinking about dipping that delicious, toasted sandwich into a steaming cup of chili!

9. Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Potato Soup

Want something hearty to accompany your ham and cheese sandwich? Look no further. Make a thick, creamy, and starchy potato soup to warm you up on a cold day! Consider the following: cheese, potatoes, and ham? What a delicious trifecta of taste combinations! This one is likely to be a hit with the crowd.

10. Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Bisque

In order to accompany your sandwich with a lighter, more refreshing soup, choose for tomato bisque instead of cream soup. This combination provides a wonderful mix of flavors for you to enjoy. The sweetness and tanginess of the bisque, along with the richness and savoriness of the sandwich, make for a winning combination!

11. Smoked Turkey Panini with Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato soup goes well with sandwiches and is usually a favorite. In addition to grilled cheese and ham and cheese sandwiches, a smoked turkey panini will go great with the soup as well. In addition to the traditional components, you may add a dash of basil to this classic soup to give it a new touch! It imparts a pleasant, earthy flavor as well as a splash of color!

12. Reuben Sandwich and Matzo Ball Soup

Reuben sandwiches are delicious, but not everyone can stand the rich umami flavor that characterizes them. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to serve it with a matzo ball soup as an accompaniment. Not acquainted with the term? It is created with cracker meal-based dumplings that are floating in a transparent chicken broth. Matzo ball soup is a Jewish tradition. It’s ideal for the Reuben because not only do the dumplings help to balance out the richness of the sandwich, but the chicken broth also works well with the sandwich’s flavor profile.

13. Turkey Club and Butternut Squash Soup

A turkey club sandwich and a bowl of butternut squash soup make for the ideal Thanksgiving leftover dinner! As a reminder of autumnal flavors, this combination is very delicious. It also has a pleasing balance of flavors. This sweet, rich, and creamy soup does an excellent job of bringing out the best in the modest bird.

14. Grilled Ham and Cheese with Mac and Cheese

Cheese, cheese, and even more cheese!

It’s a cheese fest! That is the underlying theme of this partnership. There is no such thing as an excessive amount of cheese! A grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a bowl of mac and cheese make for a mouth-watering combination.

15. Green Salad

A plethora of cheesy delights await you. In the end, it is the goal of this combination. In the world of cheese, there is no such thing as too much! An irresistible dish is created by pairing a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a creamy mac & cheese.

What Finger Foods Work Best With a Sub Sandwich as the Main Food?

Submarine sandwiches are a popular choice among children and teens alike. Photograph courtesy of Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images If you’re having a casual party, submarine sandwiches can serve as the main meal. A submarine sandwich, like any other dinner, may be enhanced by serving it with the appropriate finger foods and appetizers. Consider which components of the sandwich you want to draw attention to and which ones you want to downplay, then select appetizers that will help you achieve your gustatory objectives.

Chips and Dip

The traditional complement to a tangy sub, chips and dip, although not the most creative finger food, is a reliable one. Because so many subs include mustard and pickles, the saltiness of potato and corn chips becomes even more delicious when combined with the condiments. As a contrast to a more savory sub, a neutral sour cream dip might be served. Serve corn chips and guacamole with a sub that has a BBQ or Tex-Mex taste to complement the corn chips and salsa.

Pickled Foods

Pickled vegetables and other sour finger foods pair well with a simple pork submarine sandwich that lacks frills and flourishes. Serve dill or sweet pickles as a finger meal; the salty flavor of the pickles will complement a sandwich that does not contain any pickles at all. Similar to green or black olives, which form a wonderful and tart finger meal, are black olives. If you want to attempt something a bit more experimental, pickled eggplant or sun-dried tomatoes are great options. With little crackers or baguette pieces that have been lightly toasted, you may complete the meal.

Sandwich Samples

In other cases, the perfect finger food is simply a little sampling of something that is already present in the main meal. In the case that you are offering subs that include slices of barbecued chicken or beef, you may want to provide smaller bits of meat on the side. Diners will be able to appreciate the meat on its own while still enjoying it as part of the sandwich as a result of this. Similarly, presenting a high-quality cheese from a sandwich by itself allows the cheese’s flavor to shine through rather than being overshadowed by the other components.

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Healthy Finger Foods

Finger snacks may also be utilized to sneak in a little nutrition, which is especially useful if you are concerned about the high fat content of a sub sandwich. Carrot sticks, celery slices, or cucumber slices are fantastic additions to practically any sub sandwich, and they add a satisfying crunch. Serve healthful baked pita chips as an appetizer if you are feeding subs to children who are reluctant to eat their veggies. Serve it with a side of hummus to give yourself an extra reason to eat well.

