How To Make Fried Bologna Sandwiches?

What are some good bologna sandwich recipes?

  • Directions Spread one slice of bread with mayonnaise and the other slice with yellow mustard. Heat a medium skillet or griddle pan over medium-high heat. Make a 1-inch X in the center of each piece of bologna to keep it from curling up in the Transfer the bologna to one of the slices of bread. Top with the chow chow, potato chips and lettuce.

How do you make Snoop Dogg’s fried bologna sandwich?

Snoop Dogg’s OG Fried Bologna Sandwich

  1. 3 slices bologna.
  2. 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter.
  3. 2 slices white bread.
  4. 1 tsp. yellow mustard.
  5. 3 slices American cheese.
  6. Barbecue potato chips, as many as you want.

Who makes the best fried bologna sandwich?

The World’s Best Fried Bologna Sandwich Can Be Found Right Here In Ohio At G & R Tavern

  • G & R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio is a must-stop when you’re in the area.
  • The legendary sandwich features thick sliced bologna, sweet sandwich pickles, onions and American cheese served on a hamburger bun.

What is fried bologna called?

Newfoundlanders call fried bologna slices ” newfie steaks.” In Appalachia, bologna was a breakfast meat and “a savory supper offering, says Victuals author Ronni Lundy.

Does frying bologna make it healthier?

“Is a fried bologna sandwich worse for your health than a normal bologna sandwich?” Most definitely, yes. As Richard Widman and Ed Elford both point out, the frying process typically adds some oils or fats.

Why is bologna bad for you?

Lunch meats, including deli cold cuts, bologna, and ham, make the unhealthy list because they contain lots of sodium and sometimes fat as well as some preservatives like nitrites. Some experts suspect that certain substances used as preservatives in meats may change into cancer-causing compounds in the body.

Can you eat bologna raw?

So, back to answering your question: if you are fit and healthy, your risk of problems from eating either bologna, straight-from-the-package frankfurters, or other RTE meats is very low, but it is present. If you are elderly or in poor health, or with compromised immune system, I would avoid raw foods, period.

What does fried bologna taste like?

What Does Bologna Taste Like? It has a taste all it’s own, but if pressed, I would say that bologna tastes most like hot dog meat.

Does fried bologna taste better?

Bologna just tastes better after the fat in it has been heated by frying it. The secret is in the fats. In cold cuts the fats have a tendency to smear on the tongue rather than melt (also why most Charcuterie is served at room temp). The fats contain a lot of the flavor and nitrates.

Is fried bologna sandwiches a southern thing?

The Southern Fried Bologna Sandwich is A Classic To Try A staple in the South, the fried bologna sandwich has been on diner and cafeteria menus for countless years. Normally served on white bread with yellow mustard and crispy bologna slices, the classic fried bologna sandwich is as American as American cheese.

What is the difference between baloney and bologna?

“Bologna” is the name of a city in Italy, pronounced “boh-LOAN-ya.” But although the sausage named after the city in English is spelled the same, it is prononced “buh-LOAN-ee” and is often spelled “ baloney.” Either spelling is acceptable for the sliced meat product.

Why does bologna have the red string?

A: That “red string” is just the sausage casing that wasn’t removed before slicing, and with the advent of caseless sausage processing there is no casing to slice, so no “red string”. The process was patented in 1982.

Are bologna and hot dogs the same thing?

“Bologna is essentially a very large hot dog that is sliced into slices,” he added. “And so, you know, what is being shared is basically bologna. And there’s a lot of different styles of bologna, but one of the styles is a large hot dog that’s sliced into slices.”

Are hot dogs and bologna the same meat?

Bologna fits into the USDA definition of cured, cooked sausages which also includes hot dogs, cooked bratwursts and knockwurst, made from different kinds of chopped or ground meats which have been seasoned, cooked and/or smoked. The bologna is cooked or smoked and then either packaged whole or sliced.

Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe –

This is a fried bologna sandwich that I used to eat on a regular basis as a kid. Many of my favorite sandwiches are included on this page, but I did not notice this one.


Amount Per Serving:1 (108) g Servings Per Recipe:1 AMT. PER SERVING percent Amount Per Serving:1 (108) g PERFORMANCE ON A DAILY BASIS Nutritional Values: Calories: 282.1 Calories from Fat: 127 g45% Total fat 14.2 g21 percent of total fat 5.8 g28 percent of total fat is saturated fat. Carbohydrates (total): 28.4 g (nine percent) 1.7 g6 percent of the daily recommended fiber intake Sugars 2.3 g9 percent 2.3 g9 percent


  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium high heat until shimmering
  • Prepare bologna by cutting a split through its center and all the way through to its end
  • Place the bologna in the hot oil
  • Both sides should be browned. While the last side is cooking, sprinkle the cheese on top. Using mustard, spread both sides of the bread. Place bologna between slices of bread and eat it up


“This is a fried bologna sandwich that I used to eat on a regular basis as a kid.” “I notice a lot of my favorite sandwiches on this list, but I didn’t see this particular sandwich.”


Fried Bologna, also known as Fried Baloney, is one of those classic sandwiches from back in the day. Soft white bread, a smear of mustard, and crispy fried bologna are the perfect combination!


