What Us City Puts French Fries On Sandwich?

PITTSBURGH — Have you ever found yourself wondering how the famous Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh managed to sneak French fries onto their sandwiches? Let’s begin with a brief overview of the sandwich shop chain’s origins. What was the secret to Primanti Bros.

Is putting French fries on a salad a good idea?

It doesn’t really make a difference what kind of dressing you get, what kind of cheese or protein you get, but you can’t leave out the French fries. In point of fact, I’m here to tell you that not only is it a really excellent idea to put French fries on a salad, but that it should pretty much be a mandatory topping for a salad to have French fries on it.

Do you dip your Fries in fry sauce?

The condiment is referred to as fried sauce for a reason. Guys, this isn’t only for hamburgers and bratwurst. It’s possible that you won’t want to dip your fries in this, but you should absolutely put some on top. When we eat fish and chips, for some reason we exclusively dip our fries in the tartar sauce. This is something that we will never be able to explain.

Are you eating your French fries in the Same Ol’ketchup?

We are prepared to wager that the vast majority of you are dipping your french fries in the same old ketchup that you have been using since the day you were born when you are eating them.We have just one word for that, and that word is ″BORING.″ Guys, it’s time to shake things up a bit here.The value of French fries should be higher than that.There is nothing in particular that we have against ketchup.

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Why do we love French fries so much?

It’s impossible to argue against the deliciousness of French fries. At restaurants, these golden sticks of happiness are the motivation behind why we order particular foods. (Seriously.) They bring about an instant improvement to burgers, are responsible for half of the reason that we enjoy fish and chips, and just generally make the world a better place.

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