17 Best Side Dishes For Sandwiches (Quick & Delicious)

There are few things that can compare to the satisfaction of a good, huge sandwich. Hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, you name it – they’re all delicious and loaded with a filling that will fulfill your want for something filling. As a result, some people may be tempted to consume sandwiches as a complete meal on their own, without any accompanying vegetables.

Of course, by doing so, you are depriving your sandwich of a fantastic potential compliment. Take comfort in the fact that you aren’t stuck deciding what sort of side dish to offer with your sandwiches. Some of the greatest side dishes to offer with sandwiches may be found in this article:

17 Best Side Dishes for Sandwiches

Nothing beats a good, hearty sandwich when it comes to quenching one’s hunger. It doesn’t matter if they’re hot or cold — they’re all delicious and loaded with the pleasant filling of your choosing. Some individuals may be tempted to consume sandwiches on their own as a complete meal, without any accompanying vegetables or side dishes, because of this. The obvious consequence of this is that your sandwich is missing out on an excellent potentially complementary ingredient. Take comfort in the fact that you aren’t required to provide a specific type of side dish with your sandwiches.

4. Tossed Salad

Made-from-scratch coleslaw is a traditional side dish with sandwiches of many types. A satisfyingly crunchy texture and delectable flavor combine to make this a light, cold, and refreshing treat. Fortunately, coleslaw is a straightforward dish to prepare. This dish from Cooking Classy is simple to make and requires only a few simple ingredients. Take note that it asks for a pre-shredded coleslaw mix, which you may either purchase or make yourself.

9. Chili

Applesauce is a popular meal that may be served as a side dish, snack, or dessert because of its sweet yet somewhat sour flavor and soft, smooth texture. Applesauce recipes can be very different depending on the flavors you choose. Life’s Ambrosia offers a tasty recipe for applesauce that will have your taste buds singing in delight.

17. Jell-O (Fruit Juice Gelatin)

Despite the fact that eating a sandwich on its own may seem more convenient, including a side dish may elevate your lunch to a whole new level. Any of these side dishes would be a wonderful accompaniment to a sandwich of any kind. Experiment with different flavors and textures while following the recipe. Putting your own spin on it might elevate it to a higher level of excellence.

17 Best Side Dishes For Sandwiches

  • Veggie fries, roasted vegetables, tossed salad, chips, pickles, baked beans, cole slaw, chili, tomato soup, potato soup, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, pea salad, fruit salad, applesauce, Jell-O (fruit juice gelatin), and a variety of desserts.


  1. From the list above, choose your favorite recipe to make. Organize all of the ingredients that will be needed
  2. 30 minutes or less is all it takes to prepare and consume

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What goes with sub sandwiches at a party?

Carrot sticks, celery slices, or cucumber slices are fantastic additions to practically any sub sandwich, and they provide a satisfying crunch to the sandwich. If you are offering veggies to children who are reluctant to eat them, serve them as an appetizer with some healthful baked pita chips. Serve it with some hummus to give yourself an extra reason to eat healthfully.

  • Sandwiches made with hummus and vegetables served with couscous
  • Barbecued chicken breast sandwich served with potato salad Turkey sandwich with baked sweet potato fries
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans
  • Turkey sandwich with baked sweet potato fries
  • Sandwiches made with ham and cheese and served with cole slaw Sandwiches made with grilled portobello mushrooms and bean salad
  • A Reuben sandwich served with fruit salad

Also, what kinds of side dishes go well with pizza? Even though we enjoy pizza as well, we wouldn’t hold it against you.

  • Roasted Broccoli Salad with Lemon and Garlic
  • Salad de l’automne avec des pommes de terre et de la kale
  • Bites of spicy cauliflower cheese with a tahini ranch dressing
  • Salad de Couscous au méditerranéen
  • Dip with Spinach and Artichoke
  • Salad de pommes rouges à la crème dilled
  • Sticky Fingers on Winger’s Hands

Similarly, you may ask,what side dishes match with meatball subs?