I understand that the title of this recipe is “Fried Bolgona Sandwich,” but does anyone actually pronounce it as “Bologna”? We don’t have any. We think it’s a load of hogwash. Because we don’t actually speak the sandwich portion, I suppose I should have dubbed this Fried Baloneys instead. A sandwich is often considered to be fried baloney when you say you’d like some fried baloney.


  • Anyone who has had fried baloney knows that it is important to get it just right. There are a variety of methods, garnishes, and condiments that people like using. And you probably enjoy it in whatever form your mother prepared it. Obviously this is the correct way to do it
  • If you don’t make any cuts in it, it will blow out into a bowl-like form if you don’t make any cuts. For a crispy treat, I prefer to cut out small triangles and cook them separately, but you may also simply cut slits on each side of the triangles. This is something I’ve only recently discovered how to prepare by cutting off the pieces
  • If tomatoes are in season, serving it with a good ripe slice of tomato on top is out of this world. It all depends on the environment in which you grew up. However, no matter what you add on it, it remains an inexpensive but delicious sandwich that transports you back to your youth.


  • Butter (or margarine) with salt
  • Thickly sliced bologna
  • White bread
  • Yellow mustard
  • And any additional condiments you choose, such as mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, sliced cheese, pickles, and lettuce


Bologna slices can be cut into two Pac-Man shaped triangles, or the bologna can be sliced into two slits on either side of the slice (optional). Place a pat of butter in a pan over medium heat and cook until melted (about a tablespoon). If you find that you need to add additional butter while you’re cooking them, simply do so. That beautiful crispy edge will be provided by the butter in this recipe. As soon as the butter has melted, begin frying your bologna. After that, you’ll want to cook it until it gets the right shade of red or orange.

  • Crispy edges are something I enjoy.
  • I also include the small shapes that I have cut out.
  • When it’s completed, spread it on your toast and enjoy.
  • It adds a little more crunch to the dish.
  • My hubby prefers mayonnaise solely on his sandwiches.
  • It does, however, serve as a convenient little receptacle for a lovely slice of tomato on top.
  • And take a vacation back in time to a time when things were simpler.


  • 12 tablespoons salted butter
  • 4 slices thick bologna
  • 8 slices white bread
  • Yellow mustard, mayo, sliced tomatoes, American cheese, pickles or lettuce
  • 12 teaspoons salt
  • 12 teaspoons sugar
  • On either side of the slice of bologna, cut a Pac-Man (triangle form) into the meat (optional). If you want, you may just cut slits in the fabric. Place a pat of butter in a pan over medium heat and cook until melted (about a tablespoon). If you find yourself needing additional butter when making them, simply add a little more. Immediately begin frying the bologna when the butter has melted. After that, you’ll want to cook it until it gets the right shade of red or orange. At the very least, flipping it over
  • As soon as it is cooked, sandwich it between two slices of white bread coated with mustard.
  • You may also toast your bread if that is more to your liking. It adds a little more crunch to the dish. Dress it up with any condiments you choose, such as mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes
  • And

The following are the calories: 244kcal|26g carbohydrate|8g protein|11g fat |4g saturated fat|24mg cholesterol|Sodium:539mg potassium:145mg fiber:1g sugar:3 g vitamin A:110IU vitamin C:0.2 mg calcium:154mg iron:2.1mg sodium:539mg potassium:145mg iron:2.1mg Notice Regarding Nutrition Originally published in August 2012, updated in February 2020, and reposted in February 2020 Like the majority of you, I’m an ordinary home chef who does all in my power to put a decent meal on the table for my family.

I like to refer to the recipes on this site as “recipes for the time-pressed chef” (you know who you are).

Putting a delicious supper on the table is still possible if you use a few shortcuts to assist you along the way. I hope you’ll find plenty of dishes that you’ll enjoy and that will become family favorites as a result of your visit. More information may be found here.

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How to Fry Bologna

A beautiful (and sometimes preferred) meat that can be used as a breakfast side dish, sandwich meat, lovely snack or even as the main course at dinner. Fried bologna is hot, crispy, and perfectly flavorful. Allow me to demonstrate how to fried bologna to perfection, every single time!

Why This Recipe Works

  • Get that sharp edge you’ve been looking for
  • While the bologna is cooking, make sure it is laid flat in the pan. It makes use of less expensive beef while yet providing all of the taste you desire

Here’s How It’s Done.

STEP 1: Remove the red casing from the exterior of the bologna and set it aside for later. STEP 2: Melt some butter in a skillet over medium heat. 3rd step: Make four cuts around the rim of the pan and then a tiny incision in the center of the pan. Fry for 1-2 minutes on one side over medium heat before flipping and repeating the process on the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

OH! The dreaded bologna curl, to be precise! In the absence of guidance, you will be battling that piece of bologna until it falls off your plate. Believe me when I say that you will not win. You have to be aware of the trap! Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a 12 inch incision into the edge of the bologna in at least three or four places around the perimeter of the sandwich. Making cuts at the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the bologna might be a good place to start. Keep this cut in mind or you’ll have a bubble in the centre of your cake. Cut a slice in the center of the pie to let heated air to escape
  2. BOOM! bologna a la plancha
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Can You Fry Bologna Without Oil?

