Why Wouldnt A Person Want To Be An Organ Doner?

  • Why is the donation of organs so important?
  • According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, the contribution of a single individual can have a beneficial effect on more than 80 other individuals.
  • Just one donation from a person who has passed away can improve the quality of life for seventy-five people and save eight lives.
  • According to Dr.

Welch, ″We need to be generous and support one another.″

Why this post attracts organ donors like myself?

Because it questions our worldviews, this piece encourages organ donors like me to come forward. I was curious as to how a someone could possibly think of seven reasons that are sound enough to justify not being an organ donor. However, it also appeals to those who have made the decision not to donate organs since it validates their choice.

Why should you be an organ donor?

  • Because humans have two kidneys but only require one of them to function, it is possible to remove the kidney from a living donor in its entirety.
  • It is possible to remove portions of the liver, lungs, pancreas, or intestines, and the body will find a way to function normally even without those organs.
  • 2.
  • You have the potential to rescue more than one life.

When you make the decision to become an organ donor, you are having an effect on the lives of more than one individual.

Why would my organs be rejected for donation?

  • There are only few situations in which a donor hospital would refuse to take organs from a patient.
  • In the absence of current malignancy or a systemic infection, it is quite likely that your organs are of sufficient health to be transplanted.
  • Common health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which are reasons why some individuals may believe they might become disqualified, are not, in and of themselves, grounds for rejection.
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Do non-donors really donate organs?

It’s a sensitive issue, and non-donors aren’t always eager to answer it because they don’t want to offend anyone. However, according to the opinions of those in the know, there is a significant gap between the number of individuals who claim to be on board with the concept of organ donation and the number of people who actually sign up to be donors.

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