Who Has The Best Sub Sandwiches?

The 10 most craveable chain sandwiches

  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Score: 47.8%
  • Quiznos. Score: 45.5%
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Score: 45.5%
  • Schlotzsky’s. Score: 44%
  • Subway. Score: 35.7%
  • Jason’s Deli. Score: 33%
  • Arby’s. Score: 30.6%
  • McAlister’s Deli. Score: 29.2% Next Slide.

What is the subway sub of the day?

  • Sunday’s Subway Sub of the Day is the Meatball Marinara Sandwich. When served with 9-grain wheat bread, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, green peppers and cucumbers, today’s Sub of the Day contains calories.

Is Jersey Mike’s better than Jimmy Johns?

Jersey Mike’s is definitely a better place to get a sandwich, but if you are on the run it is more convenient to get Jimmy John’s. And although Jersey Mike’s is more fresh, and tastes better, it is still a sandwich, and it may not be worth it to go out of you way to get one.

What is the best sub shop?

The Best Sandwich Chains, Ranked In Order Of Delicious To ‘I’d Rather Have Pizza’

  • Jersey Mike’s. via Jersey Mike’s.
  • Firehouse Subs. via MLive.com.
  • Jimmy John’s. via Old Town.
  • Potbelly. via Yelp.
  • Quizno’s. via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Subway. via The Daily Meal.
  • Blimpie. via YouTube.

Which is better subway or Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s healthiest sub is still unhealthier than Subway. Again, it turns out that you’re better off going with Subway. The healthiest sandwiches on the menus at both chains include chicken, but Subway’s oven-roasted chicken sandwich wins out. The sandwich only has 270 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

Which chain makes the best Italian sub?

Between Two Slices: Which Chain Makes the Best Italian Sub?

  • Subway.
  • Wawa.
  • Firehouse Subs.
  • Blimpie.
  • Jersey Mike’s.
  • Jimmy John’s.
  • QuickChek.
  • Primo Hoagies.

What is Jersey Mike’s most popular sub?

Turkey and Provolone It’s one of Jersey Mike’s most popular subs for a reason. They use a lean turkey breast with no additives and flavorful provolone cheese. It’s not the lowest-calorie or lowest-sodium sub, but you get an extra five grams of satiating protein with this sub than the Ham and Provolone.

What is the most popular sandwich shop?

Without further ado, here are the most popular sandwich chains in America.

  • Blimpie.
  • Quiznos.
  • Jimmy John’s.
  • Schlotzsky’s.
  • Jersey Mike’s.
  • Subway.

Who makes the best sub?

All sub sandwiches are equal in a way, but some are better than others. The top three sub chains in term of sales in America are Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Jersey Mikes, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

What are the 5 types of sandwiches?

Top 19 Types of Sandwiches

  • Chicken Sandwich. Sandwiches are commonly eaten for breakfast – they’re pretty popular.
  • Egg Sandwich.
  • Seafood Sandwich.
  • Roast Beef Sandwich.
  • Grilled Cheese.
  • Ham Sandwich.
  • Nutella Sandwich.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Is Jimmy Johns better than Subway?

Some of Jimmy John’s specialty menu items include lettuce wraps, 8-inch bread, and 16-inch bread. Subway, on the other hand, has a much more diversified menu. Both places have the same variety of sandwiches, but Jimmy John’s has better quality sandwiches.”

What brand meat does Jersey Mike’s use?

“That’s why we serve only the Certified Angus Beef ® brand for our famous roast beef sub.” Jersey Mike’s, a fast-casual sub sandwich franchise with more than 750 locations open and under development nationwide, has a long history of community involvement and support.

Which sandwich shop is the healthiest?

Consider these six subs the true heroes.

  • Au Bon Pain. Best: Thai Chicken (three-seed roll, chicken, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, peanut sauce)
  • Subway. Best: Roast Beef (6-inch Italian bread, roast beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, pickles, mustard)
  • Quiznos.
  • Charley’s.
  • Schlotzsky’s.
  • Blimpie.

Who has the best tuna sub?

I’ve included the best way to order to get the most out of what they have.

  • Potbelly’s Tuna Salad.
  • Jimmy John’s Tuna Salad.
  • Jersey Mike’s Tuna Salad.
  • Dunkin Donuts Tuna Salad.
  • Subway Tuna Salad (AKA: The Best Fast Food Tuna Salad)

What makes Jersey Mike’s good?