Yes, I like to cook my in butter rather than oil. Alternatively, cooking spray might be used. In a nonstick pan, you should be able to cook your bologna without needing to add any other ingredients to the pan at all. If you don’t do this, your bologna will most likely cling to the pan.

Can I Fry Bologna In My Air Fryer?

Yes, of course it is possible! Give it a quick spritz with cooking spray and then fry it up!

  1. Cut the bologna slice into four pie-shaped pieces and place them between the bars of the rack
  2. Bake for 30 minutes. Spray them with a small amount of cooking spray
  3. And Machine should be preheated at 400 degrees for 5 minutes.

Can I Microwave Bologna?

Yes, it is possible to microwave bologna, but you will not be able to get the crispy browning markings that are characteristic of fried bologna in the microwave. To cook your bologna in the microwave, follow these steps:

  1. Place the bologna on a microwave-safe dish and chop the sides and centre as shown in the diagram below. Microwave for 20 seconds on high power
  2. Remove the bologna and turn it over to the other side, repeating the process until the bologna is cooked completely.

Do I Have To Cook Bologna?

Nope! Because the bologna has already been cooked thoroughly, it may be eaten right out of the container. I believe that was the way I ate the majority of my school lunches throughout my youth!

What Does Bologna Taste Like?

Although it has a distinct flavor of its own, if forced to choose, I would say that bologna tastes the most like hot dog flesh.

How Can I Use Bologna?

You may use bologna in a variety of dishes.

  • Make sandwiches
  • Fry with onions and potatoes
  • Bake in the oven
  • In casseroles, use as a substitute. As a breakfast meat
  • There are several more applications

Is Fried Bologna a Southern Thing

Actually, I’m not sure if this is a uniquely southern phenomenon or not. I’ve had fried bologna my entire life (which has been a very long time), but I reside in the south and was reared by parents who are from the south. It’s true that I spent my whole childhood in the North, and I’m not sure if my Ohio buddies like fried bologna or not.

Is It OK to Eat Bologna Raw?

Yes, it is not raw; rather, it has already been cooked. You may eat as much as you want! That was the major sandwich meat of my upbringing, although I never once ate it cooked in any form.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is essential to make the correct cuts so that your bologna does not curl, as well as the one in the center, in order to avoid a large bubble in your bologna. That’s all there is to it
  • You’ll also want your pan to be hot when you put the bologna in it. My bologna is cooked in butter, and when the butter begins to brown, it is time to add the bologna to the skillet. Finding that splash of color is critical to infusing a little personality into the bologna
  • Finally, purchase a high-quality bologna. I’ve discovered that the low-cost variants are completely devoid of taste. So choose for a well-known brand
  • In our household, thick-sliced bologna is the de facto standard. Personally, I prefer to get it in a chub and then slice it to the desired thickness. Nonetheless, be the king or queen of your own kitchen
  • What’s in the bologna, for example. Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 slice of thick-cut bologna
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Melt butter in a 9-inch frying pan (cast iron is preferred, but any heavy-bottomed frying pan will suffice) over medium heat until melted
  • Remove the red ring from the exterior of the bologna and set it aside. Cut a 1 to 2 inch slice into the edge of the Bologna at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions, as well as a tiny 1/4 to 12 inch slice into the middle of the Bologna
  • Set aside. When the butter has begun to brown, add the bologna to the frying pan and cook until done. Cook for 2 minutes on one side alone. Repeat the process on the other side. Remove from the frying pan and serve while still hot. season with salt and pepper to taste
  • It is essential to make the correct cuts so that your bologna does not curl, as well as the one in the center, in order to avoid a large bubble in your bologna. That’s all there is to it
  • You’ll also want your pan to be hot when you put the bologna in it. I cook mine in butter, and when the butter begins to brown, that’s when I add the bologna to the pan. Finding that splash of color is critical to infusing a little personality into the bologna
  • Finally, purchase a high-quality bologna. I’ve discovered that the low-cost variants are completely devoid of taste. So choose for a well-known brand
  • In our household, thick-sliced bologna is the de facto standard. Personally, I prefer to get it in a chub and then slice it to the desired thickness. Be the king or queen of your own kitchen, though, if you choose to be so.

Nutritional Values How to Cook Bologna in the Oven Calories in a single serving: 188 calories calories from fat 162 percent of daily value* fat18 g calories from fat 10 g of Saturated Fatty Acids (28%) Cholesterol is 50% of the total. Sodium (370mg) at a 16 percent concentration Potassium is 15% of the total. 3 percent Carbohydrates2g1 percent Sugar1g1 percent Protein4g 3 percent Carbohydrates2g 8 percent Vitamin A355IU7 percent Calcium24mg 8 percent Vitamin A355IU7 percent Calcium 1 gram of iron1 gram of magnesium6 percent A 2000-calorie diet is used to calculate the percent Daily Values (%DV).