  • Recipes include a simple green salad garnished with an Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette, an Easy Broccoli Casserole, a 10-Minute Creamy Cucumber Salad, Garlic Roasted Broccoli Recipe, and more. Italian Sugar Snap Peas made with only two ingredients
  • Perfect Oven Roasted Asparagus

What would be a decent food to bring to a get-together? 23+ Best Dishes to Bring to a Potluck Party (with Recipes)

  1. Salad de Cucumber et de Tomate
  2. Puffs of Garlic and Parmesan Baked in the Oven
  3. Garlic Parmesan Roasted Shrimp with Mango Dipping Sauce
  4. Garlic Parmesan Roasted Shrimp with Mango Dipping Sauce
  5. Puffs with ham, cheese, and spinach
  6. Raspberry White Chocolate Coconut Bites
  7. Raspberry White Chocolate Coconut Bites
  8. Baked Nutella Christmas Tree Puff Pastry (recipe below). Avocado Salsa with Sesame Tortilla Chips
  9. Fresh Pineapple Salsa
  10. Grape Balls with Goat Cheese

What to Serve With Sandwiches

You have arrived at the right place if you are attempting to figure out what goes nicely with sandwiches for lunch or supper. With its long history of popularity, the sandwich has become a classic family favorite that may be served hot or cold. Many people choose a fast and easy side dish to round out their dinner and make it a complete meal. This frequently results in something processed and store-bought, such as chips, condensed soups, or cookies as a result of the procedure. This collection of homemade side dishes contains recipes that are perfect for serving alongside your favorite sandwich the next time you prepare it.

Many of my other food bloggers have provided some of their favorite side dish ideas to serve with them.

All of these sides go nicely with any type of sandwich, including cheese, ham, turkey, club, beef, french dip, Reuben, tuna or egg salad, submarine, paninis, hoagies, grinders, and grilled sandwiches.

In fact, there are several keto, low-carb, and gluten-free side dish alternatives for sandwich sides to choose from.

What to Serve with Hot or Cold Sandwiches

This is a mouthwatering list of things to serve with a sandwich. I’ve divided the list into several sections to make it easier for you to chose what to offer with your sandwiches. So no matter what your mood, inclination, or dietary requirements are, there is something for everyone. It has everything from comfort food classics to nutritious salads and soups, low-carb and keto options, gluten-free and keto sides, and more. This collection of recipes for things to create with hot or cold sandwiches includes the following:

  • There are some delicious options for what to serve with a sandwich on this scrumptious list. I’ve divided down the list into sections to make it easier for you to chose what to offer with your sandwiches. So no matter what your mood, inclination, or dietary requirements are, there is something for you. It has everything from comfort food classics to nutritious salads and soups, low-carb and keto options, gluten-free and keto sides, and even desserts. There are even desserts! This collection of sandwich recipes, whether hot or cold, includes the following:

Sandwich Recipes

If you’re looking for something different to try, check out these sandwich recipes. These aren’t your typical meat and cheese sandwiches between two slices of white bread, however they are delicious. These are incredible sandwich recipes that are not only delicious for lunch, but also elegant enough to serve for supper. There are also two fantastic keto gluten-free sandwich recipes for you to try out in this article. When you’re in the mood for a fantastic sandwich, give one or more of these recipes a shot.

  • Frozen Crinkle French Fries Prepared in an Air Fryer Try this recipe for a simple, reliable technique of cooking frozen crinkle-cut french fries in an air fryer, which is quick and straightforward.
  • In addition, there are excellent sauces and spices to serve with the best air fryer french fries.
  • Sandwiches made using Keto ingredients This keto Monte Cristo sandwich is a low-carb dish that is both simple and delicious.
  • Loaded with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese for the ultimate comfort food.
  • Take a look at this recipe.
  • Featuring an abundance of fresh veggies and a handmade Asian-inspired dressing that is salty, sweet, and spicy, this chopped slaw dish is a must-try.
  • Take a look at this recipe.
  • Fat head dough rolls are baked from scratch and are filled with deli meats and cheeses as well as the original olive salad.
  • Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches are a classic.
  • Take a look at this recipe.

Grilled cheese made with sharp cheddar, fresh sweet figs, and fiery hot honey is a simple gourmet meal that anybody can make at home. Between two slices of toasted sourdough, this sandwich is the ideal combination of sweet and spicy. Take a look at this recipe.

Side Dishes by The Short Order Cook

All of these recipes can be found on the internet, and they are ideal for serving alongside sandwiches the next time you make them at your house. These are some of our favorite recipes as a family. All of the finest side dish dishes should be excellent, home-cooked, and simple, and these are no exception. These are sandwich recipes that are suitable for serving hot or cold as lunch or supper alternatives. Frozen Crinkle French Fries Prepared in an Air Fryer Try this recipe for a simple, reliable technique of cooking frozen crinkle-cut french fries in an air fryer, which is quick and straightforward.

  • In addition, there are excellent sauces and spices to serve with the best air fryer french fries.
  • Fries made with sweet potatoes that have been deep-fried Homemade deep-fried sweet potato fries are a quick and simple meal that everyone in the family enjoys.
  • Take a look at this recipe.
  • The creamy greek yogurt dressing is minimal in fat and does not include any mayonnaise.
  • It holds up exceptionally well in potlucks and barbecues.
  • Take a look at this recipe.
  • Take a look at this recipe.

