Where Was Good Burger Filmed?

Production. The movie Good Burger was shot in a span of about six weeks, from March 9th to April 21st of 1997. The majority of these shots were captured on film in West Covina, California, along Glendora Avenue, including one shot inside a restaurant that is now called ″Peter’s El Loco.″

Where was’Good Burger’filmed?

  • Between the 9th of March and the 4th of April in 1997, ‘Good Burger’ was in the process of being filmed.
  • The majority of the sequences in the movie were shot in 1996 in and around the area of Glendora Avenue in West Covina, California.
  • The restaurant that is now called ″Peter’s El Loco″ may be found at 437 Glendora Avenue in West Covina, California.
  • The building that is known as ″Good Burger″ was filmed there.

What restaurant was used for the Good Burger movie?

The restaurant Manny’s El Loco served as the setting for the filming of the restaurant scene in the movie Good Burger. During the scene in which the patients at Demented Hills are dancing, one of the guys is restrained. It goes between being open and closed at random intervals. I want you to resign from your position at Good Burger, Kurt.

Who are the actors in the movie Good Burger?

  • The American comedy film Good Burger was released in 1997 and was directed by Brian Robbins.
  • Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell starred in the film.
  • The film is an adaptation of the comedic skit known as ″Good Burger,″ which first appeared on the Nickelodeon show ″All That.″ Nickelodeon Movies and Tollin/Robbins Productions were the ones responsible for the movie’s production, while Paramount Pictures was the one who distributed it on July 25, 1997.

Is the movie Good Burger good for kids?

  • This film from 1997 was adapted from a really funny skit that appeared on the series All That.
  • It’s safe to say that Good Burger is just as entertaining when viewed on a large screen as it is when viewed on a smaller screen.
  • Despite the fact that this movie was intended for a younger audience, viewers of any age will find that they love it.
  • The movie isn’t harmed by the fact that the narrative is straightforward and has some holes in it.
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Was Good Burger a real restaurant?

Starting on July 10 and continuing for the rest of the year, the Good Burger pop-up restaurant that was featured in the Nickelodeon sitcom ″All That″ will be open for business in West Hollywood. Published on the 13th of June, 2019 at 2:11 p.m. and last updated on the same day at 2:12 p.m.

Where is the real life Good Burger located?

The adolescent favorite from 1997 is brought to life at the restaurant Good Burger, which can be found in West Hollywood, California.

Is Ed from Good Burger autistic?

For the sake of humor in 1997, it was OK to make Ed appear as though he was high. If we fast forward to the present day, however, it is difficult for an adult not to notice that Ed shows symptoms that are consistent with autism. The most notable aspect of his behavior is that he takes literally what other people say and engages in improper social engagement.

Is Good Burger a stoner movie?

And yet, upon closer inspection, not only can we say with absolute certainty that Good Burger is a stoner comedy, but we can also say that it is one of the greatest examples of everything that makes stoner comedies such an enduring and well-liked genre.

Is Mondo Burger a real place?

Mondo Burger is a fictitious competitor fast food restaurant that appears in the Nickelodeon comedy film Good Burger, which was released in 1997.

What was in Ed’s sauce?

But the executive chef of the restaurant, Alvin Cailan, who ″made like, six different kinds of Ed’s sauces″ before settling on the final mystery mix, has revealed that ketchup, mayonnaise, and pickle juice are all components of the topping.

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Is Demented Hills a real place?

In the Nickelodeon comedy film Good Burger from 1997, there is a fictional hillside mental facility called the Demented Hills Asylum. This institution is also known as the ″Demented Hills″ or ″D.H.A.″ for short.

Is Good Burger based on In-N-Out?

And their shakes? Don’t even get us started on that topic! Since Monty’s Good Burger is located in Southern California and serves burgers that taste EXACTLY like those sold at In-N-Out, you probably wouldn’t believe that the restaurant’s menu is exclusively comprised of plant-based items; yet, we’ve got good news for you: it is.

What is a Mondo Burger?

Armando Bacot Jr. came up with the idea for the Mondo Burger, which is a burger designed specifically for sporting events. On a brioche bun, you’ll find a C.A.B. Patty, onion straws, applewood smoked bacon, barbecue sauce, smoked gouda cheese, and lettuce.

How rich is Kel Mitchell?

What is Kel Mitchell’s current net worth as of right now? Kel Mitchell is an American actor, comedian, rapper, screenwriter, producer, dancer, and musician, and he has a net worth of $3 million. Mitchell is also a parodist.

Is Ed from Good Burger Double G?

As a seasoned performer on Nickelodeon, Kel has appeared in a variety of roles, including that of the orange soda-obsessed Kel Kimble on Kenan & Kel and the silly Ed in Good Burger. Currently, he plays the role of Double G on Game Shakers. In 2015, he made his triumphant comeback to the network, and he is savoring every moment of his newfound prominence there.

Who plays psychopath in Good Burger?

IMDb listing for Linda Cardellini in her role as Heather in the 1997 film Good Burger.

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Did Spongebob inspire Good Burger?

SPONGEBOB IS ED FROM GOOD BURGER! had the bright idea to adapt that into a children’s cartoon, which would result in an endless amount of potential for commercialization. Because of this, the year 1999 saw the release of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants.’ Fin.

What is true about Otis the Good Burger employee who makes the fries?

What are some facts about Otis, the worker at Good Burger who prepares the french fries? He will be 77 years old this year.

Is Good Burger based on In N Out?

And their shakes? Don’t even get us started on that topic! Since Monty’s Good Burger is located in Southern California and serves burgers that taste EXACTLY like those sold at In-N-Out, you probably wouldn’t believe that the restaurant’s menu is exclusively comprised of plant-based items; yet, we’ve got good news for you: it is.

How much did the good burger car sell for?

  • — This enables the personnel there to greet customers with the phrase ″Welcome to Hi-Pointe, home of the ‘Good Burger’ mobile.″ Is it possible for me to take your order?
  • Mike Johnson, who is a co-owner of Hi-Pointe, has stated that one of his favorite films from the 1990s is ″Good Burger.″ After reading an article from 2019 that stated the vehicle could be purchased in Florida for the price of $10,000, he knew he had to have it.

Who owns Good Burger?

Nicholas Jones, the current proprietor of Good Burger and its creator, was a student there at the time. Jones adds, ″While I was obtaining my MBA, I attended a class on the social effect of business.″ ″It concentrated mostly on matters pertaining to the base of the pyramid. In 2013, I devised a growth strategy with the goal of starting a business that would be able to do the greatest good.

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