Arguments For Why A Hotdog Isnt A Sandwich?

The manner in which a hot dog is prepared and consumed is the primary distinction between a hot dog and a sandwich. Even with the various iterations of a standard sandwich, the components are usually always cut into thin slices or flattened, and the sandwich is always consumed with a top and a bottom piece of bread that can be distinguished from one another.

Because it is a hot dog and not a sandwich, a hot dog cannot be considered a sandwich. Bread functions as a delivery system, specifically a ballistic delivery system. In my opinion, this is not a traditional sandwich at all. If you went into any store that sold high-quality hot dogs and asked for a sandwich made with hot dogs, the employees there would undoubtedly call the FBI on you.

Why is a hot dog not a sandwich?

One thing that sets a hot dog apart from other sandwiches and food items that are sandwiched is the fact that it is oriented vertically. They do not at all resemble sandwiches structurally, and the filling is of a tubular and cylindrical shape, which is a quality that is exclusive to hot dogs and sausages. The only sandwiches that come close are croissants.

Why do they call it a hot dog bun?

The hot dog bun, which was at one time used to shield the hands of the diner from the heat of the tube meat it encased, has since become practically synonymous with the tube meat it encases and is the impetus behind the controversy that surrounds this well-known and delicious dish. A dog cooked in the traditional manner. Is a hot dog the same thing as a sandwich?

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Why do people put condiments on hot dogs?

People had a strong belief that some condiments could only go with one or the other, and the ″open-air″ nature of the hot dog allowed them to load on certain toppings that they wouldn’t put on a sandwich. People believed strongly that certain condiments only went with one or the other.

What is the job of a hot dog?

In contrast to the straightforward sandwich, the ″task″ of a hot dog extends beyond just satiating one’s appetite. Whether they are consumed at a Fourth of July barbecue or at a major league game, hot dogs are always a sign that there is some type of party going on.

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