Take a look at this recipe.

Take a look at this recipe.

The creamy texture created by the sherry results in a rich velvety mushroom soup that is far superior than any Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup you can purchase in the store.

Slow Cooker Recipes That Are Simple Soup with Butternut Squash Butternut squash soup is a comforting bowl of sweetness, creaminess, and richness.

Homemade Onion Rings with a Beer Battered Coating Onion rings are a popular fried delight that is really simple to prepare at home from scratch.

Take a look at this recipe. Fresh Pickles Made with Leftover Pickling Juice It is quite simple to create homemade pickles when you utilize leftover pickle juice for this method. Pickles are crisp and ready in 24 hours if you use a rapid refrigerator method. Take a look at this recipe.

Soup Classic Side Dishes

Soups are usually served as a side dish with sandwiches, and these are the recipes I propose for you to try out with one of these sandwiches. Soups in many forms, such as cream, healthful, and vegetarian, are included in this list. All of these hearty soups are likely to be a success with everyone in the family. Soup with Potatoes and Leek A creamy, light soup that goes great with any sandwich or grilled cheese. This classic recipe just calls for a few ingredients and yields a hearty side dish that is sure to please.

Tomato Soup with Only 5 Ingredients This vegan tomato soup comes together in a remarkably short amount of time.

Take a look at this recipe.

This dish is really delicious because of the creamy cheddar and a hint of spiciness it contains.

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Salad Side Dishes

Here are some delicious and nutritious side dishes to create and serve alongside your next sandwich. There’s a mayonnaise-based salad, fruitsnuts, and handmade fries, among other things. All of them are delectable and serve to round out your meal. Pasta Salad with Dill and Pickles With the tastes of dill and mayonnaise, your favorite sandwich will be enhanced even further. When served as a side salad to spaghetti, you can’t go wrong with this combination. Take a look at this recipe. Salad de frutas de verano This fruit salad with berries and almonds is topped with a delicious passion fruit vinaigrette that I created from scratch.

Take a look at this recipe.

Put together your favorite dip and sandwich and have a delicious dinner.

Keto, Low Carb, or Gluten-Free Side Dishes

Recipes for keto, low-carb, paleo, and gluten-free sandwiches may be found in this category of ideas to serve with sandwiches. Whether you’re serving your sandwich in a wrap, lettuce wrap, roll, or pieces of bread, having a decent side dish is critical to the whole experience. Try a new gluten-free or keto-friendly low-carb variation on a traditional dish. Whatever you select, your healthy eating plan will remain on track, and your taste buds will appreciate you for your efforts. Paleo Sweet Poppyseed Coleslaw is a delicious side dish to any meal.

It is dairy-free, ketogenic, low-carb, and really delicious.

Salad de légumes au vinaigre à base d’Italian dressing maison This crisp and healthful salad is made up of a variety of delicious veggies, including cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, and more.

Take a look at this recipe.

Salad de Arugula et d’Avocados This avocado and tomato salad is dressed with a zesty lime vinaigrette for a light and refreshing taste. With the help of the red onion and spicy arugula, this low-carb and gluten-free salad comes together beautifully. Take a look at this recipe.


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What to Serve With Sandwiches

You have arrived at the right place if you are attempting to figure out what goes nicely with sandwiches for lunch or supper. Instead of reaching for chips and fruit, experiment with one of these new recipes for hearty soups, salads, veggies, and other dishes that are both healthy and delicious. We’ve got you covered with a plethora of options for what to serve and eat alongside a sandwich. Dishes on the SideCulinary American


  • If you’re trying to figure out what foods go well with sandwiches for lunch or supper, this list is precisely what you’ve been searching for! Consider trying one of these new recipes for cozy soups, salads, veggies, and other dishes if you’re looking for something other than chips and fruit. When it comes to serving and eating alongside a sandwich, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options. American CuisineCourseSide Dish
  • Prepare your favorite hot or cold sandwich of your choice. Choose one or more of the amazing sides from the lists provided above
  • Enjoy

The following keywords are included: diabetic dinners and lunches; paleo and quick; salads and sandwiches; side dishes and sides; soup; spring; vegetarian; pasta; healthy; summer; vegan.

22+ Perfect Side Dishes For Sandwiches You Should Try 2021

Eating savory sandwiches on their own appears to be fairly monotonous, therefore you’ll want to prepare some side dishes to accompany your savory sandwich meal. The combinations will provide you with a well-balanced meal flavor as well as enjoyable dining occasions. Furthermore, one or two sandwiches will not suffice to provide you and your family with a whole lunch. As a result, some extra dishes to serve with sandwiches will allow you to have a complete dinner that includes a variety of flavors and nutritional benefits that are necessary.