Luke 9:48 (NIV) Afterwards, he told them that whoever welcomed a baby named Jesus in my name was also welcoming me, and whoever welcomed me was also welcoming the one who sent me. Because the greatest among you all is the one who is the least of all of you.

Tricked-Out Classic: Fried Bologna and Cheese Sandwich

Nutrition Facts(per serving)
552 Calories
38g Fat
36g Carbs
17g Protein

Display the Complete Nutrition Label Hide the entire nutrition label

Nutrition Facts
Servings: 1
Amount per serving
Calories 552
% Daily Value*
Total Fat38g 48%
Saturated Fat 10g 49%
Cholesterol51mg 17%
Sodium1133mg 49%
Total Carbohydrate36g 13%
Dietary Fiber 2g 6%
Total Sugars 7g
Vitamin C 0mg 2%
Calcium 409mg 31%
Iron 3mg 17%
Potassium 312mg 7%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Nutrition information is generated using an ingredient database and should be regarded as an educated guess at this time. However, there are several creative ways to dress up the standard bologna sandwich to make it more intriguing for your lunchtime repast. Cooks in the South, for example, add a unique touch to this sandwich by frying the bologna beforehand before assembling it. Basically, they just set the bologna slices on a lightly oiled griddle or nonstick skillet and cook them until they are browned on both sides.

Click Play to See This Fried Bologna Sandwich with Cheese Recipe Come Together

  • 1 tbspcanola oil
  • 1 to 2 slicesthick-cutbologna
  • 1 slice American cheese
  • 1 tbspmayonnaise
  • 2 sliceswhite bread
  1. Gather all of the necessary components. The Spruce / Kristina Vanni
  2. In a nonstick sauté pan, heat canola oil over medium-high heat until shimmering. Kristina Vanni of The Spruce writes, “Place the bologna in a skillet and cook until brown, about 1 to 2 minutes on each side.” The Spruce / Kristina Vanni
  3. Remove skillet from heat and top with a piece of American cheese before serving. The Spruce / Kristina Vanni: Spread mayonnaise on the insides of both slices of bread and top with fried bologna and melted cheese on one piece of bread, then repeat on the other. Place the second piece of bread on top and cut into slices to serve. The Spruce / Kristina Vanni
  4. The Spruce / Kristina Vanni


  • When it comes to fried bologna sandwiches, the major attraction is unquestionably the sandwich itself. Any accompanying side dishes are therefore secondary in importance. The heaviness—and the guilt—of this sandwich, on the other hand, can be countered by these vegetables. Cream or vinegar slaw, fresh tomatoes (if they are not on the sandwich), macaroni salad with vegetables, or potato salad are all good options. French fries or potato chips are less nutritious but still delicious alternatives
  • The best possibilities are those cooked in a kettle with sea salt and vinegar, sea salt and pepper, or plain variants. Instead of white bread, artisan or French bread, or a brioche bun can be used to create a more sophisticated version of this modest lunchtime sandwich. Additionally, you may cook the finished sandwich in a little butter for a crispy outside and an even more indulgent meal.

Recipe Variations

  • Although this sandwich is wonderful as is, you may experiment with additional ingredients and condiments to make it a little more interesting. Insert a slice or two of tomato into the sandwich to give it a splash of color and some nutritional value. Alternatively, serve with chili for a substantial meal that’s packed with meat and flavor. This sandwich is also wonderful with a layer of coleslaw snuggled in the middle
  • If you want to give it a little more bite, consider substituting mustard for the mayo. Alternatively, you may use the traditional yellow mustard, which is the mildest, but if you like more heat, put on a touch of spicy brown mustard, which amps up the heat and is robust enough to match the strong flavor of fried bologna. When used on a fried bologna sandwich, Dijon mustard packs a powerful punch, but in a more refined fashion, while whole-grain mustard combines the zing of Dijon with a substantial amount of texture, making it a gratifying choice on a fried bologna sandwich.

This recipe has received a rating. This does not sit well with me. It’s hardly the worst case scenario. Yes, this will suffice. I’m a fan, and I’d suggest it. Amazing! It’s fantastic! Thank you for your feedback!

WATCH: Why There’s Nothing Like a Fried Bologna Sandwich

The fragrance of fried bologna may transport you straight back to your childhood kitchen table with your mother. We all know that fried bologna (called baloney, no matter how it’s written) sandwiches are a great compromise between emotional Southern comfort food and charming vintage party fodder, and they’re easy to make. However you prepare it, this is an excellent dinner that is a step beyond the usual cold sandwich that is assembled in the flinty blue light of an open refrigerator door. Making a decent fried bologna sandwich falls under the category of home cuisine.

The principle is straightforward: A thin circular slice of bologna (peeled from a box) or a thicker slab of bologna (carved from a complete log) is reheated in a hot skillet until sizzling and browned before it is placed on the bread, bringing out the salty fattiness that we desire in cured pig products.