Our meats and cheeses are all top-quality premium brands. Our bread is fresh-baked each day on the premises. And of course, everything’s prepared right in front of you. It’s what makes Jersey Mike’s the most authentic tasting submarine sandwich available, and it’s a tradition of quality we’ll never outgrow.

Does Jersey Mike’s make their own bread?

We bake our bread fresh in our stores every day. Traditional white and whole wheat. It’s the only way to have a truly authentic Jersey Mike’s sub.

Chain Sandwich Shops Ranked From Worst To Best

Shutterstock Despite the fact that sandwiches are one of the most straightforward meals to prepare at home, this does not imply that you always have the components on hand to construct a high-quality sandwich. If you’re planning on making a gourmet sandwich, you’ll need to have a refrigerator packed with vegetables, sauces, protein, and even fresh bread before you can start cooking. Sometimes it’s simply simpler to pop by your neighborhood chain sandwich restaurant and pick up a meal that you know will be delicious.

Some restaurants use only the finest ingredients, while others frequently provide sandwiches that are below quality.

Please check below for our rating of the most popular sandwich shops in the area and see where your favorite ranks.

15. Subway

Subway, possibly the most well-known sandwich store in the country, may come as a surprise to learn that it has received the lowest overall score on the list. Despite this, there is a valid justification for doing so: Unfortunately, their sandwiches aren’t that excellent. When you consider the quality of some of the cuisine served at the establishment, this is not surprising. A number of controversies have erupted in the past involving animal products that did not turn out to be the genuine animal that was marketed, including tuna and chicken.

But, controversies aside, one step into a Subway restaurant and it becomes clear why the company does not rank highly in our list.

In addition, the meat is just standard deli meat that can be found at any grocery store, and their sandwich options aren’t really interesting or distinctive.

14. Blimpie

What you might not recognize about Blimpie is that it doesn’t have anything to offer that is truly unique. Although there is nothing wrong with everything on the menu, it appears to be cuisine that you could buy at any other sandwich shop in the nation at the moment. When one Reddit member compared Blimpie to Subway, they also found that the former was superior: “The other day, I walked inside a Blimpie for a drink. They have a layout that is extremely similar to Subway, right down to the bread option and the way the meats and vegetables are displayed.

All we’re saying is that none of them makes really delicious sandwiches.

Because you can essentially buy the same dish at both locations, you’re likely to be disappointed by Blimpie if you’re also a fan of Subway’s food. Blimpie stores, on the other hand, provide a more friendly ambience, according to our observations.

13. Quiznos

Photograph by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Did you know that Quiznos restaurants all throughout the country are closing their doors? And it’s not simply due of the epidemic; these chain sites were already experiencing financial difficulties prior to the COVID-19 incident. According to reports, they filed for bankruptcy in 2014. All of this suggests that Quiznos may not be the finest sandwich restaurant on the street. While the sandwiches at this restaurant are typically superior to those found at places such as Subway, it does not imply that they are particularly outstanding.

However, because of the additional ingredients and cooking procedure, the price is greater than it would be at a cheap chain such as Subway or McDonald’s.

Remember that just because a sandwich is toasted does not always mean that it is fundamentally better than a cold sandwich.

12. Which Wich

Which Wich has a lot of things to like about it. Most people associate this restaurant chain with convenience, and it’s true that ordering a sandwich at this location is far easier than it is at most other places. This is because, instead of having to stand there and explain your purchase to the person working behind the counter, you can just write your order on a piece of paper and go away. It describes all of the numerous possibilities available, allowing you to create a sandwich that is completely customized to your liking.

Everyone knows that shouting orders through a glass wall is not a pleasant experience.

In spite of the large number of alternatives available at this location, we don’t find many of them especially interesting.

Despite the fact that this restaurant has an interesting design, it is nevertheless one that we would avoid at all costs.

11. Panera Bread

Panera Bread, ahh, Panera Bread: every college student’s favorite location to study and consume enough bread to satisfy their daily calorie requirements. Sure, it’s more than simply a sandwich shop, but their sandwiches account for a sizable chunk of their whole menu selection. And although many of the solutions appear to be wonderful, you may find yourself being more than a little dissatisfied once you put them to the test. For example, theMediterranean Veggie sandwich appears to be incredibly delectable on the outside, but in actuality, it lacks taste in almost every way.

Alternatively, Despite the fact that the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken sandwich is one of the most delectable on the menu, the chicken is overcooked and there aren’t enough toppings to offer the sandwich any depth of flavor.

