Where Did French Fries Name Come From?

When winter came and the river froze over, the people had no fish to eat, so they cooked potatoes instead. According to legend, American troops serving in Belgium during World War I were the ones who first came across this delicacy. Since French is the predominant language in southern Belgium, the soldiers gave the delectable potatoes the name ″French fries″ in honor of their own tongue.

Where do French fries come from?

In spite of their name and widespread appeal, french fries are not originally from France. Potatoes are said to have been fried in Belgium in the late 1600s, which is where the tradition is said to have begun, according to historians.

Why are they called Fries in America?

Therefore, they believed it to be ″French fries.″ Thomas Jefferson was the first person in the United States to bring French fries to the country in the late 18th century. At the time, they were known in the United States as ″Potatoes, fried in the French Manner.″ Not the fries themselves, but the way of frying them was something he brought with him to the United States.

Why is it called French fried potatoes?

According to historians, the dish was created by a French chef named Honoré Julien. And by the 1850s, the dish had become a standard component of many popular American cookbooks, where it was referred to as ″French Fried Potatoes.″ At a luncheon held at the White House in 1802, it is reported that President Thomas Jefferson ordered potatoes to be prepared ″in the French way.″

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Why is it called “French” food?

Because most people in Belgium at the time spoke French, the label ″French″ eventually became synonymous with the cuisine. The term may have become confused with the Irish word meaning slicing in a certain manner, according to a different idea that is widely accepted in the field of culinary history. The act of cutting was referred to as ″to French″ in Irish.

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