  • Cooks with experience know to clip the ends of the bologna slice or score the middle of the slice with an X to prevent it from buckling, warping, or bubbling in their skillet.
  • Furthermore, it increases the surface area of the food that comes into touch with the skillet, resulting in a slight browning of the food.
  • (You can also add lettuce, tomato, and pickles if you want to spice it up.) It is only after the bologna is heated that the cheese melts just enough to help hold everything together.
  • Fried bologna sandwiches are elevated above cold lunchbox food because of the warmth and immediate nature of the meal.
  • Additionally, they were a popular and cost-effective lunch counter dish in our respective little hometowns.
  • It is true that the higher the quality of the bologna, the better it is.

Remove a pan from the oven and prepare a well-constructed fried bologna sandwich if it has been a while since you last had one. The initial mouthful can rekindle a memory, and the following bites might rekindle a desire for the food. Fried baloney is just what the doctor ordered.

Fried Bologna Sandwich

  • 2 slice(s) of Eckrich Bologna, deli-sliced 2slice(s)
  • 1tsp.Margarine – stick1tsp
  • 2tsp.Spicy brown mustard2tsp
  • 2slice(s)White bread2slice(s)
  • 1slice(s)American cheese1slice(s)
  • 2slice(s)White bread2slic
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  1. Make a cut from the centre to the edge of each bologna slice to prevent it from puffing up. Fleischmann’s should be melted in a medium pan over medium heat. Cook the bologna slices until they are browned on both sides. 1 teaspoon mustard should be spread on each slice of bread. One of the bread slices should be topped with bologna and cheese. Place the second bread piece on top, mustard side down, and press down. Serve as soon as possible

You Make Your Own Decisions.


  • 2 slice(s) of Eckrich Bologna, deli-sliced 2slice(s)
  • 1tsp.Margarine – stick1tsp
  • 2tsp.Spicy brown mustard2tsp
  • 2slice(s)White bread2slice(s)
  • 1slice(s)American cheese1slice(s)
  • 2slice(s)White bread2slic

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Mashed up images courtesy of Angela Latimer The combination of mustard, bologna, and bread is unparalleled when it comes to preparing a great yet quick dinner at any time of the day (yes, even breakfast). However, chef and recipe creator Angela Latimer of Bake it with Love has created a gourmet version of the fried bologna sandwich dish by including cheddar cheese, garlic butter, Dijon mustard and a toasted ciabatta bread into her version of the lunchtime favorite. As Latimer explains, “this is a very simple sandwich to put together.” “Because the bologna cooks fast, it’s just a matter of getting everything ready to assemble and enjoying the sandwich while it’s still hot.” Latimer recommends serving this classic meal with a bowl of fresh fruit, a small salad, or potatoes, however it may be served on its own as well.

Whether you choose to serve it with a side dish or not, this gourmet fried bologna sandwich recipe just takes 8 minutes to prepare, so you’ll be tucking into the fried bologna in no time.

Gather the ingredients for the Gourmet Fried Bologna Sandwich

Mashed up images courtesy of Angela Latimer First and foremost, you’ll need to gather the items for your sandwich assembly. A ciabatta roll, 1 tablespoon of room temperature butter, 12 teaspoon of garlic salt (or equal parts garlic powder and salt), four to five slices of bologna (the outer peel can be removed if necessary), two slices of sharp white cheddar cheese, two leaves of green leaf lettuce, three to four slices of red onion, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, and 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard are all you’ll need to make one delicious sandwich.

Make the garlic butter and toast the buns

Mashed up images courtesy of Angela Latimer Once the butter and garlic salt are fully combined, add the lemon juice and mix until the lemon juice is evenly spread throughout the butter. Then, using a spatula, evenly distribute the butter mixture between the top and bottom buns of the ciabatta roll.

Using a large skillet or frying pan, cook the ingredients over medium heat. Prepare a frying pan with cooking spray and brown the top and bottom buns for 1 to 2 minutes, or until they are golden. Remove the buns from the pan and place them on a cooling rack.

Heat the bologna

Mashed up images courtesy of Angela Latimer Remove the exterior peel of the bologna at this point if you haven’t already – that is, if you prefer your bologna without the peel on it. Because the skillet will already be hot from toasting the buns, you may go ahead and add two to four slices of bologna on it, making sure that the pieces do not overlap. Continue cooking until the bologna is done. If the bologna doesn’t fit into the pan, you may have to cook it in batches. The bologna should be seared for about 1 minute each side, or until it is gently browned, then remove it from the pan and cut it into slices and leave them aside.

Assemble the gourmet fried bologna sandwich

Mashed up images courtesy of Angela Latimer Finally, it’s time to put all of the components together and build the gourmet fried bologna sandwich. To begin, apply 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise on the bottom bread of the sandwich. Place the fried bologna slices on top of the bottom bread and press down firmly. For added height, you may fold the slices in half, which is entirely for aesthetic purposes. You can also stack extra slices on top of each other in slightly different orientations to achieve the optimum layering effect.

Finally, put 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard on the top half of the ciabatta bun and close the sandwich.

Pickles are a great complement to any dish if you want to add some extra crunch and flavor.

Recipe for a Gourmet Fried Bologna Sandwich A toasted ciabatta bread, white cheddar, garlic butter, Dijon, and a fried bologna sandwich are the only ingredients in this gourmet fried bologna sandwich recipe you’ll ever need.