We’re not suggesting that you avoid this establishment totally — but the next time you visit, you might want to go for the bread bowl instead of a sandwich. (It’s difficult to make a mistake with that.)

10. Atlanta Bread Company

Although this chain does not have sites all over the country, you can find numerous of them in the South and up the East Coast of the United States. Because of its Southern history and influence, you might expect Atlanta Bread Company to serve some of the most excellent sandwiches in the country. You would be correct. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t always the case, and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, don’t get us wrong: not everything on the menu is a horrible choice.

  • Let’s get one thing out of the way: The traditional sandwiches are drab and uninteresting.
  • The sandwiches are, in essence, ordinary sandwiches that you could easily prepare at home, and they aren’t particularly flavorful.
  • When visiting Atlanta Bread Company, your best bet is to get a loaf of their bread.
  • From the Cubano to the Hot Pastrami, they provide a wide range of tasty selections for you to choose from.

9. Corner Bakery Cafe

Shutterstock Corner Bakery Cafe serves a variety of foods, but their specialty is sandwiches, which are their bread and butter (no pun intended). Some of these sandwiches are unlike any other sandwiches we’ve had at other prominent sandwich restaurants in our experience. For example, thesteak and arugula sandwichis delicious, and if you’re looking for a sandwich that seems a little more upscale in the middle of the day, this may be the best option for you. Not every sandwich on the menu, on the other hand, is equally as fascinating.

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There’s really nothing particularly unique or intriguing about them, and we believe that certain sandwich shops accomplish these fundamentals better than others.

Because of the large variety of veggies on the Anaheim panini, it is an excellent way to get a hectic day started successfully.

8. Schlotzsky’s

When it comes to freshly made bread, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting top-notch service when you visit Schlotzky’s. According to Insider, this sandwich store was established in 1971 and was modeled after the New Orleans famous sandwich, the muffaletta, when it first opened its doors. This sandwich has three distinct types of meat between thick slices of bread, and it comes with a scattering of condiments to up the taste ante even further. There are also several varieties of it that contain different sorts of meat, allowing you to choose the type of protein that you want.

Aside from the muffaletta, though, we aren’t really impressed with the remainder of the sandwich options at this establishment.

If you’re on the go and looking for a bite to eat, this sandwich store isn’t likely to let you down, but you shouldn’t expect to be blown away by the majority of the offerings on the menu either.

7. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

When it comes to the Potbelly menu, the fact that this chain sandwich business provides so many various options is something we like. At the time of writing, there were a total of 21 sandwiches to pick from on the menu. Consequently, we believe that almost anyone will be able to find a sandwich that they will enjoy at this establishment (there are even vegetarian options for those who prefer to avoid meat in their diets and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the kids — or for anyone who wants to feel like they’re in an elementary school cafeteria).

This establishment also purports to have a hidden menu, which means you may mix your favorite features of their many sandwiches to create a meal that’s tailored just to your tastes and preferences.

Some of the sandwiches on the menu, such as the Italian sandwich, are very delicious.

Choose wisely, and you will not be disappointed by the options available at Potbelly’s restaurant.

6. Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger was established in London in 1986, and it has grown significantly since then. Although it used to be difficult to discover a location in the United States, things are starting to change these days. However, while most of the store’s locations in the United States are concentrated in New York state, new sites are springing up all over the East Coast and Midwest, so you may begin to see more of them in the near future. And that’s a good thing, because the sandwiches here are very delicious (and the coffee here is also quite nice).

The atmosphere is very European in nature, and the baguettes they serve are of high quality.

In fact, if there were more alternatives available, this location would have ranked higher on our ranking.

5. Firehouse Subs

Pret a Manger was launched in London in 1986, and it has grown tremendously since that point. In the past, it was uncommon to find a location in the United States, but that is changing today as well. The majority of the store’s U.S. sites are in New York state, but they are rapidly expanding throughout the East Coast and Midwest, so you may begin to see more of them in the near future. What a relief, because the sandwiches here are quite delicious (and the coffee isn’t too shabby either.). The egg salad and avocado breakfast baguette may be a good choice if you’re visiting the restaurant first thing in the morning.

The cheddar and tomato sandwich, as well as the Bang Bang Chicken Wrap, are also excellent choices among the many other sandwich choices.

Even if there were more possibilities, this location would be higher on our ranking list. There should be more options on the menu, but given the high quality of the products on the menu, we can’t be too upset about it at the moment.

