Arguments On Why A Hotdog Is A Sandwitch?

Even the professionals in the field of linguistics have come to a conclusion: Because ″the definition of sandwich is ‘two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between,’″ Merriam-Webster has definitively come down on the side that a hot dog IS a sandwich.This is due to the fact that ″the definition of sandwich is ‘two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between,’″

Why is a hot dog not a sandwich?

In conclusion, many people believe that a hot dog is not a sandwich due to the fact that it does not ″feel″ like a sandwich. This is essentially the Justice Potter Stewart criteria for determining whether or not something is a sandwich. But I want to know: What does it feel like to eat a sandwich?

Why do they call it a hot dog bun?

The hot dog bun, which was at one time used to shield the hands of the diner from the heat of the tube meat it encased, has since become practically synonymous with the tube meat it encases and is the impetus behind the controversy that surrounds this well-known and delicious dish. A dog cooked in the traditional manner. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Does ketchup belong on a hot dog?

Even if its appearance and composition are similar to those of a sandwich, it really ought to be considered on its own merits and accorded its own sub-genre. Whether or whether the hot dog is on a sandwich, Mittenthal and Quinn are in agreement about one thing: ketchup does not belong on a hot dog. ‘ Even if I had it, I wouldn’t sell it in the shop.

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Are hot dogs and burgers in the same family?

Food items with three layers, such as the reuben sandwich, chicken breast sandwich, and even hamburgers for that matter, are all simply variations of sandwiches, as is demonstrated by the fact that hamburgers are a member of the sandwich family.However, although having an appearance that is comparable to that of burgers and sandwiches, hot dogs do not belong to the same family as these other foods.

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