There is no time commitment required for the recipes given, but they will undoubtedly become your favorites!

Let’s Check Out Dishes Pairing Well With Sandwiches!

Here are some delicious side dishes that may be served alongside your savory sandwiches.


  1. The following salads: Marinated Vegetable Salad, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Potato Salad, Mediterranean Couscous Salad, Napa Cabbage Slaw, Granny Smith Apple Slaw, Coleslaw, Bean Salad, Macaroni Salad, and Fruit Salad


  1. Soups and stews such as classic tomato soup, tomato bisque, potato soup, chili soup, matzo ball soup, creamy butternut squash soup, baked beans, and more are all available.

Chips and Fries

  1. The following items are available: Crispy Onion Rings, Baked Garlic fries, Truffled popcorn, Chickpea fries, Sweet Potato fries, Veggie Chips, and more.

23 Worthy Side Dishes For Sandwiches

You will have a variety of sides that will go nicely with vegetables, grilled cheese sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches, or even just a few slices of bread and butter. Now, let’s see!


It’s very refreshing, handy, and simple to put together. What could be better than delectable salads?

1.Marinated Vegetable Salad

The quickest and most straightforward alternative if you don’t have much time to create elaborate side dishes for your sandwiches is a veggie salad. Look through your refrigerator and get out your favorite veggies that will be used in the meal, such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. You may also pull out carrots and cauliflower florets. Make a sweet-sour homemade dressing to pour over the vegetable mixture for the final step in the process. Not only does the salad have a vibrant and eye-catching appearance, but it is also quite flavorful.

2.Strawberry Spinach Salad

A notably light and vibrant salad, the strawberry spinach salad has a combination of numerous appealing ingredients, including fresh strawberries, baby spinach leaves, creamy feta, and toasted walnuts. It is prepared with a wonderful honey balsamic poppy seed sauce that will quickly become your new favorite salad dressing.

The salad is also ideal for serving at house gatherings when you are unsure of what components your guests will enjoy. It is creamy, refreshing, and nutty, making it a delicious choice. With the strawberry spinach salad, they can eat either spinach or strawberries, depending on their preference.

3.Potato Salad

With your BBQ chicken sandwiches on the side, this creamy potato salad will completely transform your day. Together, the creaminess and little sweetness of the starchy salad and the acidic flavor of the bread will make a delicious combination. In addition, preparing this salad will not require a lot of your time or cooking skills on your part. So, what could possibly be better than this? It is necessary to have potatoes, eggs, and vegetables on hand in order to make the salad combination. The creamy and mellow mayonnaise sauce adds a distinctive touch to the salad, ensuring that it has the flavor you seek.

4.Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Here is a salad that looks promisingly lovely, and it will be served with hummus vegetarian sandwiches. Because this is a plant-based dish, it will be suitable for vegans. It will be cooked on the stovetop for a few minutes before being incorporated into the salad dressing. A dressing comprised of lemon juice, vinegar, lemon zest, and spices is poured over the salad after it has been well combined with the garbanzo beans, vegetables, herbs, and feta. The salad is then served immediately. Salad taste is balanced and delightful thanks to the nutty couscous soaking up the lemon sauce and being incorporated in a plethora of chopped veggies.

5.Napa Cabbage Slaw

To make one of the easiest salads, simply remove some napa cabbage and carrots from your refrigerator and combine them with some mayonnaise to serve as a side dish to your ham and cheese sandwiches. The shredded cabbage and carrots are mixed with the same soy dressing, which ensures that you get the whole salad taste in every mild mouthful of the salad. Especially on late weeknights when you want a simple side dish to go with your favorite sandwiches, this salad recipe is perfect.

6.Granny Smith Apple Slaw

It is a beautiful combination of delicious Granny Smith apples, shredded cabbage, and carrots in this granny smith apple slaw recipe. a light and refreshing yogurt sauce will be drizzled over the top of the salad mixture. If you’re having grilled meat sandwiches, this salad will be a lovely side dish since the fresh and bright salad will balance off the smokey and appealing flavor of your sandwich.


Hello, hot ham and cheese sandwich lovers! This coleslaw dish is perfect for you to serve alongside your favorite sandwich. Because of its sweetness and simplicity, cole slaw has remained popular for decades. It is an excellent side dish for any fast food or barbecue dish. Coleslaw is quite visually appealing on the dinner table because of its creaminess, subtle sweetness, and vibrant appearance. In order to provide the finest serving, you should prepare the coleslaw ahead of time and then chill it in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours before serving it with your sandwiches.