4. Jimmy John’s

Shutterstock Jimmy John’s is the ultimate late-night snacking destination. First and foremost, if you reside in close proximity to one of these locations, it is quite simple to order delivery at any time of day or night. Second of all, you are aware that your item will be delivered “freaky quickly.” The finest aspect about this sandwich store, on the other hand, is the staff. The cuisine here is just fantastic. At first sight, it may appear that the majority of the goods are simple, uninteresting sandwiches that can be found anywhere.

Our recommendation for you if you want to experience the finest that this menu has to offer is to order one of the more inventive alternatives offered, such as the Vito or the Jimmy Cubano.

What is our recommendation?

3. Au Bon Pain

In most cases, when you think of a regular sandwich store, you don’t think of something particularly sophisticated. As an alternative, a simple place with a counter where you can go up and order what you want is probably more in line with your expectations. Choosing to purchase a sandwich at Au Bon Pain will, on the other hand, provide you with an entirely different experience than usual. This is due to the fact that this establishment is not your typical sandwich store. As an alternative, there is a sit-down restaurant where you can order delicious sandwiches along with meals influenced by French cuisine that will have you going back for more.

Whether it’s the spicy tuna melt or the country grilled cheese, you can be certain that you’ll be getting a wonderful sandwich baked with high-quality bread when you stop in for lunch.

Visiting Au Bon Pain will provide you with an unforgettable sandwich-eating experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Publix Deli

Probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of a normal sandwich store is anything too expensive. As an alternative, a simple place with a counter where you can go up and get whatever you want is probably more in line with your expectations. You will, however, have a very different experience if you opt to have a sandwich atAu Bon Pain instead. This is due to the fact that this isn’t your typical sandwich establishment. As an alternative, there is a sit-down restaurant where you can order delicious sandwiches along with meals influenced by French cuisine that will keep you going back for more.

When you come here for lunch, you can expect to get a delicious sandwich baked with high-quality bread, whether it’s the spicy tuna melt or the country grilled cheese.

In addition to that, you may order a range of other foods here, which makes it a wonderful choice if you’re dining with a group and everyone wants something different. Visiting Au Bon Pain will provide you with an unforgettable sandwich-eating experience, and you won’t be sorry.

1. Jersey Mike’s

Typically, when you think of a sandwich store, you don’t think of something particularly expensive. A simple area with a counter where you can go up and order whatever you want is probably what springs to mind. A sandwich from Au Bon Pain, on the other hand, is going to be a whole different experience. This is due to the fact that this isn’t your typical sandwich business. Instead, it’s a sit-down restaurant where you can order delicious sandwiches as well as French-inspired meals that will have you going back for more.

When you come here for lunch, you can expect to get a wonderful sandwich baked with high-quality bread, whether it’s the spicy tuna melt or the country grilled cheese.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable sandwich-eating experience, a visit to Au Bon Pain is a must.

The Best Sandwich Chains, Ranked In Order Of Delicious To ‘I’d Rather Have Pizza’

Surprisingly, one of the most well-known sandwich restaurants is really rather low on the list when it comes to flavor and diversity of offerings. A decent sandwich has the capacity to brighten any situation, including a difficult day in the office. We think it’s really incredible how deli meats, cheeses, veggies, and a condiment (or several) can come together to create something so beautiful when sandwiched between two slices of bread or a sub roll, as in this case. It doesn’t matter if you call it a hoagie, a submarine sandwich, or a hero depending on where you reside; these double-sized sandwiches are something to savor.

Having said that, there are those that, well, are just a little bit okay.

Just because a sandwich store offers customized selections does not imply that it is the greatest; thus, which one is the best?

Jersey Mike’s

courtesy of Jersey Mike’s However, while many people feel that Subway is the top sandwich company when it comes to flavor, the truth is that they rank rather low when it comes to the freshness and flavors that Jersey Mike’s is including into each sub. The bread at Jersey Mike’s is always freshly baked, just like the bread at Subway, but the meats and cheeses at this restaurant are cut fresh for each sandwich, unlike at Subway. Jersey Mike’s does not stop there, though, as they also cook their own roast beef and make their distinctive sauce from scratch using a secret oil blend and vinegar mixture.

Firehouse Subs

According to MLive.com Despite the fact that Firehouse Subs is growing in number of locations, the company’s hallmark move is to employ only the highest-quality meats and cheeses available. A top-secret recipe for bread is also used by Firehouse Subs, which contributes to the fact that their sandwiches always taste fresh and delectable.