  • 1 ciabatta roll
  • 1 tablespoon softened butter
  • 12 teaspoon garlic salt (or 14 teaspoon garlic powder mixed with 14 teaspoon salt)
  • 1 ciabatta roll
  • 1 bologna, cut into 4 to 5 slices, with the outer peel removed if preferred
  • 3-4 slices red onion
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 2 slices sharp white cheddar cheese
  • 2 leaves green leaf lettuce
  1. The butter and garlic salt should be combined until the garlic salt is evenly dispersed throughout the butter. (Optional) Spread the butter mixture on both cut sides of the roll in an even layer. Heat a large skillet or frying pan over medium heat and cook the bun pieces for 1 to 2 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crisped up. Carefully lift the roll out of the pan and set it aside
  2. Place 2 to 4 slices of bologna on a frying pan and arrange them so that they fit without touching one another. The bologna should be seared for about 1 minute per side, or until it is lightly browned
  3. Remove the sliced bologna from the pan and keep it away for later. Continue to cook more slices as needed. Assemble the sandwich as follows: 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise should be spread on the bottom bread. To finish off, arrange the fried bologna slices on top, folding the slices to add height or arranging them so that their folded sides are facing opposite directions to create an appealing layered look. The white sharp cheddar cheese should be sprinkled on top of the heated bologna. Combine the lettuce leaves and thinly sliced red onion in a large mixing bowl. 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard should be spread on the top half of the ciabatta roll before cutting in two. Finish up the sandwich and take a sip of your drink
Calories per Serving 1,186
Total Fat 73.2 g
Saturated Fat 31.6 g
Trans Fat 1.1 g
Cholesterol 168.9 mg
Total Carbohydrates 72.3 g
Dietary Fiber 6.7 g
Total Sugars 13.7 g
Sodium 2,364.9 mg
Protein 43.7 g

Edamam’s best guess based on available ingredients and cooking methods is represented in the table above. It should not be construed as a substitute for the advice of a licensed professional nutritionist.

Grandma’s Pittsburgh Fried Bologna Sandwich

It is possible that posts will include affiliate links. For further information, please refer to myPrivacy Policy. The recipe card may be found at the end of this post. Make careful to read the material since it provides chef tips, substitute suggestions, and answers to frequently asked questions that will help you achieve the first time! There are those days when I miss particular members of my family more than I should. Because I was quite close to my grandmother while I was growing up. My grandmother was the only grandma I knew, and I can recall spending every single Saturday with her for the greatest period of time.

  • Her “numbers” would be played, and then we’d head to the back of the drug shop, where they offered meals to hungry customers.
  • It was a significant occasion for “us.” Now you can see how awesome my Grandma was, and I mean genuinely rockin’ cool.
  • I don’t believe she had an exhaust system installed on her vehicle.
  • No, we’re not kidding – we’re talking about purple or pink.
  • I recall sitting in her teeny-tiny kitchen with her, learning how to bake and hearing her explain how things were done in ‘her days.’ Now, keep in mind that this is the same Grandma who, in an effort to save money one year, opted to serve her Christmas meal on paper plates.
  • Yeah, uh.
  • LOL After all, the going was rough, but that was a first for me.
  • simply in case anything unexpectedly appears that we may require.

Habits are difficult to break, and it’s possible that a part of me uses that time to think about her; I’m still thinking of it as “our time.” We would return to her house after shopping and spend the rest of the day playing Barbies, looking through my countless sticker books, coloring, or simply talking.

  1. Lunch was always her famous fried bologna sandwiches, which she made herself.
  2. As an example, a few weeks ago, I was sitting at home looking through the supermarket circulars and creating my grocery list when I noticed that bologna sausage was on sale.
  3. I just couldn’t stomach that kind of food anymore.
  4. Afterwards, I had the most tremendous longing for one of her Pittsburgh Fried Bologna Sandwiches that came out of nowhere.
  5. Actually, I was thinking of going to the shop and purchasing the supplies for it.
  6. I know, it’s a bit of a spoiler, but if you’re a woman, these are things you have to consider).
  7. So, over the weekend, when doing my grocery shopping, I picked up four slices of bologna (you should have seen the look the deli girl gave me), grape jelly, and white sandwich bread (mainly because I didn’t have any prepared and didn’t want to waste time waiting for it to rise).

As I was putting this together, I kept catching myself smiling from ear to ear, which was kind of amusing.

As I recall, while mom was preparing them for me, she’d put the bag of chips open on the table, and I’d do all I could to steal a few extra chips when she was looking away from the table.

LOL During the time I was plating and cutting through this, I sat there for a while and just felt, I don’t know, sorry because she wasn’t there with me, enjoying her sandwich as well, but I felt soothed, if you will, if you will.

It moved me, this insignificant little sandwich did, and it moved my heart deeply.

And indeed, as I reached for a chip from the bag, I bumped my arm on the side of the bag, causing a crinkle sound, which caused me to giggle a little.

