Undertale Where To Get A Hotdog?

Hot Dog? is a consumable item that can only be purchased at Sans’s stall in Hotland if Papyrus is still active. The stand may be found just to the left of Elevator R2 in the near vicinity. A growling sound is produced when the item is consumed (unless in Serious Mode.)

How do I get to the Hotlands in Undertale?

As part of the comprehensive walkthrough for Undertale, this article will guide you through the Hotland region. If you want to see all of the game’s possible conclusions, you should start by utilizing our pacifist walkthrough to go through the game and finish it that way. After navigating your way through Waterfall, you will at last be able to begin your journey across the Hotlands.

What floor is Sans selling hot dogs?

On Right Floor 2 of Hotland, the human comes upon Sans, who is selling illicit hot dogs out of the booth that is supposed to be his sentry post.

How much does a Hot Dog heal in Undertale?

Consumable items

Item Description Effects
Hot Dog? The ‘meat’ is made of something called a ‘water sausage.’ 20 HP
Hot Cat Like a hot dog, but with little cat ears on the end. 21 HP
Junk Food Food that was probably once thrown away. 17 HP
Hush Puppy This wonderful spell will stop a dog from casting magic. 65 HP

How do you get hush puppies in Undertale?

It is possible to get a Hush Puppy by offering a Hot Dog to the dog that is located behind the door on the right side of the MTT Resort lobby.

What floor is Muffet?

Floor 3 is the final portion of Hotland that must be traversed by the main character before arriving at the MTT Resort. At this point, the main character will have to solve another Reactivated Door Puzzle as well as Mettaton’s Multicolor Tile Puzzle. The protagonist will have to battle Muffet at this point as well.

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Is Gaster Sans dad?

Sans | Fandom does not have Gaster as a biological father. The following evidence suggests that Gaster did not create Sans or Papyrus; hence, he cannot be considered their father. Keep in mind that this is only a hypothesis; ultimately, the decision is with you.

What is Burgerpants real name?

This individual’s given name is not ″Burgerpants,″ as the moniker suggests; rather, ″Burgerpants″ is only a nickname for him. Nobody knows what his true name is. When it was suggested to call the deceased person ‘BPants,’ the answer was, ″You are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.″ [Scraping the bottom of the barrel]

Where can I buy Glamburgers?

At the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, you can get your hands on some delicious Glamburgers. Before engaging in combat with Mettaton, the protagonist has the opportunity to retrieve a Glamburger from a trash can located in the Core at Warrior’s Path.

What is the strongest weapon in Undertale pacifist?

What other than the Real Knife is the most powerful weapon in Undertale? | Fandom. It may be found in the portion of Asgore’s house that serves as Chara and Asriel’s bedroom. It’s true that the stick is the crudest weapon, but you should still use it if you don’t want to get into a battle. (Only if you intend to take the Pacifist Route.)

What does the steak in the shape of Mettaton’s face do?

Consumable item served at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, the Steak in the Shape of Mettaton’s Face is shaped like the face of Mettaton. Only one can be bought at a time. Only the Instant Noodles in Serious Mode and the Hush Puppy always heal more HP than the Steak does, but the Steak restores the most HP out of any dish that can be purchased with GOLD.

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How do you make a dog salad?


  1. Mustard, vinegar, sugar, and roughly three tablespoons of vegetable oil should be mixed together and placed in the bottom of a big bowl. After adding the onions, cabbage, romaine, tomatoes, and pickles, toss the salad to combine everything.
  2. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat in a large nonstick skillet
  3. Pile the salad high on the plates, then top each with a grilled hot dog, and serve

What does dog residue do?

If you maintain only one Dog Residue, you will always have a farmable source of GOLD, since you will be able to sell it to the Tem Shop in Temmie Village indefinitely.

Can I take the legendary artifact Undertale?

Unfortunately, the artifact is not present in any of the game’s files. If you somehow manage to alter your inventory so that the dog is no longer there, and then interact with the artifact, the game will simply tell you ″*.″ (This will never happen.)

How do you beat Muffet without a Spider Donut?

Proceed to sans’s hot dog stand and purchase a sufficient quantity of hot dogs there. Consume one every round and a half. Accept the mercy of Muffet when it is offered.

How do you skip the Muffet fight?

If you purchase an item from one of the two Spider Bake sales (either the Spider Donut or the Spider Cider) and use it in combat, Muffet can be instantly spared without the need to engage in combat with her. You can purchase these items at either of the two Spider Bake locations.

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Who created Muffet?

Michelle Czajkowski, the author of the webcomic Ava’s Demon, is the one responsible for the creation of Muffet. According to the person who created Muffet, her exact age has never been determined.

How do you spare Froggit in Undertale?

In order for Froggit to be spared, the protagonist must either flatter it or threaten it. The very first planned encounter with a Froggit may be defeated with a single hit and awards sufficient experience to automatically advance to Level 2.

What does mystery key open in Undertale?

The item known as the Mystery Key may be purchased from Bratty and Catty. It’s been described by Bratty and Catty as ″? Probably to the residence of someone LOL.’ It allows access to the residence that is directly next door to Napstablook’s.

How do you get the apron in Undertale?

A piece of armor known as the Stained Apron may be discovered in Hotland. It may be found to the south of the chamber that serves as the crossroads on the Right Floor 2. The Burnt Pan is the defensive equivalent of this move.

How do you spare pyrope?

Pyrope’s attack power may be permanently reduced by choosing the Cool Down option first. To save time, press the ″Heat Up″ button at least twice.

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