This chain’s subs are distinguished by another unique feature: the fact that they steam all of the meats before they are placed on their distinctive bread, which results in unrivaled softness and flavor.

Jimmy John’s

By way of Old Town The best part of Jimmy John’s is that in addition to subs, guests may get full sandwiches on ordinary bread from the restaurant. The second advantage of this chain is the quickness with which the sandwiches are assembled, making it one of the more rapid sandwich chains available. While the sandwiches themselves are tasty, it is the toppings that take them over the brink into the realm of culinary disaster. Despite the fact that they aren’t the greatest in the country, these are nonetheless pretty darn delicious.


courtesy of Yelp The distribution of sandwich ingredients, from meats to veggies, is one of Potbelly’s most appealing features. These sandwiches are consistent throughout, which assures maximum taste and terrific flavor, and while the bread at Potbelly is a little on the stale side, the ingredient combination more than makes up for it in terms of flavor. The tastes of each of the chain’s sandwiches are delectable, and the menu as a whole is just outstanding.

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courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Since its inception, Quizno’s has been a major attraction, owing to its freshly-toasted sandwiches and high-quality ingredients, which has resulted in many people abandoning the Subway train and hopping on board the Quizno’s train. Even while Quizno’s is a step above the competition in terms of quality and flavor, its subs are significantly smaller, which leaves something to be desired. The flavors are spot on, and the bread is sturdy, but it isn’t quite as nice as some other restaurants that make their own bread and use a strong, dense layer between all of the toppings and potential sauces.


courtesy of The Daily Meal It’s a little shocking, to say the least, to find a sandwich business like Subway towards the bottom of the list of the best places to work. However, there are several compelling arguments in support of this position. However, while Subway’s bread is delicious and durable when toasted (with the exception of a few new flavors added here and there), it has been limited to the same flavors for years (with the exception of the occasional new flavor added here and there) and has a tendency to become soggy when exposed to condiments such as oil and vinegar.

Regardless of whatever ingredients are used, Subway’s sandwiches always retain that distinctive, characteristic Subway flavor.


courtesy of YouTube On first glance, Blimpie’s sandwiches appear to be a little stale. However, upon closer investigation, they are everything but. Their tastes are enjoyable, but that is all they are – enjoyable. Subway unquestionably outperforms this chain in terms of freshness of bread and ingredients, but Blimpie is acceptable if you’re searching for a nice sandwich with flavors that are close to those of the preceding brand. This restaurant establishment earns points for its lengthy history and for offering a substantial portion of veggies, but that’s about it when it comes to merit.

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I ate the same meal at America’s three largest sub chains to see which shop does fresh sandwiches best, and the differences were stark

  • Subsandwiches are all roughly the same in terms of taste and texture, although some are superior to others. According to Nation’s RestaurantNews, the top three sub sandwich chains in the United States are Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Jersey Mikes in terms of total sales. I went to three different sandwich shops and ordered the identical lunch at each of them to see how they compared to one another. After a tough battle with Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s was able to win me over with their quick, courteous service and all-around wonderful meals. More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

A sub by any other name – hero, hoagie, grinder – is just asdelicious.What makes a sub from Subway different from one from JimmyJohn’s? And what makes those different from a Jersey Mike’s sub?That’s what I want to find out.Read more:I ate the cheapest cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, andBurger King. Wendy’s was best by a slice. Since every day is sub day if you want it to be, I decided tohave three sub days: one at Subway, one at Jimmy John’s, and oneat Jersey Mike’s. I ordered the same meal at each place: anItalian-style sub sandwich with chips, a cookie, and a drink.My goal: to find out how these hoagie hawkers stack up.Two feet of bread, meat, cheese, and lettuce later, I had myanswer.

I went to the Subway in Manhattan’s Financial District just steps from the office.

Photograph courtesy of the source Irene Jiang is a Business Insider contributor.

Chain sub sandwiches ranked from worst to best

There are times when you just need something quick to eat, and a good old sub sandwich may provide that need while also being not only quick but also quite nutritious to boot. National Eat a Hoagie Day, which comes on September 14th this year, inspired us to conduct a taste test of popular chain sub sandwiches to commemorate the occasion. RELATED: Cheeseburgers from fast food restaurants are evaluated from worst to excellent. During a major search for the greatest sub sandwich in May 2017, ourMichigan’s Bestteam of Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez narrowed the field to just Michigan-based, locally owned restaurants.