This was, in my opinion, plain and uncomplicated food. What we could afford, but more significantly, what we were able to purchase was something that actually enhanced the quality of my Grandma’s Saturday mornings. Print


  • 4 thick slices of bologna (not garlic)
  • 8 slices white bread
  • 8 thin slices of bologna (not garlic) – I like thin slices, but you may use 4 thicker pieces if you want
  • 1 cup grape jelly
  • 4 tablespoons potatoes chips in usual taste (two cups)
  • One tablespoon butter plus two tablespoons melted butter
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  1. Heat a big skillet over medium heat until it is very hot. Using a grill plate makes this much more effective because you have greater surface area
  2. Nevertheless, 1 tablespoon of butter should be placed in the pan. If you have more than 2 thin slices (1 thick slice) of bologna (or as many you can put in the pan without crowding it), add them in the pan after melting the butter. In order to avoid the bologna from “doming” before placing it in the pan, cut a slit from the edge of the slice to the centre of the slice. Sear the fish for 3-5 minutes each side, or until the edges are golden brown. Cook for another 3 minutes, or until the edges of the bologna are golden brown, before flipping it over. Cooking time will depend on how many times you turn the bologna. Meanwhile, prepare the bread by spreading 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise equally on one side of each piece of bread. So if you’re only frying up two pieces of bologna, you’ll only need to jelly two slices of bread. Place one slice down, jelly side up, and a tiny handful of potato chips on top
  3. Repeat with the other piece. Pick up the fried bologna and set it on top of the potato chips in a single layer. After that, add another tiny handful of chips on top of that, and then take the second piece of bread and place it jelly side down on top of those chips. Using your fingers, gently press down on the sandwich (some chips may shatter, but that’s fine)
  4. To finish, take the melted butter and spread it softly on top of the sandwich
  5. Flip the sandwich over and lay it on the pan with the greased side facing up
  6. Do this gently. Grill each side for 4-5 minutes, or until golden brown, on both sides. If you aren’t using a grill plate, you will need to repeat the procedures for each sandwich.

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Forget everything you thought you knew about bologna sandwiches; this is a contemporary spin on the traditional “fried” bologna sandwich! Bologna is lightly pan-fried before being served up with beer cheese and jalapenos, which are quite simple to make. Frying bologna sandwiches are a comforting reminder of childhood memories and growing up in the 1970s, but they’re also much more than that. With a few minor modernizations, the conventional way of serving up these sandwiches has been elevated to the next level, making them a bit more “classic” and “timeless” in appearance.


What Is A Fried Bologna Sandwich?

Essentially, fried bologna sandwiches are just hot pan-fried bologna deli meat that has been pan-fried till faintly crunchy. We can’t just leave it at that, can we? The bologna used to be served on simple white bread in the olden days. A couple of our own gourmet tweaks will be used to genuinely make this sandwich more distinct and savory.


  • The following ingredients are required: shaved bologna
  • Cubed Velveeta (preferably queso flavored)
  • Milk
  • Beer (anything you have in the fridge
  • I would avoid anything too dark)
  • Jalapenos, sliced and pickled
  • Substitute rolls

Please refer to the recipe card below for the specific measurements and amounts required for this dish.

How To Make A Fried Bologna Sandwich

  1. Heat a big skillet over medium heat, sprayed with nonstick spray and coated with cooking spray. Add the shaved bologna and “fry” it in the skillet until it is crispy. It’s important to stir the bologna occasionally with tongs or a fork to prevent it from sticking to the pan and to ensure that each piece becomes crispy
  2. In a small saucepan, cook the cubed processed cheese and milk over medium heat until the cheese is melted. Continue to stir until the mixture is completely smooth. Pour in the beer using a whisk. Using two buns, divide the crispy bologna between them, sprinkle with cheese, and then top with jalapenos


  • Onions. The fried bologna sandwiches with onions are a favorite of many, and who could blame them? The addition of toasted caramelized onions would definitely enhance the flavor of this sammie, so if you’re feeling ambitious, saute up some onions in a skillet until softened and beginning to brown, and then put in the bologna and cook according to package directions
  • Shaved bologna. You should be able to obtain some “shaved bologna” rather easy by just asking the deli counter employee at your local grocery store’s meat area for some of their product. It simply means that they will cut it fresh in a certain way in order to give you the shredded appearance we desire. If you don’t have access to this type of bologna, using standard sandwich bologna and slicing it up little might be a decent substitute
  • It is also alcohol-free. While the beer cheese flavor combination makes this sandwich taste amazing, you may skip the beer or use an alcohol-free beer if you want a milder flavor. Even if you use nonalcoholic beer, the sandwich will retain its excellent flavor
  • Nevertheless, eliminating the beer entirely will not “ruin” the sandwich.

What To Serve With A Bologna Sandwich

This sandwich may be delicious and full on its own, but if you’re searching for some interesting side dishes to serve alongside it, go no further than this page because I’ve compiled some fantastic recipes for you right here!

  • The addition of some “fried” green tomatoes to the side dish sounds like a winning idea
  • But, it isn’t. Using the oven to bake pickle chips creates crunchy, crispy pickle chips that are incredibly simple to produce. When served with sandwiches, roasted potatoes are usually a favorite
  • However, they may be presented in a variety of ways. BLT Salad — Keeping with the sandiwch theme, but with the addition of some fresh greens
  • Fruit salad – This sweet salad choice will provide a splash of color and diversity to your dish. Recipe for a light and delicious cucumber salad – This is a simple salad that is excellent for lunch. Drink this refreshing ginger peach lemonade to help wash down that sandwich.