8.Bean Salad

The bean salad incorporates a variety of beans, ranging from chickpeas to black beans, among other things. Consequently, you may use your favorite beans and anything else you happen to have on hand for the salad preparation. It has a lot of flexibility. You may either use canned beans or home-cooked beans because the results are the same regardless of which method you employ. Once the beans have been blended with the chopped cucumbers and herbs, the bean mixture will be tossed in a delicious dressing made of vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, mustard, and spices.

Stir it all together and you’ll have a delicious salad to serve alongside grilled portobello sandwiches. So simple, yet so delicious!

9.Macaroni Salad

With a well-balanced combination of creamy macaroni and cheese and crisp veggies, the macaroni salad is a delicious meal. It will be a perfect match for the sweetness of your ham sandwiches, thanks to the slightly sweet and incredibly creamy salad dressing you make. It’s time to dazzle your loved ones with this gorgeous combination!

10.Fruit Salad

Including a brightly colored fruit salad in your dinner can help to draw the attention of your children. In addition, a large bowl of various types of fruit drizzled with a citrus honey dressing would be a delicious treat for everyone.


Soups that are fragrant and rich with nutrition will be the go-to side dishes for sandwiches in the future.

11.Classic Tomato Soup

The combination of tomato soup with a cheese sandwich is the greatest food paring that has ever been created. With only three basic components (onion, butter, and tomato), this dish is simple yet highly tasty since it uses only three key elements. To make this soup recipe, all of the ingredients will be boiled together until they reach a somewhat thick consistency that can be used to dip slices of bread into it before serving. The rich and velvety flavor of tomato soup folded into your tantalizing sandwich is a delectable treat that you should indulge in at least once in your lifetime!

12.Tomato Bisque

Tomato bisque is an enhanced version of basic tomato soup, made more creamier and silkier by the addition of heavy cream or coconut milk, which makes the bisque very creamy and silky smooth. Canned potatoes should be used in this recipe in order to achieve the desired texture of the finished product. And, of course, the flavor is exactly the same as that of fresh tomatoes. The sweet and tangy tomato bisque is a fantastic complement for the ham and cheese sandwiches, which have a thick and delicious flavor to them.

12.Potato Soup

Whether you’re looking for something robust and tender to go with your scrumptious ham and cheese sandwich or something light and refreshing, this creamy soup will not disappoint! Everyone will like this pureed soup, whether they are children or elderly. This starchy soup has a variety of items ranging from dairy products to bacon that have been coarsely chopped. For cold days, just impress your family members with a steaming bowl of hot potato soup served alongside your favorite sandwiches!

14.Chili Soup

Do you require a recipe to keep you and your grilled cheese sandwiches toasty during the winter months? That’s a simple task! You can make this easy but really filling chili soup at home. Chili powder will be cooked with tomato sauce, meat, spices, and seasonings in this recipe until it has a little thicker texture, around 30 minutes. If you want to make the soup more creamier, you may top it with shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. It is impossible to not be transported to heaven after eating a sandwich drenched in chili sauce.

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15.Matzo Ball Soup

Isn’t it difficult to find a side dish that would compliment the richness of your heavy sandwiches? Matzo ball soup will be an excellent choice for you. The chicken broth will assist in neutralizing the flavors of your delectable sandwiches while also making them very delightful in your tongue.

Special mention should be made of the wonderful dumplings prepared from matzah meal, chicken fat, and eggs that are included in this dish. During the cooking process, the ball-shaped dumplings soak up the super-wholesome chicken broth, making the balls even tastier!

16.Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

To serve with your turkey club sandwiches, it’s time to turn healthful butter squash into a wonderfully sweet and creamy soup. In spite of its deliciousness, it’s a straightforward soup recipe, in which squash, vegetables, apple, stock, garlic, and spices are simmered until the vegetables are tender. Following that, the cooked mixture is combined with coconut milk and finely blended to get the appropriate consistency. An extra smoky and fruity taste will be added to the creamy soup by topping it with sautéed bacon combination, which will be served on the side.

17.Baked Beans

Baked beans are a traditional and flexible side dish that may be served with a variety of dishes, including sandwiches. Its enticing flavor, which includes sweetness, richness, and smokiness, ensures that it will never go out of style. You may serve it as a side dish to your BBQ sandwiches at home dinners or outdoor gatherings if you want to double the smokey and delicious flavor of your bread while still keeping it simple.

How About Chips and Fries?