  1. We’re talking about incredible.
  2. As a result of their efforts, Alcamo’s subs transcend into something truly special and extraordinary.
  3. Our assessment is that two of the films came very close to being good, while one was merely OK.
  4. This contest would be won hands down by the subs at any of our nominees, so put your sub buns up.
  5. We handled this taste test in the same way as we approached our quest for Michigan’s Best.
  6. While these aren’t quite “amazing,” they are more than enough for the purpose.
  7. Taking Burger King as an example, a Whopper contains 670 calories and 39 grams of fat, which is simply a calorie bomb.

Here are eight different subs from different chain restaurants that we tasted so that you don’t have to.

Michigan, eat your heart out!

Take a look at our initial reactions to each sub.

8-Subway We understand what you’re going through.

Despite the tragic Jared episode, it appears that they are doing something correct.

Subway has the advantage of tasting precisely like Subway.

The meat in this establishment is of poor quality, which is a significant disappointment.

This is a significant plus.

We had the “Spicy Italian,” which consisted of pepperoni, salami, and provolone cheese on Italian white bread.

We tossed in lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, olives, oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste, as well as oil and vinegar.

It’s simply that I can’t stand the taste of it anymore.

Amy: This bread has always had an artificial flavor to it in my opinion.

The beef is mediocre, but the veggies are fresh and plentiful, making up for it.

It received a much-needed boost in the arm from the oil and vinegar.

Jimmy John’s is number seven on the list.

It’s weird, to put it mildly.

I placed the order, and before I could even inquire as to whether the bread was cooked on site, that little gentleman was in my possession, and I was on my way.

Otherwise, it is not the most appropriate option.

Generally speaking, it was quite dry, with no discernible bite from any form of sauce.

All of the lettuce was contained within the pocket, and all of the meat was on the outside.

The spicy peppers on this menu are outstanding.

Fresh, spicy taste gave this otherwise uninteresting dish a much-needed lift.

You’re going to need those spicy peppers, so make sure you ask for them.

The components are nice, but the dish isn’t very noteworthy.

This little sandwich contains only a small amount of meat, and it is also quite dry.

Amy Sherman can be reached at [email protected].

Besides their classic roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce, they now offer a variety of other options.

When they say “We have the meat,” they are referring to the meat on this sub.

It is served with a side of fries.

I was somewhat aback by it, but I like the variety of meats, even the pepperoni.

Everything on this one kind of melted together into an one flavor, which was really rather tasty.

It’s not that bad.

Amy Sherman |

They slice their meat to order for each and every sandwich, so be prepared to wait for a few minutes after ordering your sandwich.

In addition, all of the veggies are cut in-house, and the bread is cooked on-site.

We started with the “Blimpie Best,” which is a ham, salami, capicola, proscuittini, and provolone sandwich, and then we prepared the “Blimpie Way,” which includes lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, oil, vinegar, and oregano on a toasted ciabatta bun.

It had a familiar taste to me.

Although it was a touch dry, the pickles and banana peppers added a zest to the dish.

Generally speaking, the bread was rather delicious, being soft while still maintaining a small crunch to it.

Amy Sherman can be reached at [email protected].

These subs are mildly toasted, but they are not what you would call a grinder.

This is a well-constructed sub.

Gonzo: Potbelly is one of my favorite restaurants.

I wasn’t disappointed because there was a lot of taste.

It’s a substantial sandwich.

Amy Sherman can be reached at [email protected].

They take great pleasure in utilizing only the best meats and cheeses, as well as making their own “secret recipe” sub buns in-house every day.

Although I’m not entirely sure what this means, you can be certain that I’ll be conducting some hard-hitting journalism to find out for you, since that does sound a little strange.

The “Fully Involved” option appeals to me now; it seems a little wacky on the surface, but it just means that you will receive mayonnaise and deli mustard on the side, as well as lettuce, tomato, and onion.

All of the subs may be prepared hot or cold.

The Italian dressing turned out to be a good idea.

I enjoyed the meats since you could taste each one individually.

This gal knows what she’s talking about, since this thing was gushing veggies.

2-Penn Station is a train station in Philadelphia.

Additionally, they’re well-known for their hand-cut french fries, which I’ll be returning to try for you later this week.

If you want your subs hot, you’ll need to “grill” them (in their terms, not mine), which means another trip through the oven.

Everything is prepared in-house, and it is served fresh throughout the day.

), this is a very excellent sandwich substitute.

On the sandwich were pieces of bacon, hard salami, pepperoni and provolone cheese.