Especially this sandwich with the gooey melted cheese and pickled jalapenos, I highly recommend chilling your bologna sandwich. You can, on the other hand, completely freeze the bologna meat separately and then assemble the sandwich when needed!

Is Fried Bologna Sandwiches A Southern Thing?

Both yes and no. While buddy bologna sandwiches were a highly popular sandwich dish in the southern and midwestern United Locations, it was also eaten at meal times in a number of northern states. Having said that, you’re far more likely to find it at a county fair in the mid-west these days.

What Condiments Go On A Bologna Sandwich?

The standard condiments of mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup can be used to dress up this sandwich if you so choose (which is completely optional). Personally, I believe that this sandwich is wonderful as-is and doesn’t require any further ingredients, albeit a smear of mayonnaise wouldn’t go amiss. For those of us who grew up in the 1970s, this fancy bologna sandwich is a long cry from the white bread, mayo, and mustard sandwich that we ate most commonly as children. This sandwich is designed to persuade you to take another look at that nostalgic lunch you’ve been eyeing.

Preparation time: 10 minutes Preparation time: 20 minutes Time allotted: 30 minutes


  • A 3/4-pound shaved bologna, 4 ounces processed cheese, queso flavored, cubed, 1 tablespoon milk, 2 tablespoons beer, 1/4-pound sliced pickled jalapenos, 2 brioche sub buns


Heat a big skillet over medium heat, sprayed with nonstick spray and coated with cooking spray. Add the bologna and “fry” it in the skillet until it is crispy. Ensure that the bologna is constantly being stirred using tongs or a fork to avoid it sticking to the pan and to ensure that each piece becomes crispy. In the meantime, cook a small pot filled with cubed processed cheese and milk over medium low heat.

Stir until the mixture is completely smooth. In a separate bowl, whisk together the beer and water. Divide the crispy bologna between the two buns, sprinkle with cheese, and top with jalapenos. Repeat with the other two rolls. Serve as soon as possible.

Nutrition Information

1Amount per portion of food Calories1482 Total Fat92gSaturated Fat38gTrans Fat1gUnsaturated Fat42gTotal Fat92gSaturated Fat38gTrans Fat1g Cholesterol344mg Sodium3780mg Carbohydrates88g Fiber3g Sugar22g Protein72g

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Learn how to create a Fried Bologna Sandwich with melted cheese for a quick and easy dinner or lunch that is also highly cost effective. When it comes to comfort food, you can’t go wrong with a fried bologna and cheese sandwich, which is both inexpensive and simple to make. This quick and easy meal can be prepared in a matter of minutes, allowing you to have lunch or supper on the table in no time. Fried bologna sandwiches, or fried giant sandwiches, as my mother referred to them, were a staple of my childhood.

So don’t be concerned if you’ve never heard of fried bologna before!

Another option to consider is a Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, a Pizza Grilled Cheese, or a Polish Sausage Dog, among others.

How to Fry Bologna

If you’re not a fan of bologna sandwiches, frying the bologna will change your opinion altogether. The meat loses its fat and gets beautiful and crispy around the edges as a result of the cooking process. You’ll want to allow for at least 2 or 3 slices per person while making this dish. As the fat drains out of the slices, the slices get much smaller! Simply place your bologna slices in a frying pan and cook over medium heat until browned. When the middles start to bubble up and the edges start to curl, it’s time to stop.

Best Cheese for Bologna Sandwiches

When the meat has finished cooking, it’s time to add your preferred cheese to the dish. Provolone cheese was always used by my mother and grandmother, therefore I believe it is the way to go. You may, of course, use your preferred cheese – American, cheddar, and Swiss are all excellent choices. Simply pick a cheese that melts quickly to make this dish. Provolone melts in a matter of seconds. So after the cheese has melted, it’s time to assemble the sandwich! Toasting the bread is unquestionably the best option.

In a toaster or air fryer, toast the bread until golden brown.

Lettuce and tomato are optional, but they make this dish taste even better.

Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe

Learn how to create a Fried Bologna Sandwich with melted cheese for a quick and easy dinner or lunch that is also highly cost effective. Preparation time: 2 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Time allotted: 12 minutes Courses include a main dish and a sandwich. CuisineAmericanServings2Calories392kcal

  • Bologna slices should be placed into medium pan and cooked until edges are somewhat crispy and middles begin to boil, about 5 minutes. Allow the sliced provolone cheese to melt before serving. Remove from skillet and arrange on a bed of toasted sourdough bread. Serve with lettuce and tomato on the side, if preferred.

You may either drain the oil from the skillet before adding the cheese, or you can remove the meat and cheese out of the skillet and allow the grease to drip out before putting the meat and cheese on the sandwiches.

You may make the sandwich with whatever type of cheese you choose. fried bologna and cheese sandwich, fried bologna sandwich, fried bologna lunch

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