If you have young children, you might want to try preparing some chips and fries for them to accompany their sandwich. This will undoubtedly be a hit with them!

18.Crispy Onion Rings

There is no question that crispy onion rings are always a huge favorite with fast food enthusiasts everywhere. Because of the crispiness of the rings, they form a pleasant appetizer for a variety of main meals. When onion is paired with juicy and smoky sandwiches, the somewhat sweet and acidic flavor of the onion complements the sumptuous taste of the sandwiches. In order to get the optimum crispiness packed into each onion ring, the onion rings are covered with a coating of batter before being baked.

19.Baked Garlic Fries

Baked garlic fries are a quick and easy alternative to the standard french fry recipe. Deep-frying potato sticks does not require you to stand in front of the cooktop, which requires a lot of work and can result in an oily mess in your kitchen. Making potato fries in the oven is a good alternative if you want to prevent this. Nothing more complicated than tossing the potatoes in a mixture of herbs and spices before baking them in the oven. A side dish of seasoned baked fries will complement any meaty and cheesy sandwiches.

20.Truffled Popcorn

Truffled popcorn is a delicious snack for while you’re watching a movie, and the good news is that you can serve it as a delicious side dish to accompany your delicious sandwiches. Before serving, the bland popcorns are tossed with sugar, butter, truffle oil, seasonings, and spices before being tossed with more sugar, butter, and truffle oil. The flavor of the tasty and somewhat buttery popcorn will not overshadow the flavor of your sandwich. Instead, it will serve to draw attention to the deliciousness of your dish.

21.Chickpea Fries

It is not necessary to be concerned if you want to prepare some potato fries to serve with sandwiches but you have ran out of fresh potatoes. Simply go through your cabinet for some chickpea flour, which can be used to replace starchy potatoes in a variety of recipes. Chickpea batter will be sliced into sticks, similar to potato sticks, before being fried in your air fryer to get this result.

Your chickpea fries will turn out perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and rich on the inside, creating a delicious dish. Putting a fried chickpea stick in your mouth after dipping it in a tangy sauce will definitely blow your mind!

22.Sweet Potato Fries

A delicious way to enjoy your favorite grilled cheese sandwiches is to serve them with some salty-sweet and crispy sweet potato fries on the side. When compared to traditional potato fries, sweet potato fries are significantly sweeter. As a result, it will be a delicious treat for those who enjoy sweets. If you want to add a little spice to your roasted sweet potatoes, you may sprinkle some chili powder on top of them. If not, a little of salt and a few spices will suffice to create tasty sweet potato fries.

23.Veggie Chips

Colorful chips are quite appealing to youngsters, and they also make an excellent accompaniment to sandwiches. The crisp chips require little to no frying oil and may be produced from a range of vegetables you already have on hand, including beetroot, zucchini, carrot, sweet potatoes, and other popular vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. Eating fresh veggies can seem a lot like being forced to take a green leaf off a tree and chew it right away on the spot at times. Veggie chips, on the other hand, will make a significant impact due to the flavorful flavour that is packed into each piece of chip, and you will undoubtedly like them!

The Best Sides Are Ones Satisfying Your Taste!

With sandwiches, you have a variety of possibilities for side dishes, but not all of the selections are going to be a great match for your dietary preferences. As a result, you should consider preparing foods that will provide you and your family members with their preferred flavors. For example, despite the fact that chili soup is a very addicting pleasure for most people, it is not suggested for youngsters owing to the heat of the soup. In addition, I recommend that you make use of the products you have on hand to produce sides for your sandwiches.

Instead, just remove your favorite veggies and fruits from your refrigerator and use your imagination to convert them into the salads of your choice.

Last but not least, if you have any suggestions or personal experiences with preparing side dishes with sandwiches, please feel free to share them in the comments area of this article.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful day!

22+ Perfect Side Dishes For Sandwiches

  • Select your favorite side dish with your sandwiches
  • And Prepare all of the necessary components. Cook for no more than 30 minutes

Need side dish recipes to go with cold cut sandwiches

Pasta Salad with a Garden Twist! Delicious! I started with the recipe below, but I’ve made a few modifications to suit my tastes. It’s just spaghetti, Italian dressing, and any vegetables you can find to toss into the mix. made the following modifications: The tri-color rotini comes in a 12-ounce box, not a 16-ounce box; I make two 12-ounce boxes of rotini. Use only one bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing, not two. Don’t be concerned about the vegetable measurements. You don’t care for celery?