To be honest, I didn’t care much for the presentation, but there was a lot of meat on the plate and it had a lot of taste as well.

Amy: Although I didn’t care for the way this sandwich looked, the flavor was excellent.

It was made more intriguing by the presence of several herbs.

Amy Sherman |

Every aspect of the business, from freshly baked white and wheat bread to meats and cheeses sliced fresh for each sub, is centered on quality and service.

It’s even possible that they prepare their own roast meat.

We also enjoy the fact that there are three distinct sizes available: a micro, a standard, and a large.

We ate the “Original Italian,” which had provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni, among other ingredients.

Gonzo: It has the most handmade flavor of all of the franchise restaurants, in my opinion.

It has the flavor of a Jersey sub, which is what it should.

It gave this sub a terrific punchy character, and the acidity of the sauce boosted all of the components, merging the whole thing into a delicious sub.

Moreover, for some reason, Jersey Mike’s is a master at neatly slicing lettuce for use in a sub sandwich.

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You might be shocked by what you find.

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10 of the best fast-food sandwich chains across the US

Firehouse Subs, like many other well-known sandwich establishments, has been in business for decades. Subs from Yelp/Firehouse Subs

  • There are some well-known chains in the United States that are well-known for serving up delectable sandwiches
  • Restaurants such as Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Blimpie sell an extensive selection of conventional deli-style sub sandwiches. Hot sandwich options are available at restaurants such as Potbelly, Schlotsky’s, and Arby’s. More articles may be found on the Insider homepage.

The fact that not all sandwiches are made equal is one of the reasons why there are so many businesses that provide this basic yet delectable cuisine. There’s bound to be a sandwich shop that can make the sandwich of your dreams, whether you want a chilly sub or a warm, pressed panini. Here are ten of the top fast-food sandwich restaurants in the United States.

Jersey Mike’s Subs has a special topping called “the juice.”

In addition, the chain sells cookies. Hannah C. from Yelp This American sandwich chain, which has its roots in New Jersey, has been around since the 1950s. Jersey Mike’s Sandwiches has built a loyal following around the country by offering made-to-order subs prepared with fresh, locally sourced veggies, meats, and cheeses that are cut right in front of your eyes. In addition to hot and cold subs, the menu also includes signature items such as Mike’s Famous Philly and the Veggie Sub. When ordering subs, the “Mike’s Way” is a popular choice among customers.

Subway has been around since the 1960s and has cemented itself as a go-to spot for customizable sandwiches.

You have the option of creating your own sandwiches. Yelp/Subway Subway has established itself as one of the most popular grab-and-go sandwich franchises in the world, with more than 40,000 stores in more than 100 countries. The assembly-line structure of the eatery is great for individuals who wish to completely personalize their sub sandwich. Customers may create any menu item by selecting from the chain’s famed in-house baked breads, fresh veggies, toppings, sauces, cheeses, and meats, among other options.

Subway Sliders, which are sandwiches on little buns that are excellent for snacking or mixing and matching for a full meal, were also recently introduced by the restaurant.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is known for its hot sandwiches.

Soups and salads are also available at the establishment. Potbelly Sandwich Shop (Yelp/Potbelly) Potbelly started off as an antique shop before expanding to become a sandwich franchise brand. Initially, the shop’s proprietor, Peter Hastings, and his wife began serving sandwiches to its clients, and the store soon became more well-known for its cuisine than for its antiques. On Potbelly’s menu, there is a diverse selection of largely hot sandwiches, with one of the most well-known being the A Wreck, which is made of salami, roast beef, oven-roasted turkey, ham, and melted Swiss cheese on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Clients also rave about the hot-pepper blend, which is made up of serrano and red bell peppers, jalapenos, cauliflower, green olives, carrot & celery, and a variety of other fresh vegetables. Due to the popularity of the topping, the restaurant now sells it in jars for guests to take home with them.

Schlotzsky’s serves up classic sandwiches on freshly baked bread.

The business serves sourdough bread that is cooked in-house. Yelp/ Schlotzsky’s The first Schotzsky’s sandwich store opened its doors in Austin, Texas, in 1971. The muffuletta, the restaurant’s signature sandwich, was inspired by a famous Italian New Orleans dish of the same name, which continues to be a popular choice today. In the restaurant’s version of a muffuletta (called The Original), ham, Genoa salami, Cotto salami, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses are layered between slices of house-made sourdough bread and topped with sliced black olives and red onion.

