Who Isgeoffrey Doner?

A specialist in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Geoffrey P. Doner practices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is linked with a number of hospitals in the surrounding region. Between six and ten years have passed since he began his career.

Who is Dr Doner?

After taking a trip around the country, there was no place that Dr.Doner would have preferred to begin his career more than in the community that he was born and raised in.Since opening his medical practice in Colorado Springs in 2013, Dr.

  • Doner has had the special privilege of working as the team doctor for the United States Junior Basketball Team on two separate occasions, as well as for the Colorado Switchbacks Football Club.

Why choose Doner sports medicine?

Due to the fact that Dr.Doner was born and raised in Colorado, he has a deep understanding of what it means to residents of the state to live an active lifestyle.He is committed to assisting his patients in achieving their objective of getting back on the ski slopes, hiking trails, or wherever else their active lives are taking them.

  • Cincinnati Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, for the Fellowship.

Who is Jeffrey Jeffrey Dahmer?

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Why choose Doner arthroscopy?

In spite of the fact that fracture treatment and arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee, and hip are among his areas of expertise, Dr. Doner takes great satisfaction in the fact that his practice extends well beyond his excellent surgical talents.

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