  1. What if you only have 1 cup of cucumber?
  2. If you can make it the night before (so that you aren’t working too hard on the day of the party), it is even better.
  3. You don’t want to cut it too much since youngsters enjoy getting their hands dirty with watermelon wedges.
  4. We’re ordering a party sub for my 8-year-birthday old’s party later this month, and we’re only going to serve a few simple, inexpensive sides with it.

I also limit myself to one drink each day (punch OR lemonade, for example). Yes, my mother-in-law complains because I don’t have Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper, but you know what? I don’t care. She’s OK during the 2 hours she’s here. LOL Have fun!

Side dishes and sandwiches go together like peanut butter and jelly.

When it comes to deli sandwiches, there is no such thing as a “boring sandwich.” These quick and healthful side dishes will brighten up any sandwich. A simple lunch or a big supper would be complete without these sides, salads, and soups on the table. For your next dinner, have a look at these 25 healthy sandwich sides to get you started!

Healthy Side Dishes for Sandwiches

Your sandwiches appear to be a little dejected and lonely at the moment. Not to worry, we’re going to change the game with 35 mouthwatering side dishes that will make your next sandwich-eating experience one to remember! There are side dish ideas and recipes here that will appeal to even the most discerning of foodies. Your next lunch break will be packed with taste and ready to go, thanks to everything from air fryer potato wedges to the zucchini, which is the most popular summer vegetable in the United States.

Macaroni Salad is a traditional side dish for barbecues, potlucks, and picnics since it is so easy to make.

It’s made with canned tuna, carrots, celery, and green peas, among other ingredients.

Serve this salad with raspberries, radishes, cabbage, carrots, and vegan buttermilk salad dressing on a sandwich or as a side dish at a picnic or barbeque to complement your meal.

My mother is always being asked to make this potato salad since it is unique and has a wonderful combination of tastes, and she gladly obliges.

This classic soup is creamy, and the addition of basil makes it even better.

These are lacto-fermented pickles that are allowed to cure on the counter for 2-3 days before being served.

It’s packed with crunch and protein, and it’s made with raw vegetables.

A simple vinaigrette is used to garnish broccoli and black olives, which is served with a simple side dish.

This raw broccoli salad, which includes chopped apples, cranberries, and almonds, is more of a slaw than a salad because of the dressing.

This chilled soup, which is laden with fresh strawberries, is almost like a treat.

This vegan, Whole30, and Paleo-friendly tomato salad is made with tomatoes straight from the garden and brimming with flavor.

Although it is referred to as Russian Salad, this dish is actually from Italy and contains potatoes, beets, and green beans.

Served alongside your favorite sandwich, this paleo salad made with bell peppers, onions, carrots, celery, and sauerkrait is a delicious and healthy alternative.

Make this simple poppy seed salad dressing and sprinkle it over any plain green salad.

This marinated white bean salad in a jar is a delicious side dish for lunch on the road.

In many ways, this tri-color coleslaw is a faithful replica of the famed Rudy’s BBQ coleslaw recipe.

This summery salad makes the most of the abundance of zucchini and tomatoes picked straight from the garden.

Served with lighter sandwiches and wraps, this robust whole-grain salad is a delicious side dish.

For many individuals, french fries are their go-to side dish of choice.

Consider flavoring them with smoky paprika or BBQ seasoning to make them a little more flavorful and interesting.

These are baked with a Japanese 7 Spice blend, which is a spicy Japanese spice blend normally created from a mixture of jalapeño peppers, citrus peel, sesame seeds, ginger, and nori seaweed, among other ingredients.

If you’re grilling or pressing sandwiches, try these grilled pineapple slices for a sweet treat while you’re at the grill.

Instead of serving standard potato chips with your sammie, try serving this delicious fruit salsa and cinnamon chips instead!

This carrot salad is a light and healthful side dish that is perfect for a casual meal or picnic.

With the addition of cayenne and red pepper flakes, this easy cucumber side dish is a little spicier than conventional pickles.

The contrast between the sweetness of apples and the tanginess of Cheddar served over greens with walnuts complements a variety of sandwiches.

This simple side dish is nutritious and packed with superfoods.

As a result, it goes well with a range of cuisines for lunch, supper, and picnic situations.

This pasta salad is perfect for occasions when you want to offer sandwiches with a warm side dish.

Classic comfort food that has been made healthier can be served as delectable side dishes.

This Summer Slaw with Corn, Peaches, and Tomatoes captures the essence of summer in a single dish.

I really enjoy having sliced watermelon with my lunch sandwiches.

These 35 healthful side dishes for sandwiches will make any grinder, submarine, or deli sandwich taste even better.

Did you come across a new recipe that you’d want to try? Include in the comments section below your favorite side dishes to offer with the main course. Looking for Sandwich Inspiration? Try Some of These.

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