This sandwich became so popular that the restaurant created three different varieties of it, each of which includes additional ingredients like as ham and turkey.

And, if you’re in the need for something sweet, many Schlotzsky’s locations also offer Cinnabon cinnamon buns and other sweet treats.

Blimpie serves large, fresh sandwiches at locations all over the country.

Gas stations and athletic arenas are frequent locations for this franchise. Yelp/Zee Z. Dot Com Blimpie is a franchised sandwich restaurant that was founded in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1964 and is noted for its big sandwiches. The sandwiches are so huge that the name of the business was really inspired by the large, spherical form of the sandwiches, which is akin to that of a blimp. Fresh veggies, deli meats, and cheeses are used to create the typical cold submarine sandwiches that are served at the restaurant.

The Blimpie Best, which comprises a plethora of meat (ham, salami, capicola, and prosciuttini) as well as tomatoes, lettuce, onion, vinegar, olive oil, and oregano, is possibly the chain’s most popular item, according to customers.

Firehouse Subs sticks to its theme in every location.

Firehouse Subs, like many other well-known sandwich establishments, has been in business for decades. Subs from Yelp/Firehouse Subs Firehouse Subs has been providing customers with specialized submarine sandwiches since 1994. Cold and heated sandwiches, salads, as well as standard sub-shop sides like chips, chili, and chocolate-chip cookies are all available on the menu at this location. Signature subs from the franchise include the Hook and Ladder, which is made with Virginia honey ham, turkey breast, and Monterey Jack cheese on toasted sub rolls and served with a side of ranch dressing.

The fact that the meats and cheeses are steamed before being placed on the bread distinguishes Firehouse Subs’ sandwiches from the competition.

Every restaurant in this business is also distinctive in that it is decorated with a bespoke mural showing the local fire and police agencies of the communities in which it is located.

Quiznos has made toasted subs the bread and butter of its business.

The sub shop is well-known for serving sandwiches that are still warm from the oven. William S. of Yelp provided this review. This fast sandwich store, which first opened its doors in Denver, Colorado, in 1981, quickly gained popularity among consumers thanks to its unusual flavor combinations, wide selection of bread options, and characteristic toasting process. Sandwich aficionados may customize any of the chain’s famed sandwich variations by selecting from a variety of breads such as white bread, wheat bread, jalapeo-cheddar bread, and rosemary-parmesan bread.

In addition to the main course, the restaurant serves soups, salads, chips, and tater tots to compliment your meal.

The Texas-based chain Which Wich has a unique ordering system.

You have complete freedom in how you assemble your sandwiches. Yelp user Kat C. Which Wich claims its menu as being completely customized; nevertheless, there are no deli counters to be found in any of the locations. Instead, Which Wich offers a wall of paper bags and markers from which customers may select their ideal sandwich and customize the pre-printed ingredient list to their own preferences. The Which Wich staff then takes your bag, which serves as your order, and sends it on to the sandwich makers, who will prepare your meal precisely how you want it to be served.

Classic toppings such as lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, bacon, as well as conventional mustard and mayonnaise, are offered as options.

Arby’s is a fast-food chain that specializes in sandwiches and roast beef.

Curly fries from the chain are also well-known. The Arby’s restaurant chain was founded in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio, as an alternative to fast-food burger establishments. Yelp/Hannah W. When it comes to Arby’s catchphrase, “We have the meats,” it’s appropriate because the fast-food business immediately became famous for its roast-beef sandwich. The roast beef is marinated and thinly sliced before being served on an onion bun. The Arby’s menu also includes a range of hot sandwiches, such as BBQ brisket sandwiches, Reubens, and Mediterranean-style gyros, in addition to deli-style sandwiches and salads, as well as wraps and wraps.

Jimmy John’s has been making sandwiches since the 1980s.

In addition, the chain bakes its own bread. Yelp user Josh T. Jimmy John’s has been making bread and slicing meats, cheeses, and veggies in-house since 1983, when it first opened its doors to serve classic submarine sandwiches. When it comes to marketing, the promise of “freaky quick” service and delivery is a crucial component of the franchised chain’s strategy. A few of the chain’s most popular offerings are the Vito sandwich, which is constructed with salami, capicola, and provolone cheese, along with the Totally Tuna sandwich, which is topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Jimmy John’s offers customers the option to make their sandwich a “unwich” by having it wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, in order to stay up with the increasingly fashionable low-carb lifestyles. More information may be found at:

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