What Is The World Record For Hotdog Eating?

Joey Chestnut holds the record for most hot dogs eaten in ten minutes, with 76 in total.At the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2021, he set an impressive new world record, and he plans to compete again this year with the goal of defending and maybe breaking his record.After defeating Geoffrey Esper and Nick Wehry, both of whom ate a total of 50 hot dogs and buns, he set the record in 2021 to set himself apart from the competition.

World Champion of the Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2022 Joey Chestnut presently holds the title of world champion of the hot dog eating contest. In 2021, he established a new record by eating 76 hot dogs and buns in one sitting.

What’s the record for hot dogs eaten at a hot dog contest?

Chestnut actually beat that figure in a qualifying event before to the tournament with a mind-boggling 73.5 hot dogs swallowed, which is why he holds the record for the most number of hot dogs eaten in a single competition at 70.

Who has the record for eating the most hot dogs?

  1. ″A Different Story″ (aired on July 4, 1996) features Jeannie Moos of CNN reporting on the competition
  2. The film ″Red, White, and Yellow″ (1998)
  3. ″A Hot Dog Program: An All-American, Culinary Cruise Through Hot Dog History″ (1999)
  4. ″Hot Dog: The Movie″ (2001).
  5. ″Gut Busters″ was produced for television by Discovery Channel in 2002
  6. ″Footlong″ (2002), not the short film with the same name that was released in 2003
  7. ‘The Tsunami – Takeru Kobayashi’ (2003) Japanese
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Who is the current hot dog eating champion?

  1. Hot dogs without buns: the New York State Fair recorded 110 bunless hot dogs sold in only ten minutes
  2. Bunless hot dogs: sixty bunless hot dogs sold at the Texas State Fair on October 12, 2012 in two minutes and thirty-five seconds
  3. Rice balls: ‘Food Battle Club’ on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television saw competitors make 150 rice balls (around 20 pounds) in 30 minutes

What is the record time for eating 30 hot dogs?

Kingdom of England (Redditch) When: the 11th of April, 2021 The record for eating a hot dog without using your hands is 18.15 seconds, which was accomplished by Leah Shutkever of the United Kingdom in Redditch, United Kingdom, on April 11, 2021.Leah is a speed eater who has broken multiple Guinness World Records in the past, and she continues to break records.Our website always has the most recent version of any record you could be looking for.

What is the record for most hot dogs eaten in one minute?

What is the record for the maximum number of hot dogs consumed in one minute? Andre Ortolf from Germany set the record for the most hot dogs manufactured in one minute with 11. This accomplishment was done in Augsburg, HOW WE MADE THE WORLD’S LARGEST HOT DOG

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